Genesis Rodriguez

Genesis Rodriguez Lingerie Hotness for Esquire South of the Border (VIDEO)

Hola, mi Cubana sextastica. Genesis Rodriguez floats my boat to levels measured unsafe by NOAA, if that acronym stands for something related to heavenly tingles. This is Genesis’ time to break out in English language fare, a name and body that will surely be far more widely hailed within the next year or two.

Genesis showed off her sultry Latina looks and sextastic fine female form in lingerie for Esquire Mexico as a signal of her coming out party. I’m not sure which of us was coming out more, but this silk panties clad hottie certainly was doing the inspiring part. Wow and a half for the ability of one passion inducing brunette in lingerie on a bed to stir so many deeply felt longings. I’m a sucker for smoking hot Latinas. If only I were a literal sucker. I can tell you how many licks it takes to get to my chewy center. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Esquire Mexico

Genesis Rodriguez Flashes Serious Cleavage for Arnie’s ‘Last Stand’

You know about our new thing for Latina hottie Genesis Rodriguez. The bilingual hottie actress featured in the about to be released Schwarzenegger movie, The Last Stand, which probably won’t be the last film for the maid-banging defrocked Governor, and definitely will only be one of many more faptastic moments on film for the sultry Genesis.

Stealing the red carpet at last night’s L.A. premiere of the film, Genesis showed exactly the kind of skills she can bring to the visual table, including some wicked hot looks and some prime time mammaries ready to party. This is going to be a fun ride. Enjoy.

Genesis Rodriguez Muy Caliente y Sextastica Para GQ Magazine

Okay, so you didn’t see super fine Latina hottie Genesis Rodriguez in the last Will Ferrell movie, Casa de mi Padre, because you, like the rest of the world, did not see this oddly fashioned and distributed spanish-language film. But, then you did miss Genesis, the Telemundo TV starlet turned movie actresses turned feature girl in the upcoming edition of GQ magazine.

And then you’re missing a whole heaping of hotness courtesy of this Cubana-Venezuelan hottie who you can expect to see much much more of onscreen in the coming months and years. A brunette beauty with that whole dark and alluring Spanish thing that is personally driving me to the point of actually wanting to learn real Spanish, as opposed to like the seventeen words I know now and can’t fashion into an intellegibile sentence. Ridiculously fine women will make you want to learn things. Such is their raw power. Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out the entire set of Genesis Rodriguez photos in GQ magazine.)