Kendall Jenner Shows Off Her Nipples on Instagram…. And So It Begins

You’ll have to click through to the story to see the see-through top photo. Even though Kendall Jenner is now an adult by law, and an adult by Kardashian standards for more than five years, I figured for her first nipple peek we’d leave it off the homepage. You know, in case her high school classmates are watching, Just kidding, obviously.

I will say this about Kendall Jenner, she photographs extremely well. She’s tall, she’s lean, and if this first photo is any indication of her new found barely legal professional status, she’s going to well surpass her sisters in terms of legit magazine modeling by a factor of ten thousand million infinity something. Enjoy.

(Thanks to a bunch of you who emailed, Tweeted, and alerted us to Kendall’s first masterpiece.)

Chrissy Teigen Topless on Set of John Legend Music Video

Chrissy Teigen Boob Exposed on Instagram
Click to See Uncensored

John Legend’s song is called All of Me, and while his future wife Chrissy Teigen didn’t exactly show all of herself, she showed off her bare boob in a picture that eventually made it’s way onto Tumblr and then to the Instagram account of the photographer.

Chrissy didn’t seem to mind so much as she retweeted the photo itself, proving once again that Chrissy Teigen is pretty damn cool, that John Legend is a very lucky man, and that topless pictures of women are one hundred times more interesting than anything else posted on social media networks ever. Enjoy.

Kate Upton in a Bikini, Bar Refaeli Kissing a Girl, and Josie Canseco Bikini Booty Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

And the hits of summer just keep rolling along. The heat, the sun, the universal access to cameras. It’s all coming together to create the perfect storm of our favorite sirens snapping hot skin-baring photos of themselves. It’s like opening your front door and finding a pot of gold delivered for a leprechaun, just for you being you. Happy days.

This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes some true stunners including Bar Refaeli kissing another girl, Katee Sackhoff in her underwear, Vanessa Hudgens bikini posing, Josie Canseco and friend flashing butts on the beach, Kate Upton on her Beach Bunny bikini photo shoot, Sofia Vergara in cleavetastic bikini mode, Ireland Baldwin strutting her own two-piece showoff, Kelly Brook covered topless, and much more. You owe it to the future King George to check out each and every one of these photos. Enjoy.

McKayla Maroney Bikini Selfie Means This Is Going to Be a Great Week

My hypnotherapist, the rarely acclaimed Dr. Shoemacher P. Jones, has chided me on more than once occasion to focus my abundant ADHD type energies on something singularly positive to begin each week. Sure, there’s breakthroughs in medical research and international detentes and a cute-as-hell baby monkey being born in a zoo somewhere, but I prefer to focus on the lone goodness of somebody like Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney.

Not only did McKayla accomplish something at the Olympics that admittedly I did not watch, but she has turned that glory into ever greater benevolence since by making a number of highly noteworthy appearances for her age of innocence. And bolstering these public exhibitions through social media where she routinely plays ‘check me out now’ on her Instagram and Twitter feeds. Many thanks to EgoReader ‘Quil’ for spotting this fuller version of McKayla Maroney in her bikini selfie before the teen gold medalist reticently cropped it for more family-friendly viewing. Welcome to Monday.

Ariel Winter Bikini Picture An Instagram Answer For How Well Ariel’s Doing

Okay, let’s be gentle, but… Ariel Winter is now sending out pictures of herself trying on bikinis and showing off her summer figure. Let’s leave aside our traditional comments and just say, it looks like Ariel is doing quite well for herself since leaving the clutches of her allegedly abusive stepmom last year. Quite well indeed.

Good for you, Ariel. Please, try to go up faster. And document.

(Thanks to EgoReader ‘Joe’ among a few who spotted Ariel’s new Instagram picture.)

Rihanna Got High and Posted a Topless Picture On Instagram (Sadly, It’s Not Her)

Rihanna Posts Topless Instagram Photo That Isn't Her
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When people say Rihanna has been ‘very active’ on Twitter, what they really mean is she’s stoned out of her gourd and penning flowery, largely unintelligible posts on Twitter. Or posting a topless photo that many of you caught on Instagram and sent to us before it got removed.

Sadly, while Rihanna posted it and maybe meant to cause a stir, it’s not Rihanna. Unless she got insta-tat removal done. So a fan at her show. But since we don’t want you to go away empty-handed, as it were, you can click through and still see the topless picture. Enjoy.

Fake Instagram Android App Infects Your Smartphone with Malware

Someone out there must really hate Instagram. Either that, or he (or she) must have been really smart to take advantage of the camera app’s immense popularity by releasing a fake Android version of the Instagram app that served up malware instead of some vintage lomo filters.

Once installed, the fake Android Instragram app sets a Trojan loose that earns money from unsuspecting users.