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Thank God It’s Funbags! Julieta Moreno Sultry Latina En Fuego in H Para Hombres

Julieta Moreno Topless Bedroom Shoot in H Para Hombres
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Oh, blessed Friday, you have come to bequeath upon us the rest and relaxation that is the weekend. Not everybody revels in the weekend. I understand. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to give up my love for sports or beer or sports and beer and girls not necessarily in that order. Or my love of presenting one fine pair of luscious loveliness to you on Fridays to celebrate the coming Saturday.

Julieta Moreno is just your crazy hot Sudamericana model with an absolutely perfect model body and come hither looks like you’ve never come hithered before. If Julieta doesn’t cause your vessels to dilate and your pulse rate to treble, you probably need to open your eyes just a tad bit further. Indulge, c’mon, nobody’s going to judge you. Enjoy.

Lourdes Sanchez Topless Nekkid Hot Sudamericana Desires

Lourdes Sanchez Goes Topless in H Para Hombres
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Well, Argentina has advanced on to the next round in the World Cup. To celebrate, sultry Latina hottie Lourdes Sanchez has come out of relative hiding to appear once more in H Para Hombres magazine, the mainstay lads magazine for the locals down Sudamericana way. I’m not sure where Lourdes goes in between her once a year or so appearance in the magazines, but it’s certainly worth the wait. This alluring minx has the body to stop traffic, including probably air travel within a thousand miles. That sounds dangerous.

Lourdes Sanchez is yet another reminder that super sextastic ladies reside in every country around this blessed planet. The more you travel, the more you realize this is one wide world of hotness. Or just hang tight here on Egotastic and we’ll show you. Airline travel is overrated since they got rid of those awesomely tasty in-flight meals. Enjoy.

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Celeste Muriega Topless Beach Shots for Memorable Argentinean Goals

Celeste Muriega Topless Beach Photoshoot in H Para Hombres
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I’m very into World Cup soccer. What can I say. I’m not a big soccer fan in general, and I’m not a bandwagoner, but like the Olympics it’s hard not to get caught up in these big every few year international sporting events where the athletes and fans are just going nuts. Heck, I’d watch a badminton match if there was 100,000 fans screaming in the stands and people sliding across the grass in tears every time they whacked a shuttlecock for a win. Something like that.

We’ve been big fans of Argentinean hottie Celeste Muriega since first we met and gave her body the once or thrice over. Just such a fine Sudamericana female form, now showcased by H Para Hombres magazine at the beach. Just imagine hitting the beach and eye spying Celeste popping topless out of the water. You’d suddenly grow gills. And a gill erection. Hey, we’re all animals. Enjoy.

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Tatiana Vazquez Dances Her Topless Way Into Your Heart on a Ta-Ta Tuesday

Tatiana Vazquez Sexy Topless Photoshoot for H Para Hombres
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Tatiana Vazquez is gaining some notoriety down Argentina way for her reputation as a dancer. Make of that title what you will, but the girl has gained enough Q rating that the good folks at H Para Hombres lads magazine decided it was time to feature Tatiana and her ta-ta’s on the pages of their heralded periodical. I must say, she’s worth a gander.

While we waver back and forth between the au natural and the slightly less, um, natural, there’s no doubt that if you saw Tatiana dancing around your visual range, you’d crank your head in a not so orderly fashion and probably dislocate a few vertebrae. Just something about those blonde saucy Latinas with the curves of what just might be your best vacation memory ever. Tatiana, keep up the good work. Enjoy.

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Leonela Ahumada Nekkid Hot and Bothered for Sudamericana Glory

Leonela Ahumada Nekkid Photoshoot for H Para Hombres
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I’ll be the first to admit there are some less au natural parts to Argentinean TV bad girl and oft-named celebrity gossip column participant, Leonela Ahumada. Having said that, I would easily forgo her designer boobtastic choices for a chance to be the guy who gets to cover her entire body in fake tan for photoshoots and public appearances. She seems like a giggler to me. Not that outrageously goofy giggler type, more the salacious low moan giggler that would cause me to fumble and drop my fake tan bottle and then we’d tumble into naughty bliss.

Featured in H Para Hombres magazines, the periodical of choice for discerning men of Sudamericana, Leonela takes it off, all off, for the positively memorable visual displays of one fine fair-haired Latina doing what she does best. Being the topic of conversation, both public and quite very private. Enjoy.

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Gabriela Ahualli Topless Asstastic Argentinean Hotness (Oh, She Also Likes Girls)

Gabriela Ahualli Sexy Topless Shoot for H Para Hombres
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Gabriela Ahualli is my new favorite person in the world. The Argentinean hottie young model and hostess on many silly Spanish language variety shows declares in her new spread in H Para Hombres magazine that in addition to boys, she digs brunette girls and finds that she has no limits in the bedroom, no taboos, though she prefers to dominate both sexes in her boudoir. Um, okay, you’re my favorite. As if that wasn’t perfect enough, Gabriela is baring her wares for the magazine, including her sweet boobtastic and one of her homeland’s simply finest booties. It really is something special and perhaps the reason she seems to be dancing around in supremely short skirts on most of her TV appearances.

Yes, I’m in love once again. Amor as Gabriela might call it as she’s ordering me to pick up her stripped off lingerie with my teeth. Oh, to be dominated by an Argentinean girl with devious intents. Enjoy.

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Nieves Jaller Topless Tasty Latina Fun Time Treats Take a Nekkid Wet Dip

Nieves Jaller Topless Tasty Treats in H Para Hombres
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You may recall Nieves Jaller as one of the two hottie Argentinean women in a love triangle gossip mags battle over Ale Sergi, he’s kind of like the Adam Levine of Argentina. And I’d say one lucky bastard. Why can’t I have two smoking hot glamour models fighting over who loves me the most, then forcing me to challenge them to prove who does with a Herculean list of sexually deviant acts to perform. Yeah, I probably shouldn’t wait by the door for that one.

While I’m not sure where this 2013 scandal has headed, I am quite sure that Nieves Jaller won’t be without a boyfriend for very long, based on her latest pictorial in H Para Hombres magazine where she bares her glorious topless female form, and a little on the bottoms, to show that she’s clearly not a girl who stayed home on prom night. I love nothing more than a good Sudamericana bitch slapping topless gossip girl fight. They really have perfected that fine art. Enjoy.

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