Lily Allen Pink Panties Flashing in the Glastonbury Rain

Lily Allen is no stranger to provocative posing. That’s in photos or onstage or just out and about. The young British pop star was tearing up the stage at the ginormous Glastonbury Music Festival over the weekend, a bit wet from the English weather, but flashing her pink panties with tremendous aplomb.

I’ve always respected a female music artist in a very short skirt on a raised stage. It takes some serious confidence and some nice legs and other underbits. If you can give the boys in the crowd a show while you’re belting out your super important pop music lyrics, why the heck not. There’s a certain girl named Miley who’s made a small fortune doing just that these past couple of years. Sex sells. So do pink panties. To me specifically. Enjoy.

Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora Highlight the Raunchy Stage Moves at Glastonbury

The biggest weekend in British pop music took place over the weekend in Glastonbury at the annual festival that is basically the Coachella of the U.K. That is, most of the music is pretty pop-py and act driven now, and tons of English celebs show up to drink and party in the V.I.P. tents while trying to look and act like normal concert-goers. It was largely a success. And the Rolling Stones showed up to headline, so you can’t miss that if you’ve grown up in the Empire.

Nor did you want to miss the onstage antics of both new Aussie singer sensation Iggy Azalea or chart hitter Rita Ora, who has already made a name for herself in the grabbing, bending, flashing on stage department these past couple of years. Both young ladies came to prove that it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it that counts. Especially when your sextastic body is perhaps more alluring than your vocal utterances. And to this end, I must give both Iggy and Rita A-grades.

A+ really for Iggy in the flexibility and ‘mama said never to do that on stage’ move she pulled with her hand betwixt her crotch from behind. Kind of one upped Rihanna on that move. Enjoy.