Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

JK Rowling Wants To Re-Edit The “Harry Potter” Series! Why Directors Should Back the F$*k Away

With the Harry Potter series now complete, JK Rowling has looked to move to more adult fare and its stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson have tried to broaden their acting credentials by distancing themselves from the series. Talk about biting the hand that fed you.

Rowling has now revealed though that she wants to return to the last two books and re-write them stating, “maybe I’ll go back and do a director’s cut.” But is it a good idea? Maybe the author should just leave it be? Hopefully she can learn from these 5 movie directors’ cuts that had the filmmakers raging!

Emma Watson Can’t Stop Being Unconventionally Hot at N.Y.C Deathly Hallows Premiere

Emma Watson once again stole the red carpet (did you think I was going to say Rupert Grint?) at another Harry Potter DH2 premiere, this time, the big shindig last night in New York City, where the British actress pulled off some kind of look torn straight out of Slade’s Run Runaway music video, but, it worked, because she’s Hermione Effin’ Granger. Deal with it. And, enjoy.

Emma Watson Steals the Gingertastic Carpet at the London Premiere of Deathly Hallows

It’s almost here. One week until the final final (supposedly) installment of the bazillion dollar Harry Potter mega-film mega-franchise, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2, wherein, each and every one of your geekboy questions will be answered regarding the fate of the boy wizard, Hogwarts, and the evil villain Gargamel (I think that’s right) who has been trying to kill Harry for like $90 work of movie tickets now.

But, most importantly, is the end of the run for Hermione Granger, portrayed by the grandmaster ginger thespianic, Emma Watson, who has literally grown up and out before our eyes over the years of the film franchise. Sure, some still hold a grudge for her chopped off locks, and, believe me, I wept in the corner of my rumpus room for three days straight when she cut the ginger tresses, but, Emma Watson remains the center of ogle worthy attention, a deserving hottie, who, of course, stole the show this very evening at the Trafalgar Square London premiere of Potter. Enjoy.

Emma Watson Pictures Stylish and Sexy For Harry Potter Release Day (Plus a Look Back at Possible Emma Watson Nipple Slip Summer)


I am not going to ruin Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows for any of you, but, today is the morning after I saw one wizardly spasm of a teen-magician movie. I will say this: anticipate a steep climb in your lust meter for the already full-blown-lusty Emma Watson. Today is International Emma Watson Is Super Sexy Day, I kind of made it up, so I’m not sure if it’s officially recognized by any governmental bodies yet, but I’m definitely thinking about her body here today. We put together some Emma Watson pictures from a number of the ridiculous count of trendy magazines Her Hotness has appeared in this month, just to give you a little different look at this coming-of-age sexy celebrity with the magic touch. Enjoy.

Emma Watson in Stylist Magazine:

Emma Watson in Womens Wear Daily Magazine:

Emma Watson in a J.R. London Photoshoot:

Now, a note about all your notes about the possible appearance of Emma Watson nipple slip pictures in photos of the lovely lass from this past summer’s Glastonbury festival. It’s close. So close, close enough to force us to put on stars so children aren’t at peril from the sight of nipple, but, really, we have to call it more areaola adjacent than true nipple slippage. It’s a game of inches when it comes to the sexy wardrobe malfunctions. Alas, we really could’ve used another inch toward awesomeness on that particular summer day.

Emma Watson Black on Sexy for the N.Y. Deathly Hallows Premiere

Slick, black, dress, Emma Watson, mouth watering, short-hair not caring, bare back, drooling, magic, hotness.

It’s like we’re watching Emma Watson mature before our eyes this past year or so. From cute girl to superfine young lady with a burst of Egotastic! dew (I swear, it’s just dew) raining down upon her sexy celebrity being. I’m quite certain the Emma Watson show is just going to get better and better. With Harry Potter almost run its fantastical course, it’s time for the minxy Brit to take more chances with her art, experiment with her passions, both of which hopefully translating into ‘getting nekkid on screen’. Emma Watson, it’s your time. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Fame

Emma Watson Red Carpet Pictures Painfully Swell My Harry Potters

I’d let this witch ride my broom, if you know what I’m saying.
I’d like to put my eye of newt in her boiling cauldron.
Her specialty at Hogwarts: boner spells.
That’s not my wand, baby, I’m just damn glad to see you.

Wow, Emma Watson looked ridiculously hot at last night’s red carpet premiere of Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows, Part 1. With rumors of nude photos circulating her college campus (almost certainly fakes, sorry) and even dudes trashing her new uber-butchy hair cut, Emma Watson proved once again a very fundamental point of Egotasticity: hot is effin’ hot. When that hair does grow back, she’s going to reach supreme levels of sexiness that will cause men to throw themselves at her feet. You know, landing atop me, because I’m already down there, admiring the leather. Enjoy.