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Beth Humphreys Topless Teasy Tasty Hot for Front Magazine (Prepare to Fall in Lust)


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It’s been at least a week since I’ve fallen completely in lust with somebody, and that spell is about to be broken with the epic hot sights of Beth Humphreys in Front magazine.

Now, we’ve seen bits and pieces of Beth in the past few months, but consider this pictorial the big coming out party for the 19-year old Londoner, as the good folks at Front have put together a little teasy Beth-topless masterpiece. Oh, the depths to which I will now sink dreaming of getting stuck with Beth atop the London Eye and deciding that a dangling shagging would be the best way to pass the time until the Ferris Wheel begins spinning once more. So tasty hot. Enjoy.

Nicole Neal Topless Blonde Sweetheart, The Kind of Girl Who Gets You in Big Trouble (VIDEO)

Nicole Neal Shines in a Topless Shoot in FRONT Magazine January 2013
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Checking out Nicole Neal in her new pictorial in this month’s Front magazine, along with one helluva wicked accompanying alluring and quite topless video shoot, my first thought, naturally, was, ‘Man, so damn hot, must have’. Then I realized, hmm, Nicole Neal looks just like the kind of girl who you fall head over loins for, then find yourself in a whole lot of trouble. I mean, you end up with a brother holding a shotgun under your nostrils, or some big dude with no neck asking why you gotta make trouble messing with her, or perhaps you just discover that despite being a certified Subway sandwich maker, you’ve got no money left in your bank account at the end of the month, or on the 8th of the month, because somebody thought they’d look good in fur. And, despite what PETA says, damn,she did look good in just that fur.

But this is a fleeing thought. Because, let’s face it, men have very short memories for the punishing lessons of the past when they’re focused on thoughts of punishing a hot booty in the future. Without short memories, we’d hardly be able to populate this planet. And that is a job that somebody’s got to do; and I’d like to start now, right now, with Nicole Neal. Many babies! Enjoy.

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Humpday Huzzah! Sabine Jemeljanova Topless Outtakes Because Amazing Ta-Ta’s Should Never Go Un-Ogled!

Sabine Jemeljanova Topless Outtakes in FRONT December 2012
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What goes better with Wednesdays than amazing funbags of the faptacular variety? That’s right, nothing.

This midweek we are blessed to share some amazing outtakes (with outtakes ALWAYS being better than magazine published pictures) of the desperately hot Sabine Jemeljanova, who probably gets overlooked on ‘tops’ lists merely because of her more complicated name. But in our eyes, what’s in a name. In our dreams, we call everybody ‘baby’ and ‘sugar’ and ‘please don’t stop, I’ve still got twenty dollars left’, so it seems silly that a name ought to stand in the way of full bodily appreciation.

Check out these wickedly sextastic outtakes of Sabine from our friends at Front magazine and see if you don’t feel your own hump feeling better almost immediately. Enjoy.

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Jessica Davies Topless Baking Cookies Provides a Quick Second Round of Welsh Goodness

Jessica Davis Bakes a Topless Treat in Front Magazine
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Wow, it was just a few days ago that superlatively hot Jessica Davies took her top off for the first time for the cameras, and now, she’s back with her sequel effort for Front magazine, dripping all kinds of naughty batter on her boobtastic young form. Jessica Davies is clearly no one-hit wonder.

Jessica has already hit us twice in less than a week, and by looking closely at her ridiculously hot body, both frontal and bent-over in the kitchen, as we have been doing for the past three hours straight, we’re guessing there are a countless number of goodies coming from the young fun and naughty blonde in the near future. Enjoy.

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Thank God It’s Funbags! Sabine Jemeljanova Bendy Stretchy Full-Top Frontal Goodness

Sabine Jemeljanova Topless Photoshoot in FRONT UK Issue 175 2012
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Oh, blessed be the best day of the week, the only day of the week that begins with an ‘F’ for funbags, the day we launch ourselves headlong into a couple days vacation from all the office chatter of work and politics and heavy-flow tampons (yes, Sylvia in accounting, I’m talking to you, how about you use the office whisper voice when talking lady products going forward?)

Now, we rejoice in all things beautiful and bouncy and hot and worth living for, like the faptastic funbags of Sabine Jemeljanova, highlighted so bendy and stretchy perfect in Front magazine. To say we’d sell all vital organs above the waist just to spend ten minutes alone with Sabine topless in her flat, well, that goes without saying. But, for today, TGIF, we need not sell anything for our sneaky peek at her blessed peaks. Enjoy.

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Danielle Sharp Topless Co-Ed Girls Party Fun Time Starts Now

Danielle Sharp Playing Around Topless with Her Friends in Front Magazine
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It was less than a year ago that one of the lads magazines in the U.K. named Danielle Sharp as the sexiest student in all the British isles, and so long as everyone else is willing to play along with the fact that Danielle Sharp is a matriculating college girl, well, hell, we’re not going to stop this roleplay part.

Not when it continues to generate feast-worthy visual delights such as Danielle Sharp, wicked hot and topless and fooling around in her apartment with some of her girl buddies in this mind-blowing pictorial from our friends at Front magazine. A sensuous scene that we men are quite certain must be taking place in female dorm rooms and apartments around this globe as we speak. For some reason, when we knock and they answer the door, the girls are always fully dressed and vacuuming the place, but we know, that the minute that door shuts, it’s off with the clothes and Ashley and Jennifer start filling the tub with bubbles. Enjoy.

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Seren Gibson Topless Pictures Drop Some Playful Kitty Perfection

Seren Gibson Lustful Topless Photoshoot in Front Magazine October 2012
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We’ve missed Welsh model sensation Seren Gibson; she’s been missing from our radars, scopes (but never our fantastical dreams) for far too long now. Thankfully, our friends at Front magazine know what it means to be true Seren fans, faptastic fanboys of brunette goodness, and have put together a fun, playful, and revealing pictorial of the truly tantalizing Seren Gibson.

It’ll be a challenge and a half for any Welsh woman to ever top Catherine Zeta-Jones in our loin-directed lust list, but Seren Gibson is not a woman we’d throw out of our stone cottage. Enjoy.

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