Olivia Wilde Models Braless For H&M

Legendary beauty Olivia Wilde did some modeling for H&M and forgot to wear a bra. Well, I’m sure she didn’t forget as much as she made a conscious choice to share her unencumbered cleavage with us all. I for one am all about it. Olivia is hot in so many ways but I really do enjoy her perfect plump little bosom. It’s just right for her frame. Olivia doesn’t need bigger boobage because she’s the whole friggin package, my friends. My favorite pic is the one where she is wearing just a blazer. There is something about a woman wearing no shirt and a jacket that is just plain ‘ol sexy. It’s like when a woman puts on a man’s shirt after knocking boots. It’s just hot.

Although I seriously doubt that Olivia shops at H&M, I sure hope that it encourages sexy ladies to shop there. If so I will definitely be there to help them in and out of their clothes.

Photo Credit: H&M

Kelly Gale Bikini Modeling for H&M Delivers Your Indian Girl Chesty Hotness

We don’t see enough sextastic girls of Indian descent on these here pages. I say that more out of sadness than any regret on my part for not doing my job properly. I know I don’t, I just don’t have any regrets about that. Simply put, Indian girls have not made enough inroads into major modeling work as I suspect they will in the near future. In the case of sultry hot and chesty sweet Kelly Gale, her Indian roots come by way of Australia where she’s a hot commodity in the bikini and lingerie modeling world and now officially a part of the Victoria’s Secret stable of the sextastic.

Kelly brings her seemingly endless amount of boobtastic talents to the current H&M swimwear catalog, showing off her alluring looks and a body that could wipe out a beach full of gentleman oglers with just one sashay. Wow, Kelly Gale is most definitely a keeper. I suspect we will be seeing much more of Kelly in the near future. Hopefully that more includes even more skin. Kelly, that body needs to be unleashed! Enjoy.

Doutzen Kroes Goes Sextastic Beach Hombre for H&M

I really am digging Doutzen Kroes more and more these days.

An underrated Victoria’s Secret angel no longer, the MILFtastic sweet bodied model is now branching out big time, the finest parties, the biggest red carpets, and the swank retailer catalogs. Like her current visual gig for H&M, showing just how stupid hot a woman can look in a black hat at the beach. It works for me. Kind of Clint Eastwood, if Clint were one of the world’s most good looking women who I dream about thrice nightly. And, he is not.

Doutzen Kroes, climbing the sextastic ladder many rungs at a time. Enjoy.

Beyonce Bikini Pictures Pimping Hot for H&M

I’m not sure how much is real and how much is technology, but I’m going to just imagine this is 100% Beyonce, the curvy hot woman I lusted before, during, and after her pregnancy. And damn she looks good in a bikini. Not quite the thong song candids we’d like to see of the wicked hot diva. But it’s all good. I mean, it’s really all good, I’m checking her from all angles.

At some point Beyonce will be leaving Jay-Z, it’s just a celebrity marriage lifecycle thing. I do hope she’ll consider my offer to come live in my guest house, or, you know, vice-versa, since I don’t have a guest house, or a house. We’ll find an aunt or somebody to take the baby. Nothing should get in the way of our lovemaking. Although I suppose babies naturally do. Enjoy.

Laetitia Casta Lingerie Pictures Put the Hot and Must-Have in H&M

Laetitia Casta is one of our all-time favorite French MILFy ladies we’d like to have some bidet-fun with, so we were geeked when she got tapped to be a face and body for H&M lingerie, and to see her lingerie  photos coming out, Laetitia is meeting and exceeding our fantastical expectations.

Featured in some kind of regal bras, the bosomy hot French actress and model provides a sun-shimmering look of come-hither that has us hoping and dreaming for a wardrobe malfunction of the most sextacular kind. We might just have to move some of our lingerie buying budget around come this Christmas. Enjoy.