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Leigh Yeager Topless Blessed Posing for the Perfect Egotastic! Howdy

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I will go anywhere, climb any mountain, cross any river, just to see bare beauty hotness. I mean, small caveat to that former statement in that I am relatively lazy and do like to take power naps in front of international soccer matches, but within that context, I go to decent lengths to see fine female wonderments. Thank God for modern digital technology, can I get an amen?

How else to observe and report and possible privately delight in the amazingly hot body of all-American model Leigh Yeager featured flashing her glorious funbags in Gosee magazine. I’m going to go ahead and guess that the sextastic Leigh is just your type. I know, mine too. It’s an amazing coincidence. I’m not saying I wouldn’t be equally infatuated to meet such a beauty with her clothes on, but this racktastic reveal only heightens the memory of the first meeting. Welcome to Egotastic!, Leigh. Don’t forget our no clothes in the hot tub rule. Enjoy.

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Nina Agdal Bikini Delicious for Gosee (And You Really Should Go See)

Well, I did okay this Christmas, can’t complain. But I surely didn’t receive the likes of Danish delight Nina Agdal in a bikini underneath my Christmas pine. Perhaps next year, if I’m a little less naughty, and I finally hit the MegaLotto, and hit those spin classes like I’ve promised myself since 2008.

Nina Agdal remains the prize among seasonal prizes, flush with sextastic up the wazoo, a wazoo I am currently admiring in her Gosee magazine pictorial. The perfect name for what you ought to do when you lay eyes upon this incredibly hot female form. Gosee. Well, maybe one thing right after that, but I doubt they’re going to name a magazine after that activity. Enjoy.

Alyssa Arce See-Through Smoking Black and White Hotness in Gosee

We met sextastic Playmate Alyssa Arce not to long ago wearing some even less than a see-through body suit, but I must admit the allure of this sheer little bodysuit on this crazy hottie with that ridiculous body, wow.

Kudos to the folks at Gosee magazine for figuring how to put some wardrobe on a Playmate and make her look possibly even hotter. It’s quite the teasy affair in black and white. Not that I want this ‘clothes’ thing to ever catch on with the ladies, but if they must don some apparel, perhaps some sheer lingerie can be the standard exception. Consider permission granted. Enjoy.