H Para Hombres Magazine Posts:

Gabriela Ahualli Topless Asstastic Argentinean Hotness (Oh, She Also Likes Girls)


Gabriela Ahualli is my new favorite person in the world. The Argentinean hottie young model and hostess on many silly Spanish language variety shows declares in her new spread in H Para Hombres magazine that in addition to boys, she digs brunette girls and finds that she has no limits in the bedroom, no taboos, though she prefers to dominate both sexes in her boudoir. Um, okay, you're my favorite. As if that wasn't perfect enough, Gabriela is baring her wares for the magazine, including her sweet boobtastic and one of her homeland's simply finest booties. It really is something special and perhaps the reason she seems to be dancing around in supremely short skirts on most of her TV appearances.

Yes, I'm in love once again. Amor as Gabriela might call it as she's ordering me to pick up her stripped off lingerie with my teeth. Oh, to be dominated by an Argentinean girl with devious intents. Enjoy.

Nieves Jaller Topless Tasty Latina Fun Time Treats Take a Nekkid Wet Dip


You may recall Nieves Jaller as one of the two hottie Argentinean women in a love triangle gossip mags battle over Ale Sergi, he's kind of like the Adam Levine of Argentina. And I'd say one lucky bastard. Why can't I have two smoking hot glamour models fighting over who loves me the most, then forcing me to challenge them to prove who does with a Herculean list of sexually deviant acts to perform. Yeah, I probably shouldn't wait by the door for that one.

While I'm not sure where this 2013 scandal has headed, I am quite sure that Nieves Jaller won't be without a boyfriend for very long, based on her latest pictorial in H Para Hombres magazine where she bares her glorious topless female form, and a little on the bottoms, to show that she's clearly not a girl who stayed home on prom night. I love nothing more than a good Sudamericana bitch slapping topless gossip girl fight. They really have perfected that fine art. Enjoy.

Magali Mora Pours Champagne On Her Chest to Signal the Start of Something Important


If you don't follow Argentinean tabloid models and hotties like I do, you may not know the name Magali Mora. Well, she might've slept with some famous soccer player, maybe lost a baby, been called lots of horrible names by people, and so on and so forth. Yes, I know, she reminds you of about twenty American reality stars. Only this one, as they are apt to do in Sudamericana, is taking off her clothes for H Para Hombres magazine to fight back at her critics.

I'm not sure how pouring champagne on your bodacious bare funbags is revenge, but who am I to question anything that brings us more ta-ta's? That's right, I'm the guy who fears that talking about things make them go away. So I'll just leer quietly here in the corner. Enjoy.

Belen Lavallen Sultry Topless Asstastic Bath Tub Play Time


Do you happen to like celebrity model trainers from down Sudamericana way? What if I told you they were getting nekkid in a soap bathtub to show off their finely honed female forms? I thought so.

Belen Lavallen is a model and workout queen down Buenos Aires way, and that's about all I need to know of this incredible booty beauty showing off her wet and wild Latina hotness in the tub for H Para Hombres magazine. Oh, the wicked moist thumper on Belen is making me lose control of at least three of my five sense, not to mention some internal bodily functions. She is a dream inspirer of a rather noteworthy level. I think I need to be alone now with thoughts of two in the tub, a pile of loofas, and all sorts of sinful endeavors. Enjoy.

Ariadne Diaz Lingerie Pictures May Set Off a Firestorm of a Personal Nature

Do you happen to love the telenovelas as much as I do? If not, you're still so missing out on some of the most sultry, bitch slapping ladies in the entire known universe, not the least of which is the breathtaking Ariadne Diaz, soapy veteran and ridiculous hot purveyor of a fine lingerie clad body in this months H Para Hombres magazine down Mexico way.

It's not just that I love Latina ladies with sextasitc bodies posing half nekkid, though it is mostly that. Ariadne Diaz is a woman of many talents. I intend to spend the next seventeen minutes exploring several of them. Enjoy.

Eva Funes Topless And Gearing Up to Support Argentina in the World Cup


Expect the upcoming World Cup in 2014 to be a sizable boon for lovers of all things sultry and Sudamericana. With Brazil hosting the cup, and a number of Latin American nations involved in the tournament, the sweet hotties of these nations are sure to be exposing their fandom in full force leading up to and through the games.

Eva Funes, sometimes knowns as Eva Postilloni, is an Argentine actress and model who has opened up strong with her topless support for her home country's soccer team in a pictorial in H Para Hombres magazine. I'm not sure what her fan credentials are, but I'm quite certain I'd like to have her rooting for my team at the local sports bars in one of her more fervent outfits. Soccer may never catch on big in the U.S., but Latina soccer fans most definitely are worthy of full attention. Enjoy.

Michelle Vieth Covered Topless Lingerie Muy Bueno Goodness South of the Border

We linked out to these photos of telenovela veteran hottie Michelle Vieth, but so many of you demanded we share her proper like, you know, because she's the pride of so many men who wish she were their girlfriend at this particular moment. Include me in that crowd oh so very much.

Michelle is a U.S. born super hottie who followed her Mexican roots south of the border to pursue her thespianic longings, providing for the longings of many men who've seen her in film or television through the past many years. Now, thanks to H Para Hombres magazine, you can see Michelle and her ridiculously hot sultry body in very little clothing.  It's enough to make you want to amend your wish list for Santa Clause this year. Una Michelle Vieth sin ropas, por favor, Papa Noel! Enjoy.