Frederick’s of Hollywood

Lauren Young Adds Her Bodily Credentials to Lingerie Pimping Mode

Frederick’s of Hollywood sure seems to be on a promotional roll. Today, it’s hot bodied model Lauren Young looking rather sinister hot in their little bits of lingerie they’re most widely known for. Lauren seems to be the right woman for the job based upon her Greg Brady like ability to fit the costume perfectly. Of course, Greg never had ridiculously alluring yams like Lauren Young. That probably would’ve been awkward.

Of course, I keep a tab running at Victoria’s Secret for all the lacy silky purchases I make to fill my shame closet, but if Frederick’s keeps this up, I might have to open up a second front. Lauren Young, chalk yourself up one new customer. Enjoy.

Rachel Mortenson Bikini Pimping With Sextastic Frederick’s Flair

Nice to meet you, Rachel Mortenson.

Talk about making an entrance, the curvy delicious and all-around spectacular bodied former Hooters calendar girl Rachel Mortenson puts on a stunning display of bikini sextastic for Frederick’s of Hollywood, who now sells bikinis I do believe. They’re selling me right now as we speak. Well, Rachel is helping out quite a bit. I’d certainly buy whatever she asked of me, if she just cooed. Cooing is a vastly underrated skill. Rachel, coo me. Please. Enjoy

Ashley Hinshaw Lingerie Gloriousness for Frederick’s of Hollywood

We truly fell in lust with Ashley Hinshaw during her provocative scenes in About Cherry, and these types of lingerie photoshoots are going to do little to slake our Hinshaw thirst.

The blonde hottie thespianic and model has all the skills needed to compete in the dog eat dog world of modeling skimpy little silky nothings. An outrageously hot body, a compelling smile, and the kind of long blonde hair that gives fetishists like myself all sorts of sextastic Rapunzel fantasies. Talk about your fractured fairytales, I’ve got some in mind for Ashley. Just so hot. Enjoy.

Emily Ratajkowski Lingerie Pictures For Wicked Hot Body Exposure

Emily Ratajkowski may have one of the tougher names to pronounce, but she is fast becoming one of the hottest bodies in these here parts, having transitioned now fully from craptastic TV acting to full-on sextastic modeling, for the likes of Frederick’s of Hollywood where this stunning brunette now features her wares.

Whether clothed or nekkid (and, make no mistake about it, we prefer the latter), Emily is proving that if you’re smoking hot enough, it doesn’t matter if you have five syllables in your last name or not, gentleman oglers will be mumbling your name softly to themselves during their private time happy time. It’s all about the looks. And Emily looks damn amazing. Enjoy.

Emily Ratajkowski Lingerie Video Might Just Reveal The Most Underrated Body In all of Hottieville (VIDEO)

Honestly, the list of girls that infatuate us runs endlessly, but every now and then along comes an unsung surprise that merits special call out, uncommon accolade, and a messy herald. And one of those pleasant wonderments is Emily Ratajkowski, the California girl who some of the more ardent fans remember from her iCarly guest appearances, but who since turning 18 has blessedly turned to sextastic modeling, clothed and deliciously otherwise, and now featured in the seasonal Frederick’s of Hollywood lingerie video.

I’m not sure if it’s her somewhat complicated last name or the fact that she’s rather discerning in her work appearances, but Emily is one of those girls we forget just how much we lust until, blammo, there she is again and we just want to cry like a kid on Christmas overwhelmed by the toy bounty. Enjoy.

Check Out the Video of Emily in Lingerie »

Nina Agdal Lingerie Pictures So Hot You’ll Come Down Your Chimney

Well, it is close to the end of the year, the time we start making wildly inaccurate predictions about the coming annum, and I’d like to go out on a very short limb and declare that Danish lingerie and swimsuit and all-things-good model, Nina Agdal, and her supreme hotness, are going to rank among your top 10, maybe top 5, super bodied silky pimpsters. Just check out Nina’s latest and hottest shoot for Frederick’s of Hollywood and tell me you are not laying eyes upon a body forged in the River of Sextastic somewhere very close to heaven. Even if you don’t know the name by now, remember the body, imprint it upon the gray matter where you store important info like game cheats and rotisserie league stats, for there it will reside ad infinitum. Enjoy.