Grammy Awards

Katy Perry Deep Cleavage Sends My Heart a Flutter (With Some Residual Fluttering Down Below)

Whoa, Katy Cocktease, you have done it again. Damn you, woman. Make this suffering end.

Katy wore a rather low cut gown to the Sony post-Grammys party, in contrast to her more modest and maternal frock for the red carpet of the award show itself. In between she wore something black and lit herself on fire. But her Sony party wardrobe, the Perry chest exhibitor, that was the real winner of the evening. If only they gave out Grammys for chestal goodies, the show might suddenly become very watchable.

Katy Cocktease, you do slay us. But enough is enough. We have waited long, we have waited patiently, but before it’s too late. Please, I beseech you, which is even stronger than begging I believe, show us your sweet yams so that we may rest in peace. Enjoy.

56th Grammy Awards Red Carpet Hotties Rolling In

The theme so far on the red carpet at the 56th Grammy Awards seems to be glamor. Read that as not a heck of a lot of skin. Which is rather odd given the amount of skin used to promote and sell modern music. But I suppose everybody is allowed to pretend.

Stay tuned throughout the pre-show to this ever growing gallery of arrivals on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards, including Taylor SwiftParis Hilton, Katy Perry, Anna Kendrick, Ariana Grande, Miranda Lambert, and more. Enjoy.

My Favorite Part of The Grammy’s (I Am Big Effin’ Sucker for Hokey Tributes)

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There wasn’t much for me at last night’s Grammy Awards, outside of the hot looking ladies, natch. Some decent music actually this year provided by Jack White and others,  But I will admit I always fall for the In Memoriam tributes, especially to a dude like Levon Helm, drummer and vocalist for The Band who passed this year.

Anybody who’s ever smoked the funky weed owes some debt of gratitude to The Band, the mellowist bit of musical, spiritually-infused awesomeness from back in the day.

RIP, Levon.

Katy Perry Boobs, Maria Menounos Sextastic Figure, and Rihanna Hotness Lead Highlights on the 2013 Grammy Award Red Carpet

Let’s cut right to the chase, err, cleavage.

While there were a number of sweet music industry and celebrity hotties strutting their fineries on the crimson walkway at the 2013 Grammy Awards tonight, once we saw Katy Cocktease flashes her boobs, it was really hard to concentrate on the other gals at the party, let alone remember our own names. I even stopped drinking a beer, mid-beer mind you, when I saw her sweater puppies barely covered in her evening gown.

Still, there was other noteworthy arrivals at the Grammy Awards, including Maria Menounos, who can’t not look hot, Rihanna, who probably was put together finer than any other ladies tonight, Chrissy Teigen who we not so secretly lust, Taylor Swift, looking all grow’d up, Jennifer Lopez flashing serious MILF leg, Kat Dennings who brought her own racktastic display tonight, and several others. Check them all out. It’s the kind of music we love, less sound, more sweet hot harmonies. Enjoy.

2012 Grammy Award Hottie Rodeo: Rihanna, Kate Beckinsale, Katy Cocktease, and Anne Vyalitsyna

I must admit, we got half way through our Grammy Hotties list last night, had a bit too much to drink, and when we woke up today, we were still kind of pleasantly surprised with our original list.

We picked Anne Vyalitsyna as our top hottie of the night, even though she has nothing to do with music short of she-banging the craptastic out of Maroon 5′s Adam Levine, which is definitely a big something something for Adam. But we had to give it up for that slit dress of hers. Quite amazing.

We also felt pangs in our loins for Rihanna and Katy Cocktease, who we showed you earlier today canoodling and playing grabby hands. Rounding out our sextastic list were uber-hottie Kate BeckinsaleMalin Akerman, Fergie, and, okay, sue me, Billionaire Barbie who looked hot enough to donkey punch at last nights big music event. Just based upon the amount of skin showing, we’re hoping there might be a trend here headed into the Oscars. Fingers and legs crossed. Enjoy.

Rihanna and Katy Cocktease Get Heated In the Grammy Audience

We’ll have more complete coverage of the standout hotties at the 2012 Grammy Awards later today, but we’d be remiss, or amiss, or just miss out on our duty if we didn’t share this amazing twin frisky visual delight of a super sextastic looking Rihanna in the audience getting clingy and cuddly with freshly single Katy Cocktease, who despite the Lazy Town hair-do, looked equally lust-inducing at the music award show last night.

To say that Rihanna and Katy Cocktease getting all handsy and cleavy could lead a man to threesome fantasies is quite the understatement, and, to be honest, after leering at these photos for one or several hours here now, I’m thinking a six-pack and some circus peanuts might just make for some decent refreshment while watching Rihanna, the overtly sexual diva, finally expose the newly single and teasy-crafted preacher’s daughter with the heaving-good chest.

Oh, yes, you see, I have been thinking. Check out these shots and see if your mind doesn’t start imagining the 70′s-style porn fantasies as well. Enjoy.

Jennifer Hudson Tribute Song to Whitney Houston at the 2012 Grammy Awards

Jennifer Hudson Tribute to Whitney Houston at the 2012 Grammy Awards
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Okay, so I’m getting sappy in my old age. And spoiler alert for the West Coast crew, but here’s Jennifer Hudson in her tribute song to Whitney Houston at tonight’s 2012 Grammy Awards.

Back to hot celebrity babes shortly…