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Laura Hollyman Topless Tank Top Removal, It’s a Fun Process

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I’ve certainly missed the epic faptastic of Laura Hollyman, a glamour model of the Britty variety who only comes around every now and then, long enough to break our hearts and chafe our other exposed appendages. I suppose absence does make the heart grow fonder, but it mostly makes our other anatomical structures weep with loss, so we couldn’t be happier to leer at Laura returned to perfect funbag form in Front magazine.

We’ve been pulling back a bit on the British celeb glamour models (no pun intended) just as we explore the rest of our world of the stellar sextastic. But when images of outrageously alluring girls like Laura Hollyman appear in the digisphere, we certainly feel the innate need to share with our brethren and Sapphic leaning ladies who we love even more than our brethren. Beauty was meant to be shared. Just not all at once, that’s simply not hygienic. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Front Magazine

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Thank God It’s Funbags! Sabine Jemeljanova Topless for the Front End of the Weekend

Sabine Jemeljanova Goes Topless for Front Magazine 187
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You made it. I made it. We all made it to Friday. The single most blessed day of the seven options. They day from whence dreams stem. I recently heard some nerd exclaim that people who idolize the weekend are people that take no joy in their work week. I punched that nerd right in his Fantastic Four Issue 3 mint in wrapper.

I dig my job. I ever so dig my weekends. Granted, I aim to see sweet delicious funbags with the same gusto in either venue. That might have something to do with it. As an example, the sweet melon treats of gloriously hot Sabine Jemeljanova in Front magazine. Sabine isn’t just topless, she’s benevolent. She’s giving. How can you not love this sextastic lady-filled planet every single day of the week? Thank God It’s Funbags!

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Nicole Neal Topless With Her Friend Lauren for Hot Girls Being Bad Time

Nicole Neal and Lauren Being Topless and Naughty in Front Magazine 186
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Who doesn’t love to see two hotties stripping off their tops and being super naughty and pretending to be delinquents? That’s right, nobody. Especially when we’re talking Nicole Neal and her friend Lauren stripping out of their little tidbits to get naughty and topless and flashing two ridiculously hot playful bodies in the current edition of Front magazine.

To say this is an artistic endeavor straight out of many a fantasy for me, well, that is quite the understatement. This looks exactly like my nightly dreams, only missing a Salvador Dali droopy watch. Enjoy.

(You can see Nicole and Lauren hanging out bad girls in Front video as well.)

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Danielle Sharp Topless With Friends in Pool Time Fun Time Outtakes

Danielle Sharp and Friends Topless Outtakes for Front Magazine August 2013
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Oh, blessed outtakes. When combined with blessed summer, they can lead to all sorts of skin burns, though not from the sun.

When Danielle Sharp recently got topless with her gal pals for warm weather glory in Front magazine, I thought we had an August surprise to remember. But, now, seeing the outtakes, well, you’re about to be looking right at the answer to the question, ‘what’s hotter than hot?’. Ridiculously hot girls without their clothes on playing on toys in the pool? I can think of no finer tribute to the endless summer. Enjoy.

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Danielle Sharp Topless Pool Party Pics Are the Emblem of Sextastic Summer

Danielle Sharp Topless Pool Shoot for Front Magazine August 2013
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I think we’re well past the nonsense of Danielle Sharp as Britain’s hottest co-ed and well into the pure desirability of Danielle Sharp just having fun with a bunch of girls while around a pool topless. I mean, school is way overrated in the first place, especially when you have been gifted the blessings of a ridiculously hot body and killer good looks and a penchant for sharing these gifts on the pages of magazines like Front.

Each of us choose the manner in which we try to bring sunshine and light to the world around us. Danielle Sharp choosing to get topless with her girlfriends around a pool with a bunch of squirt guns and toys, I can’t think of a more thoughtful contribution. Enjoy.

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Nicole Neal Topless Supergirl Pictures Continue to Fly In

Nicole Neal Topless Adds from Her Supergirl Shoot in Front Magazine
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Just when I cried about what seemed like the end of that amazing Nicole Neal USA Supergirl photoshoot from Front magazine, well along come some additional images of the Page 3 glamour model in and out of her cosplay goodies, flashing that absolutely killer body of hers. How we would like to be the wardrobe assistant to her day time costume fun time activities. We’d be respectful, but make suggestions and occasionally offer to help her change into and out of her intimates. We are only human.

There’s nothing we like around here better than surprises. And, for the record, not the ones that come in small packages. Enjoy.

Nicole Neal Topless All-American Hero for a Special Memorial Day Mammarial Monday (VIDEO)

Nicole Neal Topless Supergirl Caps from Front Magazine
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Granted, Nicole Neal is not American, but there’s no reason why we can’t turn to the Old Country for a patriotic example of hot topless stars and stripes tributes on Memorial Day here in the U.S.. Throw in Nicole’s boobtastic level efforts behind a video homage  to Super Girl from our friends at Front magazine and we have something brewing here hotter than the Special Tea my Aunt Vera brings over for the family barbecues. Aunt Vera’s tea only dulls the senses, Nicole Neal in motion more than heightens them.

I can only hope you’re delighting in your day off this Memorial Day. And, of course, as we are here, giving our utmost out in respect to the men and women who serve and have served our nation so bravely through the years. Two funbags in celebration! Enjoy.

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