Free People

Emily Ratajkowski In Free People Lingerie, For People Who Freely Fap to Emily

Emily Ratajkowski can do no wrong. Not with that body of hers. But she can do so much so right. Like any time she gets tapped to model lingerie. Even the slightly demure Free People line of underthings that are environmentally sound, socially conscious, and play Pete Seeger songs every time you snap the elastic. Oh, how I’d snap snap Emily Ratajkowski in her bras and panties.

Emily has been making men happy to be men for several years now, with her star rising steadily in the time since we first started featuring her fine female form. Those who say nekkid modeling will in any way damage your career path in Hollywood are simply thinking from a long ago era. It means nothing professionally, but ever so so much to the millions of us who experience Emily in our dreams routinely. We are a people with pearl clutching gaspers among us. Ignore them. They have their thing. We have our thing. Most notably at the moment, Emily Ratajkowski in lingerie. We win. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Free People

Camille Rowe Smoking Hot Lingerie Pictures Will Free the People and Enslave Your Peen

I really can’t get French hottie model Camille Rowe out of my mind. Not that I’d have any reason to do so. Her blonde sextastic seemingly innocent charms merged with classically light and alluring lingerie just gives me the all over shakes. I don’t know how some of these girls do it, but they manage to take the simplest of settings and turn them into memorable visual wonderments that infect the brain in such powerful fashion.

Featured in the new Free People lingerie shoot, Camille is just devastatingly hot in each and every little silky outfit and pose. I can imagine weeping only were I sitting in such a fashion show as she walked by. My legs turned completely to jelly even as thoughts of racing backstage after her overwhelm my sense. She is to amazingly good looking she ought to come with a warning. Prepare for Engorgement, or something like that but in French so it sounds a bit more sophisticated. Enjoy.

Shanina Shaik Could Use a Little Love, So I Intend to Love Her a Little More

The multiethnic hottie from Down Under, Shanina Shaik was showing off her naturally alluring talents for Free People Swimwear, which I assume isn’t free to buy, but you are free to ogle Shanina Shaik, which is plenty sweet enough a deal for me. Oh, those sultry features on display in skimpy swimwear. I might need to free my own people if you know what I’m saying, and even I really don’t.

Shanina Shaik could use a little more appreciation I thin as a top flight and world class sextastic hottie. We don’t see her that often, but every time we do, I’m reminded of just how badly I want to cover her buns with room temperature butter and play griddle master. Shanina, you are amazing. Enjoy.

Martha Hunt Is Pretty Damn Hot In Lingerie

For some reason, there just seem to be very few American lingerie models. Maybe this is like one of those industries that used to thrive here in the U.S, but eventually got moved overseas to places like South Africa and Hungary and lots and lots of Brazil. So I’m always a little extra-hyped to see some of our native girls flashing their native hot bits in little swaths of silk and lace.

Martha Hunt is a girl I would do extremely reckless things for. Just name it, Martha, and consider it done. Anything involving spiders or actual hard work excluded, naturally. But after seeing her in this Free People lingerie line collection, well, I might even re-consider that spider prohibition. She is just so damn hot. I can’t believe we aren’t this very minute in the middle of making many babies. This situation needs to be rectified immediately. Martha, call me, I’m certainly ready. Enjoy.