Humpday Huzzah

Humpday Huzzah! Jodie Gasson Strips Out Of Bikinis For A Memorable Shower Time Experience

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Sometimes I have this nightmare where I’m drowning in large bosoms of super hot ladies. Wait, that’s not a nightmare, that’s only my best dream ever. And you can bet it features the likes of Jodie Gasson right there muffling my maw with her stupendous funbags. What a way to go.

In the mid week moments, the humpday of our productive efforts, we seek comfort and inspiration from the finest ta-ta’s from the loveliest of lovelies on the planet. Jodie gives so much lust and love and solace with her plump pair even when just in the shower. When’s the last time you took a shower and made millions of people happy? Exactly. Blessed be the boobtastic ladies of our dreams. Huzzah!

Photo Credit: Jodie Gasson

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Humpday Huzzah! Sammy Braddy Topless and Dolphin Friendly in the Pool


Oh, I do love a good pool picture party around the beginning of winter to remind me how hotties are best served — warmly. While the vision of racktastic Sammy Braddy in a parka and snow boots is still plenty enough to rev my easily started engines. Just look at Sammy and the way makes both man and inflatable pool toys, well, inflate.

On Wednesdays we give thanks to the wonderful boobtastic and crazy hot women that makes this world spin around at just the precise RPM to keep us modestly grounded, but our thoughts still pie in the sky. Sammy certainly is a stellar slice of that pie. Huzzah!

Photo Credit: Sammy Braddy


Humpday Huzzah! Leanna Decker Strips Topless Nekkid Naughty


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If heaven exists, it surely must be populated with ginger topped boobtastic beauties like Leanna Decker. I know heaven on earth exists because I’m leering at her faptastic female form this very second in various poses of memorable visual wonderment. The squeeze, the twist, the lean, the bend, and the laid back, these are a few of my very favorite things.

At the midpoint of the week we try to celebrate all that is holy hot and decently indecent in this world. The fairer sex sextastic that makes life worth living in its most primal and most delightful sense. Leanna Decker in the flesh, well, that is certainly part of my must-see, must-have, and must find some alone time repertoire. Huzzah!

Photo Credit: Leanna Decker

Humpday Huzzah! Ewa Sonnet Glamour Model Honey Dripping Hotness

Ewa Sonnet Glamour Model Honey Dripping Hotness
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Happy Hump Days are here again, the day before Thanksgiving, or two days before countless numbers of older women will be needlessly trampled to death so somebody can get twenty-five bucks off a Nintendo. Ok, semi-needlessly. Still, during this season I mostly turn my thoughts to more pleasant feelings of gratitude and thanks for those special people in my life. The very special ones like Ewa Sonnet who ever so benevolent is pouring honey onto her bodacious bare bosom to celebrate the bounty of the earth. Or something like that.

Sure, there’s peace and tranquility and sustenance and familial bonds and other swell things to pay homage to this Thanksgiving. And I will. But ever so secretly whilst dining on tryptophan and gravy, I will be thinking of Ewa’s glorious rack and the real meaning of the holiday dedicated entirely to thanks. Huzzah!

Humpday Huzzah! Asuka Kirara Topless Nekkid Black Bikini Beach Photoshoot for the Joy of Lady Bodies

Asuka Kirara Topless Black Bikini Beach Photoshoot
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Women really are beautiful creatures. Here, there, around the world, in every nook and cranny of this blessed spinning orb. I imagine a planet full of men and I see myself working feverishly to build a rocket ship to take my chances on another hunk of rock. What’s the point of living without the fairer sex, the soft curvy bundles of visual and earthly tactile delight that encourage us to move ever onward, if not upskirtward.

On Wednesdays we celebrate the humps of happiness that brighten our every day, especially when bikinis come off and au naturally delicious curves are revealed on one of our favorite Asian glamour models, Auska Kirara. Wow. Just like any other day at the beach, save for the sweet teats and blessed lady nest of this inspiring treat from the East. Asuka, if I spoke your language, I’d still mostly just babble and stutter. I’d hope you’d find that awkwardly attractive. Or at least pitiful enough to comfort. Huzzah!
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Humpday Huzzah! Holly Gibbons White Lingerie Striptease Because It’s Simply Just Beautiful

Holly Gibbons White Lingerie Topless Striptease
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Search the meaning of beauty and you’ll find a million different answers. I don’t recommend it, because it takes away time from Googling more important things like ‘honey covered hineys’ and such, but the point is, everybody has their own definition of beauty. For me, I’ll take the classics. One fine blonde British girl with perky peaches stripping out of white lacy lingerie. Maybe you chose rainbows or the sounds of children laughing on the playground. To each their own. I do not regret Holly Gibbons and her sweet chest peaches in any way shape or kind. Especially that shape or kind bit.

On Wednesdays we celebrate the hump of the week as we do the precious lady lumps that make everyday worth ogling. We don’t need elaborate staging or themes or even anything really other than lights, camera, and all the action of one tantalizing girl with bodacious ta-ta’s peeling back her silky nothings. Ah, beauty. Huzzah!

Humpday Huzzah! Abbey Barnsley Topless Poolside Plump Plum Exhibition

Abbey Barnsley Goes Topless for a Poolside Photoshoot
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Sometimes you just need a little roundball in your life. Or perfectly round funbags of glamour models such as Abbey Barnsley who might appeal to you if you happen to dig blonde British girls with noteworthy curves who slink and preen poolside. So, maybe some of you, if not all. Abbey doesn’t necessarily fit into the au natural stepped out of the shower nature girl, but she fits rather neatly into numerous happy times dreams I have regarding myself, a hot stacked blonde, and a date for the finest restaurant in town we never quite make. Which works out well for me on two fronts, since I can’t possibly afford the finest restaurant in town. I have to go into my change cup just to get the double double at In & Out.

On Wednesday’s, we celebrate the gift of the hot middle of the week and that blessed terrain on fine female form from whence so many dreams are inspired. Really, who would want to grow up to be a man in  a world without ta-ta’s? I just shuddered down to my soul, briefly, but profoundly. Nay, I’ll take the planet where the likes of Abbey Barnsley flashes her blessed mammaries simply because it makes the world smile. Huzzah!

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