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Arianny Celeste Holds Her Own in Super Hot Summer Bikini Photos for Fitness Gurls

Well, hello there crazy hot Arianny Celeste. As if the warm weather outside wasn't enough to signal the official start of summer, how about the wicked hot UFC ring girl in a skimpy bikini, and less, for the must-read Fitness Gurls magazine. Talk about fit, Arianny looks absolutely perfect all over. I should know, I've been looking at her all over here for the past twenty minutes in these various must-see bikini photos of the sextastic Latina.

Someday, I'd like to think I could impress Arianny as much as those big strong athletic fighters she gets to see mix it up in the octagon all the time. But, barring that miracle, I'll have to fall back on my ability to beg and whine. That's my mixed martial art really. Arianny, I'd love to help you out next time you go bikini shopping. I hold lots of little bags and never complain. I just smile dumbly. You'll get used to it. Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out Arianny's full pictorial spread in Fitness Gurls magazine.)

Brittney Palmer Wicked Hot and Holding Her Own for Fitness Gurls

Dang, I'm kind of in lust with UFC ring girl extraordinaire Brittney Palmer. It's just about all I can handle to see her and Arianny strutting about with numbers above their heads during MMA matches. But now you take this luscious bodacious blonde and get her into sexy little outfits, or none at all, for Fitness Gurls magazine and suddenly you have a roundhouse kick right to the libido.

Brittney Palmer is one of those girls that makes you feel happy to be a man. I can imagine making many babies with her fit female form. That 9 1/2 weeks thing she's got going on there with the tie in her panties is outright going to be the reproductive death of me. But at least I'll go with a big smile. What else can you ask for? Enjoy.

And, yeah, you're going to want to see the Brttiney Palmer Behind the Scenes video from this photoshoot. I promise you, you have nothing better to do for the next two minutes.

Miesha Tate Sextastic Bikini Pictures Gear Up for Her Rousey Showdown

To say I'm looking forward to the Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey UFC fight at the end of December is an understatement of epic proportions. It's not that I like seeing two hot women punch, kick, and grapple each other into brutal submission. It's that I love that.

Sure, it's pretty sick and twisted if you think about it, so I prefer not to do much thinking. Naturally, I do pray for no busted noses or facial injuries that would take away from the killer allure of both these ladies, with Miesha's crazy hot female form on display in this months Fitness Gurls magazine. Looking at Miesha in her bikini, it's hard not to root for her in so many different and self-serving ways. But, when the time comes, as usual, I will objectively evaluate the two contenders and promptly bet on the loser. Enjoy.

photo credit: Fitness Gurls