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Emma Stone Flashes Midriff For Demure But Alluring Interview

Emma Stone isn’t exactly your exhibitionist gold medalist. She’s a more demure ginger hottie who prefers to share bits and pieces of her super fine self, less obvious, more demure, and I’ll leave it for you to decide how that plays out in terms of carnal allure.

Featured in the new edition of Interview magazine, Emma bares a little boudoir tummy and some hints of skin, or at least how she might be at home before she make mention of some heavy book you’re reading, the recent arthouse flick that made your think, and how much you’d really appreciate if she got completely nekkid and started making kitty cat sounds. Why not let your imagination run wild. This is Egotastic! You’re supposed to dream here. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Interview Magazine

Hilary Swank Skin Baring Photoshoot for Interview

Now this is a something something. We have rarely seen Hilary Swank doing the glamour sextastic thing before. Not that she’s not long and lean and a workout queen. But she typically is in those silly magazine articles about being a wife and a mom and making pancakes for he neighbors in a silly hat while not on the set of her movies. Not so much nekkid in a pool in black and white artistic nudes as in this pictorial for Interview Germany.

Hilary Swank isn’t your conventional Tinsel Town beauty by any means. Maybe the dark, tough roles she plays have hurt her in the glamorous department. Or her reclusive nature from the spotlight. But it takes no more than one exhibitionist set of photos for the Egotastic! radars to start tracking a woman like Hilary all over again. The equipment around here is very sensitive. And sometimes just a tad bit itchy. Well done, Hilary. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Interview Germany

Madonna Topless Pictures For Interview Magazine, That’s Now 38 Years of Topless Madonna


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It’s hard to imagine perhaps, but easy to ogle, almost four decades now of Madonna topless photo portraits, starting with her teen nude modeling for rent check days to this new topless rather processed bondage thingamajig in Interview magazine. Either way, at fifty-six, I’m going to refer to it as bold and quite leer worthy.

Madonna may no longer be the Material Girl or the Blond Ambition young lady, but she is still pushing the boundaries of the exhibitionist at her veteran age and we at Egotastic! will never dismiss such a contribution. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Interview Magazine

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Jessica Chastain Covered Topless and Extraordinarily Hot in Interview

Jessica Chastain doesn’t get enough lust love from the gentlemen oglers. She’d kind of always under the radar because she play such serious roles in the movies. Even though she has shown a willingness to flash her lovely udders, which to be in the ultimate sign of thespianic excellence. But she dolls up nice. Or dolls down nice as the case may be in the latest edition of Interview magazine.

Once again we see the surprisingly evocative use of black and white photography with a classically beautiful woman like Jessica. She’s a bit too modest in these photos, but you get the general sextastic drift by leafing through her various bits of role playing hotness. You don’t need to be obvious to get the boys attention, as my senile older aunt used to tell me because she thought for some reason I was a slutty girl. She was at least half right. Enjoy.

Naomi Campbell Topless By the Pool in Interview Magazine

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Just a little mini-something something from the forty-four year old Naomi Campbell, a supermodel who understands you’re never too important or too successful to show off your lovely teats when the moment is right. In this quickie pictorial by the pool in Interview magazine, Naomi reminds us all that she once was queen, and that queen had some perfectly fine funbags.

Listen up all the rest of you Hollywood ladies who claim to be stars, you don’t get in my book of the sextastic until you flash your bare yams anywhere from on the beach to in fancy ladies magazines. I care not. But, I do need to see them for myself before I sign your permission slip. Enjoy.

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Keira Knightley Topless Slender Treats in Interview Magazine

Keira Knightley Topless in Interview Magazine September 2014
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Okay, there’s just one topless picture in the set, still, bravo to British thespianic Keira Knightley for going full-frontal topless in Interview magazine. There aren’t many mainstream young actresses who would undertake such an exhibition. Now then, your next thought. Yes, I can read your mind. My powers of clairvoyance are matched only by my ability to power nap in the middle of the day. Keira is a rather modestly chested woman. Obviously, as purveyors of all things pert and plump, we are used to see our boobtastic gals with a bit more of the bosomly gifts. But that doesn’t in any way negate the fact that the fairer sex comes in all shapes and sizes.

Keira may not be your cup of tea, but for some out there, their tea kettle is already whistling and ready to blow. Hence, why I try not to censor the skintastic of attractive celebrities too much, because everybody likes something different. Keira, we applaud your bravery. And your wet hair. That is kind of hot. Enjoy.

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Kendall Jenner Topless Kinda Sorta For Interview Magazine

It’s not the topless we’ve been hoping to see these seven long months now since Kendall Jenner has turned eighteen, but we are definitely getting closer. Let’s put it this way, Kendall is definitely now shooting topless. Although her hands and arms are up and blocking her good bits still, I dare you to hold up your hands and arms in the air and hold them. They get tired. This can’t possibly go on much longer for her. Not to mention sneaky peek outtakes which must exist somewhere.

Featured in the new edition of Interview magazine, Kendall does put on the typical topless covered model pose down, proving that she not only has the looks and body and birthright to be a model, but she’s got the finer points down as well. I suspect she’ll go pretty far in this world, though hopefully not too much farther without first lowering her hands. Enjoy.