H Para Hombres Magazine Posts:

Belen Lavallen Sultry Topless Asstastic Bath Tub Play Time


Do you happen to like celebrity model trainers from down Sudamericana way? What if I told you they were getting nekkid in a soap bathtub to show off their finely honed female forms? I thought so.

Belen Lavallen is a model and workout queen down Buenos Aires way, and that's about all I need to know of this incredible booty beauty showing off her wet and wild Latina hotness in the tub for H Para Hombres magazine. Oh, the wicked moist thumper on Belen is making me lose control of at least three of my five sense, not to mention some internal bodily functions. She is a dream inspirer of a rather noteworthy level. I think I need to be alone now with thoughts of two in the tub, a pile of loofas, and all sorts of sinful endeavors. Enjoy.

Ariadne Diaz Lingerie Pictures May Set Off a Firestorm of a Personal Nature

Do you happen to love the telenovelas as much as I do? If not, you're still so missing out on some of the most sultry, bitch slapping ladies in the entire known universe, not the least of which is the breathtaking Ariadne Diaz, soapy veteran and ridiculous hot purveyor of a fine lingerie clad body in this months H Para Hombres magazine down Mexico way.

It's not just that I love Latina ladies with sextasitc bodies posing half nekkid, though it is mostly that. Ariadne Diaz is a woman of many talents. I intend to spend the next seventeen minutes exploring several of them. Enjoy.

Eva Funes Topless And Gearing Up to Support Argentina in the World Cup


Expect the upcoming World Cup in 2014 to be a sizable boon for lovers of all things sultry and Sudamericana. With Brazil hosting the cup, and a number of Latin American nations involved in the tournament, the sweet hotties of these nations are sure to be exposing their fandom in full force leading up to and through the games.

Eva Funes, sometimes knowns as Eva Postilloni, is an Argentine actress and model who has opened up strong with her topless support for her home country's soccer team in a pictorial in H Para Hombres magazine. I'm not sure what her fan credentials are, but I'm quite certain I'd like to have her rooting for my team at the local sports bars in one of her more fervent outfits. Soccer may never catch on big in the U.S., but Latina soccer fans most definitely are worthy of full attention. Enjoy.

Michelle Vieth Covered Topless Lingerie Muy Bueno Goodness South of the Border

We linked out to these photos of telenovela veteran hottie Michelle Vieth, but so many of you demanded we share her proper like, you know, because she's the pride of so many men who wish she were their girlfriend at this particular moment. Include me in that crowd oh so very much.

Michelle is a U.S. born super hottie who followed her Mexican roots south of the border to pursue her thespianic longings, providing for the longings of many men who've seen her in film or television through the past many years. Now, thanks to H Para Hombres magazine, you can see Michelle and her ridiculously hot sultry body in very little clothing.  It's enough to make you want to amend your wish list for Santa Clause this year. Una Michelle Vieth sin ropas, por favor, Papa Noel! Enjoy.

Isabel Alzate Topless For South of the Border Colombiana Model Sextastica


Oh, hello occasional telenovela starlet and full-time hottie Isabel Alzate. How I have longed to see more of your sultry wares from down Colombia way. Now, thanks to the magic of H Para Hombres magazine, we can see the ridiculously en fuego Isabel in her lingerie and less, flashing her terrific yams, and just reminding me why I stole my 8-foot roof antenna in the first place. I need me my Latina hotties.

See-Michelle-Vieth-in-LingerieAnd while you're at the telenovela lust game, you must must check out Mexican TV hottie Michelle Vieth who is also featured in H Para Hombres this weekend. Michelle is from Acapulco by way of Iowa and might just be fighting Isabel tonight to see who wins my dreams. Enjoy.

Debora Pistarchi Topless Bikini Goodness for Busty Sporting Argentinean Pride


If you believe reports, hottie Argentinean model Debora Pistarchi is an avid hockey player. I'd have to see this to believe it. And, I'd love to see it, without pads and uni, naturally. This smoking hot and sultry Latina is the toast of Sudamericana since being touted heavily on Fox Sports down Argentina way. Mostly for her good looks and her bodacious body, which makes perfect sense if you gaze upon her good looks and bodacious body in this topless bikini pictorial set from H Para Hombres magazine.

Every time I lay my peeps upon a crazy smoking hot Argentinean woman it just reminds me that it's soon time to gas up the Egotastic! RV for another ride down the Pan-American highway, or, as I prefer to call it, the road of limitless weed dealers. The point is, the journey is half the fun, but the destination, if that be anything close to Debora Pistarchi, well that is 99--percent on top of that  50-percent. Just so en fuego. Enjoy.

Jimena Ochoa Covered Topless Mexi-Surfer Girl Hotness Abides

Yes, Jimena Ochoa is a real life legit surfer girl. The Mexican Anastasia Ashley if you will. A girl you'd like to hang ten in your boudoir if at all possible, but in the least you're definitely want to wax your board while you check out her sweet hot covered topless pictorial in H Para Hombres magazine from South of the Border.

Now, you know we lust, love, and long for all sextastic women. But female athletes definitely hold a special place in our libidos. And hot bodied surfer girls? Well, it's like the perfect storm of passion inducement. I'm fresh out of oceanographic puns. Enjoy.