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Olga Kurylenko Hot Legs for InStyle

I have a thing for former Bond girl Olga Kurylenko. And, no, I don’t have a thing for every single hot girl on this planet. Well, that’s almost true. But Olga, well, something special about her brunette brooding Ukranian type hotness that has me already geeked to see her in the upcoming Oblivion. I suppose she’ll be covered in a space suit of some kind in the film, but hopefully producers are smart enough to know what sells, and that would be Olga out of her space suit.

Featured in this month’s InStyle magazine, Olga shows off her alluring allure, not to mention some sweet legs I’d love to be tasked with keeping silky smooth. Not that it would be a job, so much as an assigned hobby that would consume my weekends. Olga gives me the happy shakes. Enjoy.

Jessica Alba Drop Dead Gorgeous for InStyle Magazine

Jessica Alba can’t ever not look hot, but she looks particularly eye-popping in this Dusan Reljin photoshoot for InStyle magazine, wherein the model and occasional actress and now bank-making mommy businesswoman wears far too many clothes for our purposes, but, doesn’t matter, because when you’re this sextastic, even a junior level Egotastic! reader can imagine away those nonsensical threads down to the bare goodies

Jessica Alba is one of the few who have made the leap from young hottie to grown up MILFtastic hottie; the few we ogle with extra pride and extra layers of plastic matting on the floor. The greats. Enjoy.

Miranda Kerr Almost Sideboobs Steal InStyle Awards Down Australia Way

What hotness titles doesn’t Miranda Kerr steal with her genetically blessed, lust-inducing looks?

Including the InStyle Awards for something or other Down Under, where the Victoria’s Secret model and top dawg MILF just looked all kinds of decked out amazing in whatever type of gown she was wearing that we imagined dropping to the ground to reveal our even more favorite parts of the Australian supermodel. Just plain goo-goo for Miranda. Enjoy.

Check out Miranda in her latest Reebok ‘Satisfaction’ BTS Video after the jump:


Shailene Woodley Enters the Ego-Gon All Hot and Innocent and InStyle

We really did applaud our screening of The Descendants this past week, though it forced us to feel feelings we are not normally accustomed to feeling, let alone even employing those parts of the brain.

The warm and fuzzies were in no small part due to twenty-year old actress Shailene Woodley, who portrays the rebellious teen daughter in the indie film and thus earned herself a nice promotional pictorial in the current edition of InStyle magazine. Shailene is the true definition of ‘sextastic potential’. There is so much there there to work with. Now it’s simply time to let the genie out of the bottle, traditionally achieved through a coordinated rubbing effort. I know, so wrong, yet, so very right. Enjoy.

A Little Slice of Jessica Alba Heaven in InStyle Australia

It’s hard to find Jessica Alba these days without a ginormous scarf wrapped around her upper body, pushing a pram with her recent offspring, so in terms of the uber-sextastic Jess, we don’t just take what we can get, we revel in it. Like this little slice of Heaven (where surely all the women look like Jessica Alba, but, of course, with more liberal views on casual making of the sexy) in InStyle magazine Australia, where one of the hottest women on the planet shows once again her amazing potential to absolutely overwhelm the male libido, like a sextastic tornado tearing through a gonadial trailer park.

It really is hard to find anything hotter, I mean, without taking off more of her clothes. Enjoy.

Amy Adams InStyle Magazine Pics Stoke the Naughty Teacher Fantasies

So many sexy celebrities easy to be thankful today, but Amy Adams deserves some recognition for her work in the area of innocent-looking sweetheart who you can’t help but imagine being some kind of secretly naughty librarian. It may just be me, but looking at this mini-pictorial from Amy in the current edition of InStyle magazine, my mind gets to remembering my fourth grade teacher Mrs. Lasttimer, who teased the boys with just an inch or two of legitimate leg and a knowing smile as she introduced yet another round of young male of the species onto the threshold of manhood (not literally, but there were always those boy’s room rumors she could never shake, I heard she now works as a union boss in construction).

I can’t bring myself to solo-buy a ticket to The Muppet Movie, but I’ll be no doubt sneaking a peek at the theater this weekend. Amy Adams is like warm pumpkin pie, a pie made from a vegetable shouldn’t taste so good, but it does. Enjoy.

Olivia Munn Makes Tighty-Whiteys Hot Again

Why not double up today on fanboy lust with Olivia Munn in a tighty-whitey dress at last night’s InStyle magazine party where the former nerdtastic TV hostess, turned short-lived TV star and movie actress, showed off the body that a million dudes would like to mint in her box, if you know what I’m saying. Whether or not Olivia’s acting career really takes off or not, she’ll always have ‘super hot chick’ to fall back on. That’s got to feel good. Enjoy.