Frank White

Emily Shaw Topless Strawberries and Creamy Sextastic Perfection

Emily Shaw Licks Strawberries and Cream Off Her Topless Treats
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Can I stand much more of the brilliantly boobtastic Emily Shaw all of your keep sending to us just to make me suffer that much more? Oh, I can stand  it, right to the point of exhaustion.

In her latest guise from a Frank White photoshoot, the bodacious bodied Emily has turned her own body into a serving plate for the traditional brunch treat, strawberries and cream. If you’re not into the British culinary classics, you certainly will be as you imagine licking this plate clean, past clean, to the point of obsessive licking I suppose. Such is the inspiration of Emily Shaw, a woman who has captured our imaginations and toyed with the rest of our reflexive body parts. Just so damn hot. Enjoy.

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Emily Shaw Topless Lingerie Epic Goodness (More More More)

Emily Shaw Hot Topless Shoot in Lingerie for Frank White
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I’m not actually sure I could ever get enough of the crazy hot body of Emily Shaw. I sure would like to test my limits. EgoReader ‘Paw’ uncovered even more Emily Shaw epic topless lingerie photos from her Frank White photoshoot and, well, I’m about ready to test my limits in an entirely different manner.

Every time I see Emily Shaw revealing her perfectly fine curves, I just want to build something, construct some kind of testament to her chest-aments. Something spectacular that will make Emily so proud as she points out to her friends, ‘Hey look what my crazy American stalker did!’. Then I’ll be a happy man. Enjoy.

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Emily Shaw Topless Spectacular Hotness in Jeans for Mammarial Monday

Emily Shaw Topless in Jeans by Frank White
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Can you ever have enough of the uber-sextastic Emily Shaw with cheat puppies so fine, the goddesses on Olympus weep weep with jealous? Well, that’s a loaded question. And I’d say EgoReader ‘Darren’ doesn’t think so as knowing of my own fondness for Emily Shaw, insisted we share more of the amazing Emily as shot by Frank White this time stripping down to jeans in a heavenly light and a devilish reveal.

Emily Shaw makes me feel like I’m twelve years old again and looking at naughty magazines for the first (or fiftieth time). Just the finest of female forms and one ridiculously hot special model. I’m not sure that I can think of a finer way to build speed into a week of skin that by baring Emily Shaw thusly. Just so damn hot! Enjoy.

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Emily Shaw Topless Striptease for Picture Perfect Smiles on Mammarial Mondays

Emily Shaw Topless in Frank White Photoshoot
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Sometimes, I need a good kick in the pants to get me on the straight and narrow. I’m not above taking constructive criticism, as in the letter I received from EgoReader ‘Deron’ who wanted to know why the bollocks there was no sign of ridiculously hot glamour model Emily Shaw anywhere on this Noah’s Ark of the sextastic. I don’t know to be honest. Now I do feel like Noah who merely overlooked the okapis and left everybody wondering just how thorough his two-by-two embarkation process was.

Like all of the better chastisers, Deron sent us a little recent if not entirely epic sample of Emily Shaw in one killer revealing Frank White photoshoot. You may gaze upon Emily’s bodacious boobtastic and fine looks and feel comforted in knowing she’s now fulling on board this ship of the salacious. We’ll be seeing much more of Emily in the future, I assure you. Enjoy.

Alice Goodwin Topless Lingerie Pictures Deliver the Raven-Haired Goods for Ta-Ta-Tuesday

Alice Goodwin Topless in Lingerie for Frank White Photoshoot February 2013
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It’s Tuesday so let’s cut right to the chase, err, the chest of the matter, in this case, the most passion inducing brunette buxom allure of Alice Goodwin, a woman I could easily imagine sailing around the world with, on a tiny craft, a dinghy perhaps, with nothing to save us from withering under the wilting sun save for the sweat produced from our own craven desires and intertwined bodies. If only I knew how to sail, or didn’t get seasick, or could get Alice to agree to come along, or even had a dinghy.

Alas, circumnavigational fantasies involving circumcised hide-and-go-seek might have to be on hold, but they will not be kept down on the farm forever, so long as Alice keeps producing epic hotness as she does in these Frank White photographed lingerie striptease photos. I feel like I can reach right out to these photos and engage in foreplay, though I would recommend fully grounding any electrical plugs before you do so, just a tip from a gentleman shocked in an uncomfortable manner about 20 minutes ago. Enjoy.

Rhian Sugden Topless Pictures Prove That ‘Tickle Me Elmo’ Need Not Be a Criminal Come-On

Rhian Sugden Topless Sleepover Photoshoot with Frank White
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With all the hullabaloo in the news of late about the puppeteer dude who handied and voiced Elmo being a bit lewd and lascivious in his conduct toward not quite legal boys, well, the poor little red fella has gotten quite a bad rap. But I’m here to tell you, hey, quit blaming the puppet. He’s just a vessel for he, and or she, who holds him. And when he’s held by the likes of a very topless and wickedly hot Rhian Sugden in a Frank White photoshoot, well, Sesame Street just got a whole lot more fun.

Now, we can’t necessarily condone the blending of super sextastic glamour models and iconic symbols of childhood, but let’s just say that I’m not kicking the sweet-bodied Rhian Sugden out of my Honeycomb Hideout any time soon.

Rhian has got it going on. Heh heh he, that really does tickle. Enjoy.

Lucy Pinder Topless Lingerie Brings Us One Step Closer to Heaven

Lucy Pinder Topless Frank White Lingerie Photoshoot
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To say we’re deeply in lust with Lucy Pinder, that might be the understatement of the millenium. The brunette vixen from across the pond photographs ridiculously well (not all super hot girls do, mind you) and in the hands of a photographer like Frank White, turns a lingerie striptease pictorial into a piece of art. Well, pieces of art. At least two amazing pieces.

At some point, we need to start recognizing different categories of hotness, echelons of Egotastic!, but for today, we’ll just recognize Lucy Pinder as a girl who has a higher success rate than Viagra in firming up the male constitution. Enjoy.