Hombre magazine Posts:

Celeste Sablich Bath Time Soapy Sextastic and Topless for Argentinean Goodness


Sometimes, you just need a little crazy hot topless brunette in a bathtub in your life. Personally, I need that every hour of every day, so why not take a quick visit down Argentina way for the sultry Latina hottie Celeste Sablich as she wiggles around in and out of the tub for Hombre magazine.

Seeing Celeste's soap wet booty reminds me that Mother Nature is a giving woman, creating the most natural wonders right in front of our faces. Well, not right in front, lest I'd not be able to type. But close enough to capture the alluring passion inducements of a girl like Celeste Sablich when you just add water. Enjoy.

Soledad Cescato Topless Bodacious Goodness for Ta-Ta-Tuesday


I'm simply never leaving the country of Argentina. Not in my virtual road trip of the sextastic. Not with TV celebrities like Soledad Cescato, who not only bares her wares in the current edition of Hombre magazine, but also talks about she decided it's best for her marriage that another girl be added full time to her and her husband's playtime mix. So she went online and found a hottie to join them in their boudoir. I'm not quite prepared to call this reality show starlet the perfect wife, but I'm close to prepared.

On Tuesdays we like to celebrate all that is round and bouncy and full of lust. With Soledad Cescato we get to celebrate that along with the perfect wife. Okay, so I just named her thusly. Enjoy.

Coty Alvarez Topless Supergirl For Really Super Cosplay Sextastic


You know of my very blase view of the Man of Steel cinematic fare this past month, but I'm anything but gun shy on the entire use of super hero powers, especially when applied thusly by Argentinean Big Brother alumn and hottie model Coty Alvarez in her Supergirl topless cosplay series for Hombre magazine.

You may recall that in Man of Steel the crash-landed explorer ship was missing one passenger, which fanboys are speculating is likely the Supergirl character for the next in the rebooted film sequence. If movie producers are smart, they'd look no further than the super hottie likes of Coty Alvarez in her glasses and flashing her ridiculously fine body during their casting call. Meh, they'll probably go more conventional. I'm just giving a little hint as to how I will be bound to give that film a positive review. More Coty! So damn hot. Enjoy.