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Danielle Sharp Topless Hotness Continues Front and Center


Ever since being voted Britain's hottest student, a claim we can certainly agree with on the first part, though the studious part remains entirely un-vetted, Danielle Sharp remains one of our very favorite girls to imagine spending an innocent weekend in the country with. And, by 'innocent', we obviously mean quite and thoroughly nekkid, covered in nothing but a small streak of Shedd's Spread Country Crock® to grease our toast.

Our friends have Front magazine have captured all the goodness there is to grab hold of in a wicked hot photoshoot of Danielle in their current edition and we can't stop it from fueling our fantastical desires for the sextastic student from the U.K. Wicked hotness. Enjoy.

Rosie Jones Topless Frontal Outtakes May Just Be the Best Rosie Thing Ever


You know how much we adore the word 'outtake'. It's from the Scandinavian 'uttkakker' which means, 'the ridiculously hot shots of boobtastic celebrity that never saw the light of day for some unknown reason'. Granted, that is a rough translation.

And, now, the more than delicious young, vibrant, and bountiful in 10 pictures of the sextastic Rosie Jones from Front magazine that you've not seen before. But when you do see them, they can make that claim no longer. And you will simply be a much happier man (or woman loving woman) for the process. Trust me. You want to see these. Enjoy.

Rosie Jones Topless Pictures Turn Her Flat Into Beautiful Curves


We've seen the video, now the pictorial from the magazine. The faptastically fabulous Rosie Jones lights up her apartment by taking off her clothes and twisting and contorting into an amazing array of highly visually desire positions for her award-winning (well, I gave it a Spoogie Award) pictorial in Front magazine.

It's really that simple of a formula -- get super hot celeb, get them in their apartment, and photograph them having nekkid strip time fun. It never ceases to be awesome. And when that sweet-looking celeb is Rosie Jones, it can only be lust inducing. Enjoy.

Rosie Jones Topless Pictures Put Her Hotness Front and Center (VIDEO)


Ever had a fantasy about entering the private spaces of a hot, young, busty teasy woman like Rosie Jones, when she suddenly cracks a couple beers and starts taking her top off? I've had ten such thoughts just since I got out of my Corolla limousine this morning.

Well, I'd say our friends at Front magazine have just about nailed my most recurring glamour model fantasy, nailed it to a tee. Rosie Jones is so extraordinarily sextastic, seeing her prance about flashing her deliciously full fun bags can't help but make you want to overpopulate this planet, green movement be damned, there's babies to be made.  Mother Nature is a sinister woman. Unstoppable in her manipulations of the male instinct. So, revel in your lack of self-determination for a moment and watch Rosie bounce. Enjoy.

Lucy Collett and Hannah Martin Ignite Topless Ginger on Ginger Math Fantasies


One hot ginger topless is almost too much to handle, but two? It's like a dream wrapped inside a fantasy tucked neatly inside an embarrassing accident in front of your high school classmates during Trigonometry. Okay, so maybe that's more of a personal tale, and maybe I just lied about ever making it to Trigonometry class in high school, but the point is -- the whole of two hot and naughty gingers is even greater than the sum of their very delicious parts

There's no denying that I'm quite infatuated with Lucy Collett. If Lucy came to me and told me that we could be together forever, or at least the next hour or so, knocking boots frantic, if only my stupid girlfriend weren't getting in the way. Well, then, it's shovel in the trunk and drive out to the desert time. I'm saying it's not a horrible thought, I'm just prognosticating honestly here. And, imagine my happy shock when our friends at Front magazine paired Lucy up with fellow redheaded hottie, Hannah Martin, and told the two gingers to get all types of playful for the camera. Just downright amazing.

I really do feel a good digging coming on. Enjoy.

Danielle Sharp Topless Pictures Take Us Back to the School for Naughty Oglers


I have this recurring horrid dream where I'm told that I have to go back to school to complete the one course I needed for graduation but somehow completely overlooked attending in my senior year. I awake in a flop sweat and remind myself it is just a dream, as in reality, there were like eleven classes I completely missed and the school said they didn't ever want me coming back. So I feel same once more.

It seems like just a month or two ago that Danielle Sharp was voted sexiest co-ed in all of the Old Country, and while we do disavow the superlatives when it comes to hotness, we also find it difficult to argue, especially so when your lower mandible is hanging down like a snake about to consume its lunch thrice its size. We don't exactly remember many girls like Danielle on campus, for surely had there been, we would've stayed past the time all the human body sculpture classes ran out.

Danielle Sharp is is featured in this month's Front magazine, all hot and kind of really bothering us with her flirty, flaunty, and most undoubtedly topless ways. The young co-ed (though we would like to review her transcripts to verify her matriculation claims)  looks far too wise and wicked for her tender late teen age as she brings up all kinds of naughty headmaster possibilities. Enjoy.

Mellisa Clarke Front and Frontal With Sexy Topless Periodical Pics


Times flies when you're leering at sexy celebrities. It really has been a year since we posted about that magazine article about sexy brunette model Melissa Clarke being one to watch for in 2011, and, mixed bag of opportunity I must say as we definitely looked, but there wasn't all that much to see in the past year, but when we did see, as in this lovely little topless pictorial from our friends at Front magazine and the associated video outtakes, well, it is quite worthwhile.

What can be learned mostly about our predictions of a breakout year for Melissa Clarke is that we are truly horrible gamblers. Enjoy.