Icon Magazine

Sarah Hyland Painted Grown Up Goodness in Icon Magazine

I’m not exactly sure why they so heavily painted the pretty face of Sarah Hyland. I suppose it’s an homage to something I couldn’t possibly understand or know about from iconic artistic looks of the past. Still, I’m just so happy to see the Modern Family starlet getting into more grown up photo shoots like this number in Icon magazine, I’m quite pleased just the same.

I suppose if you’ve had the wonder or fantasy of Sarah Hyland made-up for show in some foreign bazaar in your ‘I’m the Prince of Persia and I shall have any woman I please’ dreams, and, trust me, I’ve had those, then this visual of sextastic Sarah is going to float your Euphrates royal yacht. For me, it’s the sign of tremendous progress and a girl headed in the right direction. I am nothing if not an optimist. Okay, well also a pervert, yes. Enjoy.

Aubrey O’Day All Busty and Hot Rolling Around on the Beach in Icon Magazine

Consider me a fan of two things about Aubrey O’Day, erstwhile singer and model and reality star and some other things hot girls toil to do in Tinsel Town as they reach for the stars. Two wonderful things, not displayed nearly well enough in these still sexy pictures of from Icon magazine. Oh, okay, besides her epic boobtastic, she does have that look into the camera that has been causing men to act like fools since time began. Put the two together, you have a sexy celebrity who will probably keep climbing that Hollywood ladder. Enjoy.

Okay, so, for a better perspective on Aubrey O’Day and her twin delights, we’re including some of her past week’s Twitpics that she so generously shares with the gentleman ogling community.