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On the Game Boy’s (Belated) 25th Birthday, Let’s Celebrate the Craptacular Game Boy Camera

Last week, the illustrious and chunky-ass Game Boy turned 25. That’s a quarter of a century of handheld gaming dominance, right there. In that time, we’ve seen touchscreens, microphones, and some rather sexy default color schemes (purple? Why the eff not?). We’ve also seen competitors, ranging from the eight-seconds-of-battery-life Sega Game Gear to Sony’s rather spangly PSP and Vita.

Some manage to compete relatively well. Others hardly got a sniff of the handheld success pie. The Vita, as great as it is, is one of the latter. It’s a little like one of portly Brit monarch Henry VIII’s servants, sucking on a chicken bone the fat bastard discarded on the floor. Which isn’t, y’know, ideal.
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The Weekly WTF: Yep, The Mainliners Are Still Utterly Creepy-Ass

GAH! Grand Theft Auto may give us a rather romanticized, check-out-my-badass-car view of the criminal life, but this is the harsh reality right here. You’ll be abused in the pants area by ghastly mutants.

You may not be familiar with 2004's The Suffering, a slightly obscure psychological horror game from Midway. It’s the criminally underrated --see what we did there? It’s too damn early in the morning for that kind of wit-tastic-- tale of Torque. This angry dude has been incarcerated in a Maryland prison for the murder of his two children and ex-wife.
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Forget Call of Duty, Real Men Need the Retro Love: Resident Evil 2

Where do you go after Resident Evil? It was the game that gave birth to survival horror, freaky-ass mutant baby with six asses as it was. Capcom’s 1996 classic needed a great follow up. More monsters lurking in dingy corridors, more dogs suddenly careening through windows to make you foul yourself. More nonsensical freaking puzzles with cranks.

So, where do you go? The same damn place a couple months into the future, that’s where. It’s not exactly far-flung, but it’ll do. Hold on to your gonads, Resident Evil 2 is coming at you.
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The Weekly WTF: Resident Evil 4‘s Ashley, Gaming’s Biggest Pain in the Butt

As we all know damn well, women aren’t meek damsels in distress. They don’t cry for studly dudes to rescue them from the top of dodgy towers. There are no poisoned apples or wicked witches, because our fine ladyfolk don’t have time for any of that BS. Not in real life.

If Bowser attempted to kidnap Peach in reality, she’d mace him and/or kick him right in the big ol’ green mansack. Because women are utter badasses who will not and cannot be stopped. They could kick our asses, that’s for damn sure.

Which begs the question: why is Ashley so effing effingly effing useless?
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Forget Call of Duty, Real Men Need the Retro Love: River City Ransom

The late eighties/early nineties were the formative years of gaming. It’s kind of like our college days, where we decide if we’re going to be a lawyer/stockbroker/caricaturist at the mall/alcoholic/bisexual. Apparently, while video games were at college, they decided that what they were going to be was pretty effing violent.

This was the era of the side-scrolling beat 'em up. The Genesis had Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, the notoriously lisp-tastic Altered Beast (wise fwom your gwave!) and so forth. You’d find them jostling for school-truanting youths’ attention in arcades with Final Fight. The message was plain: if you want to cruise from left to right and punch bad dude face, games have you covered.
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The Weekly WTF: Just What the Balls is the Deal with Street Fighter’s Blanka?

As we know, there’s a lot of weirdly weird weird-ass weirdery in fighting games. From Guilty Gear’s nine-foot-tall sex criminal dude with a sack over his head, to Tekken’s boxing kangaroo via Soul Calibur’s Spanish pirate zombie, it’s all pretty damn nutty around here.

For the best of the classic crazies, you need look no further than hairy-assed manbeast Blanka. And we’re checking him out right now, so put your damn pants back on and pay attention.
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Forget Call of Duty, Real Men Need the Retro Love: Final Fantasy

Hold on to your asses, gentlemen. It’s Final freaking Fantasy, right here, one of the most beloved series in all of gamertastic. Y’know, back when it didn’t suck pretty damn bad, as it’s been doing of late (let’s be frank, XIII was all kinds of a ballache). Today, we’re going way back to its roots, to the very first release.

Let’s party like it’s 1987 and take a look.

This was the year Final Fantasy hit the Famicom (like the NES, but much more Asian). It’s the simple nutty-ass story of four heroes, four magical orbs of magical effing magic and a whole damn lot of random battles.
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