Humpday Huzzah Posts:

Humpday Huzzah! Hayley-Marie Coppin Wears Little More Than a Sheer Dress (Then That Comes Off)


Take two Hayley-Marie Coppin leers and call me in the morning is what my personal physician should say to me when I call him thrice a a week complaining of chest and gonad region pains. She really is my soothing balm for what ails me. The glamorous glamour model strips down to her lean boobtastic frame with the greatest of ease. In this case, she starts with barely a sheer window curtain around her lust-inducing body, making getting to the good bits rather expedient.

On Wednesday's we like to celebrate, honor, and all-around genuflect before the finest female forms flashing the most faptastic funbags in our general direction. Hayley-Marie Coppin makes me middle of the work week feel like 2am at a bar when an attractive woman has just told me, 'Yes, I'd like to see your Mint-in-Box He-Man action figure collection'. Very positive indeed. Huzzah!

Humpday Huzzah! Sarina Topless Au Natural Auto Body Hotness


Now, if you know anything, one named models shooting natural nekkidness for Italian photographers is going go to result in must-see visual treats. As is this pictorial of L.A. based model Sarina and her natural body goodies for Giovanni Lipari, shot for this month's C-Head magazine.

So many of you do implore more looks at the Mother Nature only made lovely lady bits and Sarina has those working and exhibiting in full throttle in this shoot. Sarina has a different look than your classic fashion model or picture perfect pin up girl, but I happen to love her girl next door character and I would travel the world four times over on foot for a chance to frolic in betwixt those absolutely stellar funbags. Oh, man, oh, man, oh, boy turning into a man. Check them out, you will not be sorry. Huzzah!

Humpday Huzzah! Gracie Lewis Topless Bodacious Goodness in Blue Lingerie


Sometimes you just need a little lift in your step, a little zip in your, um, zipper, some things like that. Here to help you out this midweek mammary celebratory time is Britty curvaceous wonder Gracie Lewis. She's all heart. Or close to the heart. And she's showing off her just outstanding udders in all their glory removing bits of her blue lingerie in the process.

On Wednesdays we do like to celebrate all that is wholly wonderful in this world. Why not start with the nurturing bosom of Mother Nature. And if she's not available for the gig, her sextastic pet projects the likes of Gracie Lewis. In this cleavage you will find peace. I mean, after the first fifteen minutes or so of motorboating frenzy, naturally. Huzzah!

Humpday Huzzah! Holly Peers Faptastic Funbags Ever So Perfect in Zoon


I feel like I haven't seen Holly Peers perfect chesty delights in forever. Even an hour away from her nurturing mammaries is too long for any man, let alone a baby, to endure.

Featured in this month's Zoo magazine, Holly shows why she doesn't need much styling or set decoration, let alone wardrobe, to be the belle of the visual ball. She's the kind of neighbor lady you hope doesn't install shades because she assumes nobody would be crazy enough to build a fifty-foot ladder of thatch and gum just to peek into her boudoir. Those are the kind of neighbor ladies that have yet to live next door to me. I'd build an escalator to the moon for the chance to see Holly lotioning her perfect jugs each evening. Then I'd never get off of it. Damn, Holly, you get me every time. Enjoy.

Humpday Huzzah! Alice Goodwin Topless Made Simply Hot in Zoo Magazine


To know Alice Goodwin is to know love. Well, to know the love of some faptastic funbags on a raven haired Brit beauty. I'm not really sure how you even describe love beyond that. It's my definition at least.

Appearing quite simply, frontally, and boobtastically bare in Zoo magazine, Alice and her hefty chest puppies prove that you don't need lots of staging and styling, let alone wardrobe, to make a lasting artistic impression on your eyeballing audience. No need for profound metaphors here, just outstanding yams. I feel like a kid in a toy store except that's not model airplanes capturing my attention. Alice, you are ever so passion inducing. Huzzah!

Humpday Huzzah! Jessica Davies Topless Striptease Deserves Your Attention


We don't need a day of the week to celebrate beautiful bodies and sweet funbags, but why else would anybody make a holiday to celebrate anything else? During the midpoint of each work week, we like to call attention specifically to one girl whose body and looks give us so much happiness, she probably doesn't even realize. Today, that particular vision of lovely is Jessica Davies, so ridiculously hot and tingle inducing, Jess couldn't possibly fathom how many millions of men and Sapphic leaning women she makes smile just by stripping out of her clothes and smiling lovingly for the camera.

Someday, I'd like to go to this bar where they keep shooting beautiful women taking their lingerie tops off. The bars I go to are mostly dudes who smell like hot sauce. Not nearly as nice as finding Jessica Davies in just her panties grabbing an Amstel at the bar and patting the seat next to her she saved just for you. Dare to dream. Huzzah!

Humpday Huzzah! Abbey Barnsley Topless Lingerie Sextasticular (Man, She Is So Hot, Santa, Please, For Christmas)


Abbey Barnsley and I have an ongoing lust affair. I'd like to think it's mutual, but I have to admit it mostly seems to be me ogling her ridiculously hot body and she not knowing who the hell I am, or caring. I could be reading that wrong, but I've become pretty good at knowing when I'm being disregarded. I don't even get the 'leave me alone, I own a gun and a dog' letters. I love those letters, often scented.

In her latest incarnation, Abbey is down to her panties and showing off the visual wonderments that make her one of my very favorite glamourous models from the Isle of England. She's a natural with those innocently naughty come hither glances that make me want to come hither ever so badly. I know you can't turn it off, Abbey, and I'd never ask you to. Huzzah!