Game of Thrones

Let the ‘Key & Peele’ Valets Get You All Caught Up on ‘Game of Thrones’

key & peele game of thrones recap
Well, caught up on the deaths, anyway...

In case this crucial fact has somehow eluded you, Season 5 of Game of Thrones premiers this Sunday, April 12. However, if for some reason (coma?) you’re not all caught up on the goings on in Westeros, you don’t have to go to your local video store and rent the DVDs in order to get all caught up. (Which is good, because there are no more video stores. How long did you say you were in that coma?) You just need to watch this two and a half minute Key & Peele valets sketch.

If you’re not familiar with the valets, basically, they’re a couple of exuberant young African American gentlemen who have lively and enthusiastic conversations about movies in a comical vernacular. If you are familiar with the valets, then you know sketch in which they recap all the Game of Thrones deaths is going to be fantastic.

Either way, you’re going to enjoy it. Though, to be serious for a moment, you probably don’t want to watch the video if you haven’t watched seasons 1-4. It might spoil a few things.


Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg Should Do Stoned Recaps of ‘Game of Thrones’ Every Week

snoop dogg seth rogen game of thrones recap
But seriously, kids, don't do drugs.

When I decided to post this rather amazing video of Snoop Dogg and Set Rogen doing a Game of Thrones recap for Snoop’s “GGN News” web series, I debated myself as to whether or not an official “SPOILER ALERT” was necessary. On the one hand, people should assume that anything with “recap” in the title contains spoilers. And, moreover, you can barely follow most of what Snoop has to say about the show.

On the other hand, people are also pretty stupid (no, not you, the other guy reading this), and Snoop definitely divulges a few major plot points. So I thought, just to be safe, let’s do a “SPOILER ALERT.” So, SPOILER ALERT. And while I’m at it, NSFW LANGUAGE, too, okay?

Anyway, with the formalities out of the way, I’ll just say that this video is pretty much the best thing I’ve seen in weeks. I could watch the Doggfather do recaps of Game of Thrones all day, what with the “motherf*cker” this and “motherf*cker” that. It’s classic.

Rogen is fine, too. But he’s the straight man here. Snoop is the comedy, and he is brilliant.

‘Game of Thrones’ Sets Yet Another Piracy Record: Most People Torrenting Single File at Same Time

Joffrey can't believe it!

We already knew that Game of Thrones is the most pirated television show on the planet. However, now it’s really outdoing itself.

I don’t mean that figuratively, either. On Sunday night, Season 4 Episode 5 of Game of Thrones literally beat the record for most people pirating a show at the same time, which was previously set by Season 4 Episode 2.

According to TorrentFreak, at one point there were 163,496 people sharing a copy of Episode 5 while another 43,558 were downloading it. That works out to a grand total of 207,054 people sharing a single file, which is the first time in BitTorrent history the 200,000 mark has been eclipsed.

But wait, there’s more! In total, TorrentFreak estimates that this single episode of GOT was downloaded 1.5 million times in the 24 hours after it aired. To put that into perspective, the most popular episode of Season 3 was downloaded 5.9 million times in all of 2013.

Of course, video piracy is wrong, so I hope all you lawless savages can sleep at night knowing the executives at HBO won’t be able to send their kids to yacht camp this summer.


Jessica Pare Sideboob, Eiza Gonzalez Witchy Bikini Hotness, and Josephine Gillan Topless Gingers Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup

Jessica Pare in Mad Men
Click to See Uncensored

Despite my increasing laziness to clip together a video for you hard reading audience members, this was actually a pretty inspiring Boob Tube Roundup weekend on the small screen in terms of sextastic skin. Some of it only rated PG-13, but we’re collectively man enough to still use a little imagination when it comes to virtually undressing some ridiculously hot looking ladies of our future dreams.

This weeks’ Boob Tube Roundup included Jessica Pare flashing sideboob in Mad Men (yes, this was last week’s episode, but now I’m catching up), the desperately alluring Eiza Gonzalez and a few of her hot stripper friends in the new episode of Robert Rodriguez’s From Dusk Till Dawn TV series, and Josephine Gillan and her outrageously plump udders in Game of Thrones. Check them out in photo form and report back on your feelings. Just not to me, please. Tell a buddy. Enjoy.

Game of Thrones Is Back and Baring Flesh, Along with Shameless and Keri Russell’s Hot Booty in the Boob Tube Roundup

Keri Russell in The Americans
Click to See Uncensored

I will beg your indulgence from the get-go of having neglected to make a rag tag video again this week. Any weekend with lots of sports is simply killing my productivity. It’s bad enough somebody went and invented beer like four hundred or a million years ago. Now omnipresent sports streaming on every single device in the home, office, and pocket. How is any man to be productive?

Nevertheless, there was some noteworthy nekkidness on the small screen this weekend, most notably with the return of Game of Thrones, Season Four, and all the beautiful female bared bodies that comes with, including Josephine Gillan and some other babes in a splendid brothel scene. Joining GOT was some topless splendor in the fiendishly funny Shameless and a nice view of Keri Russell booty and bra in The Americans. I’d call it a nice weekend for the women of the boob tube. Check them out. And, enjoy.

And the Most Pirated TV Shows of 2013 Are…

You would have to assume the creators, producers, director, and actors behind the most-pirated television shows of 2013 have some mixed feelings about this year-end distinction.

On the one hand, if people are illegally downloading your show more than others, it means you’ve struck some sort of cultural nerve and created something that truly resonated. On the other hand, you also know that people didn’t like it so much that they were willing to pay for it, and that there is a ton of money you aren’t making.

That being said, at the end of the day, while having your show be popular and making money would be ideal, it’s still better to have your show on the most-pirated list and not making money than not on the most-pirated list and not making money. Right?

Right. So without any further ado, here are the most-pirated TV shows of 2013, according to Torrent Freak:

10. Arrow (2.2 million downloads)
9. Vikings (2.3 million downloads)
8. Homeland (2.4 million downloads)
7. Suits (2.6 million downloads)
6. How I Met Your Mother (3.0 million downloads)
5. Dexter (3.1 million downloads)
4. The Big Bang Theory (3.4 million downloads)
3. The Walking Dead (3.6 million downloads)
2. Breaking Bad (4.2 million downloads)
1. Game of Thrones (5.9 million downloads)

Is it really a surprise that the show with all the dragons and nudity takes the top spot? I don’t think so.


Game of Thrones Gets Redubbed All Funny-Like (VIDEO)

What is this, velvet?

It’s like King Henry the Vth said to his troops on the eve of battle at Agincourt, “Fart jokes. Kill ‘em with fart jokes.” And those clever-asses over at Bad Lip Reading gave Game of Thrones the old mash-up lip-reading treatment. And they are killing us with killer fart jokes.

Have you ever wondered what GOT would be like as a wacky summer-camp type of comedy? One set at a medieval-themed amusement park? They done it. Complete with the return of Eddie Stark, the beleaguered owner, added bits of appropriate CGI, and Peter Dinklage going full smooth-talking wankster.

It is pure joy on every level.