Hottest of the Hot

HOTTEST OF THE HOT: Who Was the Most Clicked Celebrity This Week on Egotastic! (VIDEO)

Hottest of the Hot Episode 6
Who Was The Most Clicked Hottie of the Week????

Note: we completed this week’s Hottest of the Hot right before the break of the Kate Middleton princess perky reveals. So, you can imagine, she actually would have done quite well in this competition.

We love the opportunity to gather in the uniquely small and poorly air-conditioned man-cave known as the Egotastic! offices and dig into the numbers, see where you all have been digging your mouse clicks during the week, and voting informally on your own hottest pictures of the week. We are forever surprised at the results. But we love surprises. And we brought in Simone Boyce to announce it all (including my horrible joke of the week).

Check it all out and see if you can guess who had the most clicks this week on Egotastic!

(And, don’t forget to throw some love out to Simone Boyce on Twitter.)

Jordan Carver Gaining English Skills With Cleavy Hosting Hottest of the Hot for Egotastic! (VIDEO)

Stop Staring at Jordan's Boobs and See Who Won!

Make no mistake, Egotastic! is an equal opportunity employer. To host our weekly wrap-up show, Hottest of the Hot, you don’t even need to speak English as a first language. Granted, it does help if you have other job skills to contribute. And Jordan Carver has some skills, oh, trust me, she has some big skills.

Egotastic! got a chance to shoot Jordan Carver exclusively for a photo pictorial you will see, oh, in about a week (and, my god, it crossed a line off my personal bucket list, two actually if you count the fact that I had always want to experience life as a dairy farmer), and we wasted no time in asking Jordan to host our fun time Hottest of the Hot, so we could spend even more time ogling her fine form and to hear her say the word ‘motherf***er was just priceless.

So, check out Hottest of the Hot, or just check out Jordan, counting down the Top 5 most clicked pics of the past week on Egotastic! Enjoy.

Natalie Portman and Kim Kardashian Got Clicked, But Who Was the Hottest of the Hot on Egotastic! This Week? (VIDEO)

Who Had the Most Clicked Pic of the Past Week on Egotastic?

Hmm, we might have to start having some betting lines on the Hottest of the Hot. Of course, with my gambling track record I’d likely lose those bets even though I know the answers ahead of time.

Believe it or not, we still have very little idea what photos will be more or less popular when we post them to our little site. So it’s a fun slash boozy Friday experience for us to check the clicks and round them up for you in a little something we like to call Hottest of the Hot. Enjoy.

(P.S.  For those of you asking, yes, we will be seeing hostess with the most-ess Simone Boyce in an exclusive photoshoot coming soon.)

Sara Jean Underwood Makes the Hottest of the Hot, But Who Had the Most Popular Photo of the Week? (VIDEO)

Hottest of the Hot Episode 3
Who Had the Most Clicked Pic of the Past Week on Egotastic?

Hottest of the Hot, our weekly roundup of the single most clicked pictures of the week takes the voting straight from the streets and to your living room, or basement, or prison cell, depending on what third of our audience you fall into.

This week’s Hottest of the Hot includes some wicked hot photos and one not so unexpected champion by the name of … well, take a look for yourself. And, enjoy.

THE HOTTEST OF THE HOT: The Most Popular Pics This Past Week on Egotastic! (VIDEO)

Who Had the Most Clicked Pic of the Past Week on Egotastic?

Thanks to our bold and Britty hot friend Leilani Dowding who nobly stepped in to host this week’s episode of Hottest of the Hot, wherein I use a thing called a calculator to figure out which pictures each week you all click on the most, then I get a super hot girl to tell you all about it. I know, a Nobel Prize can not be far behind.

Check out this week’s Hottest of the Hot and see if you can guess which cheesecake takes the cake. Enjoy.

Beach Volleyball Butts and Hermione Granger’s Undies Among Your Top Five Most Viewed Pics of the Week (VIDEO)

Hottest of the Hot for August 8, 2012
See the Top Five Most Clicked Pics of the Week on Egotastic!

Sad but true, not everyone of you can be here everyday at our little sextastic celebrity party we call Egotastic! Some of you have jobs you pay attention to, or you’re studying for something that seems important, or the boss on your cell block has blocked your connection to your favorite websites on days that begin with a ‘T’, who knows, but for those of you, and those interested in our top ranked pictures of the week, we decided to create a Hottest of the Hot video, the Top 5 countdown of the most viewed celebrity pictures of the past week on Egotastic!

(Oh, it’s also a good excuse for us to convince hot girls to come hang out in our studio, but let’s keep that little tidbit on the down low.)

Check it out so you won’t be left behind in the water cooler talk like on Monday when you said, ‘We landed on Mars?’ and office-good-looking Tina from accounting called you an idiot. Enjoy.