Harper's Bazaar Magazine Posts:

Miranda Kerr Topless And In Charge for Harper’s


What to do when you're freshly single and have recently cut ties with your long time employer? Why, flash a full frontal topless photo of yourself in a major women's magazine. That's what I'd recommend at least. Blessedly, uber-sextastic Miranda Kerr took the suggestion for an unusually casual straight forward topless photo in a mini pictorial in her home country's Harper's Bazaar magazine discussing how Miranda is now completely in charge of her life.

I guess that's true. And if her command decisions continue to be showing off her bare wares, I applaud her bold and thoughtful leadership. If she took off her bottoms, I'd vote for her for President or Prime Minister or my future ex-wife or what have you. Just so damn hot. Thank you, Miranda, you are a giving soul. Enjoy.

Kate Hudson Pretty Damn Hot in Harper’s

Kate Hudson kind of gets lost in the hotties list mix. Maybe it's because she's not a super big self-promoter. Maybe it's her family oriented lifestyle (albeit, making families with more than one rocker). But when Kate Hudson hits the sextastic 'on' switch, she shines pretty damn bright.

Like in the latest edition of Harper's Bazaar magazine. I did tell you this is my time of the month, as it were, for perusing the lady's magazines. And up pops Kate Hudson looking all kinds of sparkly hot. Not crazy showy, but a solid reminder of why we feel an all over tingle the times we see her every few months. She's a sweet looking mommy. Enjoy.

Amber Heard Simply Sextastic in Beach Photoshoot

I can't remember which team Amber Heard is currently batting for, I just know I'd like to find her in the showers post-game. The bisexual hottie is simply one of the best looking women on the face of this spinning gaseous orb we call the home planet.

Feature in Harper's Bazaar Russia, Amber is wearing far too many clothes, but not nearly enough could ever cover her innate attractive features and lady like allure. The fact that she likes to take nekkid bubble baths with other hot women is something that barely passes my mind more than twice an hour. Oh, Amber, just stop it, or you know, please take pictures. Enjoy.

Madonna Wears a Thong, How (Not So) Bizarre

I guess there's really no age at which you become too old to wear a thong, just an age at which nobody wants to see you in them anymore. Well into her 50's, Madonna is still flashing her booty in a thong, in this case, on the pages of Harper's Bazaar magazine.

As to whether it's time for The Material Girl to hang up the thong and maybe put on a housecoat, I'll leave that decision up to you. She's obviously still hitting the gym pretty rigorously, and while you can't ever completely fight Father Time, I can see an argument going either way for granny to keep or ditch the thong. Enjoy.

I Can Almost Kinda Sorta See Jennifer Lawrence Boobs in Harper’s Bazaar

Jenny, Jenny, you're the girl for me
You don't know me but you make me so happy

So, maybe my imagination is disturbed, but I'm pretty sure I see something something in this otherwise fashiony innocent photo of gloriously bodacious Jennifer Lawrence in the current edition of Harper's Bazaar U.K.  Granted, print magazines these days put so much post-production work into their photos, you rarely even need the subject matter to pose any longer. Still, call it hope, or wishful thinking, or just the desperate rantings of a crazy horny man, but I spy with my little eye something big and round and fun and its belongs to Jennifer. You may conduct your own investigation at length. Enjoy.

Paz Vega Just Keeps Getting Hotter

Paz Vega See-Through
She's a sextastic senorita through and through. Read More »

I'm not sure if Paz Vega is still making movies or just committed herself to full time looking smoking hot for magazine pictorials, but the latter seems to be a guarantee these days by the sultry Spanish sextastica.

Featured in the new edition of Harper's Bazaar Mexico, Paz goes simply swimsuit sextastic for some very innocent, but highly passion inducing photos in both color and black and white. I dare say, she's looking classy. Though that belies the rather unclassy thoughts currently rifling through my grey matter that pertain to Paz. I know it means 'peace', but checking her out almost always produces the opposite effect. Enjoy.

Gwyneth Paltrow Airbrushed Pale Hotness for Harper’s

Yes, Gwyneth Paltrow's main occupation these days is giving unsolicited advice on major media matters. And, yes, Harper's Bazaar did airbrush the shizz out of her for their big May 2013 photospread, but ever since seeing Gwyneth Paltrow nekkid, I've always had a crush on the kind of annoying pale blonde actress and model.

What can you do? Lust just finds you where it finds you. Enjoy.