Watch Dogs Barrels onto PlayStation 4 and Jacks Everything (VIDEO)

Connected stealth action might be a thing now

This is a game that gives answers like “sometimes you might have to jack a train.” The question that goes with that answer is up to you.

We haven’t seen Watch Dogs in awhile and as the game that blew minds worldwide back in the summer of 2013 when it debuted at E3, this Ubisoft franchise still has the power to drop jaws. As part of the PlayStation 2013 event revealing the PlayStation 4 (controller, that is), Watch Dogs is one of the leading candidates to have potentially stolen the show. We saw more real time gameplay and cool mobile phone hacking than ever before. The main character even jacks a speeding commuter train for his own purposes. With the exception of the scarf that he wears way too high on his face, this game is looking absolutely scintillating. Watch all of the videos and be amazed. Read more… »

Aliens: Colonial Marines Gameplay Clips Will Creep and Amaze You (VIDEO)

This is a lot easier with a pulse rifle

Shooting up slobbery slithery aliens, especially the ones with acid blood and multiple snapping jaws, will never not be fun in video games. At least that’s the operating theory behind Aliens: Colonial Marines. The sound effects and the damage effects of space marine weaponry that we know from the Aliens film is what’s at play here in this pair of pure gameplay videos. This is what the game will look, sound and feel like when you get it in your grubby little hands. Read more… »

Injustice Gods Among Us Offers Full Batman vs Bane Battle and More (VIDEO)

It's like this but without Wonder Woman

If you’ve been wanting to see the raw version of what combat in Injustice: Gods Among Us is going to be like, unfiltered and lightly edited, you’ve come to the right place. Well, one many right places. But we’ve got better fringe benefits. The battle in the clip above is between Bane and Batman and it totally doesn’t look like the movie from last summer. Bane is bigger and better irrigated like the comic book version and not all whimsical like a deranged Mary Poppins like in the movie. Batman is still a bad ass. Read more… »

Splinter Cell: Blacklist Showcases More Stealth and Action in Latest Gameplay Clips (VIDEO)

This won't hurt a bit

The bottom line is this: you’ll be taking down terrorists one at a time in Splinter Cell: Blacklist and the game is supporting your ability to do this in so many ways. The Ghost, Panther and Assault playing styles come with their own gear, their own tactics and their own rewards. You just have to decide how you want to run your anti-terrorist campaign. And don’t think you have to choose one style and stick with it. The game is segmented in such a way that you can do one part of a mission as, say, a Ghost –staying undetected, knocking out enemies instead of killing them and hiding bodies– and then follow up on the next segment in more of an Assault style –you make sure the enemies see you and you smoke them all with superior firepower and explosives. Read more… »

The Last of Us Shows Off Its Dark and Creepy Side (VIDEO)

Joel is not going out like that

This is pure gameplay from the PS3-exclusive The Last of Us and should be a very accurate representation of what this game is going to be about. You see our hero, Joel, sneaking about some kind of transit station where different types of infected are roaming around seemingly waiting for their dinner to show up and be devoured. As Joel you’re right on time but you’ll be best off if you feed those monsters a mouth full of lead, or scissors or fist.

Pay close attention to how Joel deals with each of them because not all enemies are created the same in The Last of Us. You have to get a good look at the critter and make your decision then because all things don’t work on all enemies.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist Gets the Drop On All of Us in New Gameplay (VIDEO)

Find out how many ways you can do this

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is going to be a stealth action game first and foremost where the Ghost, Assault and Panther playstyles will have gamers sneaking around, attacking heading on and a nice balance of both, respectively. Layered on top of this experience is the mythology of Sam Fisher. At one time he was the one and only “Splinter Cell” agent, barely acknowledged by any American officials, but extremely effective in his role. In Blacklist, Fisher has evolved so that he’s still a highly trained, efficient, lethal secret agent with access to the latest technology and weapons, but now he’s the leader of the agency, Fourth Echelon. In Blacklist you’re going to feel what it’s like to be the agent and the one “running” the agent. You’re the operative and the guy behind the desk.

In the gameplay clip, you’ll see Sam in action doing what he does best; disposing of vile terrorists. How will you know Sam is in charge in these clips? Fisher is loaded down with multiple weapons and gear and he has the ability to seamlessly mark and then execute three targets in sequence. It wasn’t like that before thanks to all the boneheaded bureaucracy getting in the way. Now that you and Sam are “The Man” (you know what I mean), there are no excuses and nowhere for terrorists to hide.

DmC Devil May Cry Amuses You with New Raw Gameplay Clip (VIDEO)

Things are looking up and down in Limbo

Have you ever gone to a beach side amusement park and felt like something was just a bit off? That’s because there were probably demons just on the other side of limbo messing around with the midway games and rollercoaster controllers. After watching this raw gameplay clip of DmC Devil May Cry you’ll come away a believer as well. Dante is slaughtering demons right near a giant tilting merry-go-round thing that apparently is damaging to our supernatural hero. That explains why I always feel queasy when I go on one of those things…19 times in a row. There are totally demon things floating around it invisibly disrupting things.

Good thing Dante is back with a new haircut to  take care of those things. We even throw in a little menu surfing to show off the upgrade system and a cut scene or two to help you out with the story. Enjoy.