Good Morning America

Taylor Swift Legs Literally Shining on Good Morning America

I get that the Taylor Swift shitck is aimed at teenaged girls and their parents’ credit cards. Still, I always tune with the volume off to check out those long pop diva legs I lust so dearly. Standing about six inches taller than any of her well known peers, Taylor has the advantage of having long and lovelies to mold into even hotter gams with her daily workout sessions at the gym. She really does own my title in the stem department these days.

Taylor, if ever you feel the need to wrap those bad girls around some typically horrible ex-boyfriend type and attempt to squeeze the life out of him, I volunteer. I can go ninety seconds before I start making out with Farrah in the next world. That’s just an approximation. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez Bares Midriff and Breaks Hearts (Mine At Least)

I couldn’t not share this prime time, well, morning time performance from our belusted Latina diva, Selena Gomez, on Good Morning America, where she showed another bit of the wrinkle toward adult hood she’s pressing more and more into her routine.

Just witnessing Selena Gomez in Spring Breakers a few months ago was an ‘all grow’d up’ type revelation. But now she seems to be pushing harder and harder to be seen as a mature woman, now 21 years of age. Personally, I’d love to see just how far she will push this. I’m done with girl Selena, it’s time for woman Selena. The world could be her oyster.

Isla Fisher Overlooked Ginger Hotness Definitely Worth Ogling

One EgoReader once wrote me accusing me of loving any ‘ginger with a heartbeat’. That seems so crass and so utterly wrong. He completely forgot the word ‘hottie’. Any ginger hottie with a heartbeat. Oh, yes. Most definitely yes. And falling well into that category, though often tragically overlooked, Isla Fisher, spunky redheaded underrated hottie, showing off some of her wares outside Good Morning America.

How Isla Fisher never makes anybody’s personal Hollywood making of the sexy time bucket list, I don’t know. But she’s on mine. In two places. As one time I’d like to be sweet. And the other time truly memorably naughty. It’s the ginger hair. It doth inspire. As does Isla’s sextastic girl next door body and looks. If only she were next door, I could begin operation Peeping on Isla Nightly. Alas, this will have to do for now. Enjoy.

Kendall Jenner Shows Her Legs to America; The Rest Will Cost You a Small Fortune Soon Enough

While we continue to believe that this attractive young lady with or without much sensibilities or formal education still has a bright future in store, we can’t help but remember back to the days when we desperately tried to free Kendall Jenner from the clutches of pimp-maximas mother, determined to achieve fame and fortune for her daughter (while taking her own cut, natch) at any cost.

Still, what could be more wholesome than some leg flashing from teen Kendall on Good Morning America, a program that has now fully admitted that reality shows celebrities are public figures, and could not wait to get Kendall to come pimping her PacSun paid promotions. And, honestly, we could mock, but Kendall is the bright spot of the Kardashian Mafia in terms of appeal. She doesn’t talk much, she’s tall, she’s lean, and she has yet to be officially crowned by a rapper or professional athlete. Though we do suppose that is penciled in somewhere on Kris’ future booking calendar. Enjoy.