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Skylar Grey Is Wicked Hot and Tatted Up For Inked Magazine

Thanks to our friends at the super cool Inked Magazine for this simply hot body art homage to the delicious and lyrical Skylar Grey. I’ve been thinking about Skylar Grey recently as they keep running her I’m Coming Home song in those omnipresent Budweiser commercials during sporting events. I’ve also been thinking about her because she’s a vastly underrated hottie, and now quite much undressed and showing off her tats for Inked.

I mean, I respect musical artistry, but that doesn’t mean I want to see all musicians in just their jeans and no top. Just a select few. Including Skylar who really does deserve some more lust from the gentleman ogling community. If this is the start of her coming out (more) party, consider me ready to don the silly hat and blow the noisemakers. I really do so desire Skylar. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Inked Magazine

Sneak Peek: Katrina Darling Racy Hot and Tatted Up in Inked Magazine

A big and hearty thanks to our friends at Inked magazine for an early share with our readers of Kate Middleton’s burlesque dancing cousin, Katrina Darling, showing off her body art in the about to be released edition of the magazine.

You already know of my fondness for Kate, who may or may not have used me to produce an heir to the throne of England. My infatuation for her cousin runs deep as well. Well, skin deep for sure, as I ogle her floral derma-designs. And to that body of hers she shows off on stage on a regular basis. The blonde wig itself is a nice tough. A complete package. Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out Inked magazine for the full Katrina Darling story and updates on other blessedly hot women with body art.)

J-Woww Flashes Her New Bodacious Body Art For Inked Magazine

Despite our general feelings toward Jersey Shore, we have never wavered in our lust for J-Woww. I mean, okay, half-wavered while she got loaded a lot and fell down and did other stupid shizz, but never refracted, as it were, from our deep felt thoughts of lust and debauchery every time we see the better part of her curvaceous body.

And J-Woww has been slowly tatting up that body, which got her into a sextastic little pictorial for Inked magazine that is driving wild all the J-Woww passion-filled manfolks out there, along with a few appreciators of the body art. Something you really must check out in your spare time, or just time you make spare while at work. Enjoy.