Film Production

Amanda Seyfried Continues Her Porn Star Production

Can we really wait to see Nordic princess Amanda Seyfried as the infamous Linda Lovelace, the throat behind Deep Throat, in her eponymous film? That answer is no, we can not wait.

With intended co-star Demi Moore now dropped out of the film due to whipped cream related injuries, Amanda Seyfried and the opportunity to see her getting naughty stands alone as the reason to watch this porn-star bio-pic. Just how naughty Amanda will get remains to be seen, but if it’s anything like the movie that’s been running in my mind since first news of Amanda Seyfried taken over the role of Linda Lovelace, well, quite naughty. Enjoy.

Batman vs. Bane (and Some Anne Hathaway), Production Stills from the Set of The Dark Knight Rises

Um, Spoiler Alert.

Okay, that being said, with more looks at production on the set of The Dark Knight Rises over the weekend, we’re all getting pretty geeked here for next year’s Batman installment from Christopher Nolan, let’s say the expectations are running rather high. After seeing Tom Hardy in Warrior, think he’s going to make one hell of a for the caped crusader. We only wish that Anne Hathaway would do her own motorcycle stunts; still, she fits the Catgirl costume rather perfectly. Enjoy.

Marion Cotillard Caught Topless on Set of ‘Rust and Bones’!



Oh, praise the day when one of our favorite little often overlooked hotties gets caught candidly topless on the film set. Fairly new Oscar-winning MILF-mama Marion Cotillard got untangled just perfectly (for our purposes) in a covered topless scene for the film Rust and Bones and provided some telescopic ogle-awesome with a delicious view of her upstairs funbags. It is everything I’ve dreamed of, and, I’ve been dreaming about it for some time. Share in the joy.

Katrina Bowden Flashes the Luscious Limbs on Set of ‘Nurse 3D’

I must admit being a bit of a late-comer to 30 Rock, which I’m now enjoying on Netflix, formally and briefly known as Qwikster, and, known before that, as a half-way decent company. And, of course, there’s no denying the smile that crosses the entire body when delicious Katrina Bowden makes her skimpy clothed appearances on the show, flashing especially those long, sexy legs, which she does as well in a tight little mini-dress on the set of Nurse 3D.

Now, expecting nudity from Katrina is probably too much dreaming (though, the world is made for dreamers), but some nice butt shots, those sexy legs, maybe some cleavage, and I am in line at the cinema with my drool bucket emptied and ready. Enjoy.

Cleavy Kristen Stewart Continues to Channel ‘Grumpy’ On Set of Snow White

I can’t imagine a more fun job than working with Kristen Stewart on location for several weeks. Coming to work each morning to face a brand new scowl or sneer or despondent look, maybe even a middle finger if you happen to interrupt her smoking breaks. Well, I suppose the upside is those days when the actually hot little overly-serious thespianic flashes some pushed up cleavage, and, God forbid, a half-smile on set. Well, if you’re a hopeless Kristen Stewart ogle-fan like myself, this is some of the best it actually gets. Enjoy.

Rihanna Makes the Irish Springs Spout With Boobtastic Music Video Shoot

We’re double dipping today on Rihanna, jetting her hot self between a concert in Rio and a film shoot in the Emerald Isles for a new music video that will likely be talked about in terms of her music, but for which I can only now focus on her amazingly exhibited racktastic. Honestly, if Rihanna chanted her haftarah portion in that outfit, I’d finally pay attention to some Hebrew on the bema. The Barbadian (nay, Bajan, see people of Barbados, I’m learning) just keeps getting hotter and hotter, consuming larger and larger segments of the libido region of my brain, like a sextastic Panzer division plowing across my grey matter without much resistance. Rihanna is unstoppably hot. And with those chest puppies barking like that, I really don’t mind surrendering. Enjoy.

Anne Hathaway Portrays the Pretty Pussy as Catwoman on Set of The Dark Knight Rises

SPOILER ALERT. (Since when has a spoiler alert ever actually saved a spoiler?)

I am super geek-time, hot Anne Hathaway in skin tight Catwoman suit pumped about The Dark Knight Rises, which from the looks of the production shots we’ve been seeing the past couple of months, and Anne Hathaway’s tight beautiful booty-ful we’ve been tracking since it first came on scene, has all the makings of a DC comic book classic

Take a look at these candids from the set of the latest Batman flick from over the weekend, shooting in downtown L.A., and ask yourself, why does Anne Hathaway spend so much time revving that Batblade? Huh. Enjoy.