India Reynolds

India Reynolds Teases In See Through Lingerie

Busty Britty brunette veteran hottie India Reynolds chose to do a little covering up by way of not much cover up for this Pabo Lingerie shoot. The often topless glamourous of models was in see-through lingerie for a change of pace, but hardly any change to her award winning ridiculously hot body. You can pretty much see it all if you leer hard enough and why wouldn’t you leer hard enough? This peek-a-boo hobby of ours doesn’t ask much of you, but it does insist upon some decent eyeball commitment.

I’ve lusted for India Reynolds since the day her outrageously lust inducing body met my nervous system. It’s hardly stopped or waned, if anything, increased. If she’s moving now into teasy lingerie shoots, I’m going to need to give up my day job to make more time. Don’t worry, this is my night job. My day job involves playing a cowboy at bachelorette parties. I’m not proud of the work, but I do make enough money to treat the bites. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Pabo Lingerie

India Reynolds Topless Turkey Roasting, It’s the Next Big Thing, Err, Things, Err Just Look

India Reynolds Cooks A Turkey Topless
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I’m not sure at what internal temperature you know India Reynolds is ready to eat, but I’m going to take a guess at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. I’ll have that in Kelvin degrees just as soon as I build a time machine and go back and pay attention in school. The brunette hottie glamour model decided it would be festive if she prepped and roasted the holiday turkey without her top on. I can tell you most chefs if not kitchen safety experts would not recommend having your sweet jugulars dangling so close to ovens and open flames. But sacrifices must be made in the form of culinary art. I speak from experience as man who once made chicken wings in the buff and shall never forget the singe of 375 degrees grease splatter on the nuggets. Never again.

Zoo magazine thought differently and convinced the lovely luscious India to be a more revealing Julia Childs. For those who are simply not interested in kitchen crafts, behold, the joy of cooking. Oh, man, that bird looks delicious. The one holding the turkey. Get it, because… nevermind. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Zoo Today Advent Calendar/Instagram

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India Reynolds Goes Breast To Breast With Rhian Sugden In Our Weekly Battle of the Boobtastic

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It’s time once again to pick between two super hot women for who is the most sextastically boobtastic. It is a difficult challenge to choose between such fine specimens as these two Page 3 girls. It’s like selecting which one of your children you love more. No, it’s tougher than that because there is always one kid you love more than the other. But I feel drawn to each of these ladies equally. You can examine their ample assets to figure out which you’d prefer to motorboat. Ultimately, it’s a matter of preference and I wonder which one you will pick.

This week our two ladies are India Reynolds and Rhian Sugden going head to head in our Battle of The Boobtastic. I like to pretend that rather than just having our dear readers choose, these two lovely ladies go at each other with giant gloves on in a foxy boxing match. Maybe in a pool of Jell-O. Yeah. So, which girl do you choose to be the most Boobtastic, India or Rhian?

Battle of the Boobtastic: India Reynolds vs. Rhian Sugden

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