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We Shake Loose A Few More Reasons You Want Bioshock Infinite

It turns out we weren’t done. After offering you Seven Reasons Why You Want Bioshock Infinite just recently, a late night of hot chocolate and animal crackers induced a warm sugar stupor that opened our minds to even more reasons this game is so drool worthy. Sometimes it’s like that. Other times, we’re cuddled up around a bottle of Pepto after a late night wrestling with complications brought on by Buffalo meatballs and cabbage stew. That leads to drooling too.

Have a look at what recently became clear to us about Bioshock Infinite because this game is already knocking on the door of Best of 2013 and that damn thing isn’t even out yet. What we know so far is that good.

Remember Me Takes You on a Tour of Parisian Landmarks in 2084

About 71 years from now –according to Capcom’s upcoming action game Remember Me–  there will be special agents that can steal and rewrite memories by directly interfacing with our brains and change the world in the process. Sounds pretty awesome, because clearly nobody would ever do anything nefarious with that kind of power and those agents would always do good things. But let’s not focus on that extremely powerful premise for a game/movie/book/way of life. Today, Remember Me takes us on a tour of Paris circa 2084 and it’s full of both history and the future at the same time. For the record, I’ve never been to Paris but you’ll find out about that when you click on the gallery above.

Star Trek Game Will Be Like Star Trek II Without the Popcorn or Darkness

If you’ve been bouncing around Egotastic for any stretch of time, you’ve seen our focus on Star Trek Into Darkness and we admit our pointy Vulcan ears are starting to show. We can’t help it. Clearly Namco Bandai has seen though ears pop up on many a Trekkie out there and so they’re throwing a Star Trek game out there to capitalize on the excitement. All I can say is “bring it on.” We’ve had Star Trek video games over the years with the best ones usually showing up on the PC.  Some of the ship-to-ship strategy games were well done but once you’ve seen one Enterprise or Excelsior flying around on a black screen, you’ve seen them all.

This time it’s going to be Spock and Kirk running around shooting and doing the Vulcan nerve pinch and Kirk’s double-fisted chop to the back (we hope) for a more up close and personal touch. Check out these latest screens and our thoughts on Star Trek Into Darkness.

God of War: Ascension Brings Kratos’ Story to Life Once Again

In our recent playthrough of God of War: Ascension we got a glimpse of how the game will begin and why we’re even fighting the good fight with Kratos again. In what amounts to a kind of mythological prison escape, Kratos has to battle a living structure that has dozens of heads and arms, not to mention one of that nastiest of the Three Furies confounding you along the way with nasty insect-men enemies. This game still gets top marks for innovative creatures and the dramatic means you’ll use to destroy them. And that’s just the beginning.

Jump into the gallery of God of War: Ascension to get our thoughts and, more importantly, the behind-the-scenes thoughts from the game’s Creative Director Todd Papy.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Offers Up Cyborg Ninja

In a nod to its Metal Gear roots, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is offering up a Cyborg Ninja outfit via a free download code to players just because. This is easily something they could’ve kept behind a pay wall of some sort like as part of a pre-order bundle or you get the code after ordering 90,000 pizzas from Pizza Hut or something like that. But no, you’re just going to get this one if you get the game. Why even go through the DLC with a code and all that at all? Because downloading stuff for free is cool. Konami knows, like we all know, that having the delivery man knock on your door to deliver your box of goods is way better than having to drive to the store to pick up the same box goods for the same price. In this case, entering a code to download something awesome is way better than just having the Cyborg Ninja suit in the game already for you to just toggle on and off because you get a hint of being an insider and in-the-know. That’s all you people want anyway.

Crysis 3 Gets Fashionable with Fresh Nanosuits and Beta Date

On January 29, Crysis 3 will open up its two week multiplayer beta for the masses to get a sample of what this game has to offer and, of course, give the game makers time to evaluate, tweak and enhance elements of the game. The beta is showing off two environments –Airport and Museum– and will feature the highly anticipated Crash Site gameplay mode. Up to twelve players jump into a game but two of them are are hunters with cloaking abilities armed with bows while the remaining ten are “evil” CELL troopers. When a hunter takes down a CELL trooper, that fallen trooper will respawn as a hunter with the bow and cloaking ability and he now has to hunt down the remaining CELL troopers. We’ve seen this dynamic game type before in zombie games usually, and this idea of switching sides depending on how well one plays the game keeps things exciting for sure. The abilities that come with being a hunter mean you’re gaining cloaking and bow hunting while losing whatever weapon loadouts you had as a CELL trooper. To fully enjoy this game mode you have to develop a wide variety of skills with all weapon sets and nanosuit configurations.

We’ll have much more on Crysis 3 soon because we owe this game a clear look after doing so much to tie its marketing to the late 90s documentary “American Pimp.”

Deadpool Makes Surprise Appearance in New Screens Focused on Deadpool

The screenshots of Activision’s upcoming Deadpool game are certainly focused on the game’s main character and no matter what we know Deadpool will be looking spiffy. Most games focus on elements of the game that aren’t actually playable when spitting out screenshots. Random cut scenes or other in-game cinematics usually show off the look and feel of a game best as opposed to whatever’s going to be on the screen when you’re actually controlling the thing. An action game like this will likely need a healthy meter, at the very least, along with some other information displayed to let you know Deadpool’s combat effectiveness (ammo remaining, objectives, etc), so we still have a lot more we need to see here.