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Brittany Oldehoff Hot Models Her Way Into Our Hearts and Loins

Talk about making an entrance. Brittany Oldehoff enters the Egotastic! arena fresh off appearances on a bunch of fashion reality shows and, more importantly, a spread in FHM Spain that will pop your eyes out, and you'll say thank you.

Something about black lingerie, naughty style, and a girl with a perfect Cheshire grin that puts a man's blood to the boil. Whatever it is precisely that makes a woman appealing to a man (and Sapphic leaning women), Brittany Oldehoff has it in droves. Enjoy.

Beth Humphreys Braless Pictures Deliver Extreme Heat in South African FHM

While I was pretty sure we had fallen head over heels in lust with Britty hottie, Beth Humphreys, I'm now fully convinced of a deep and unwavering desire to make many babies and popular our own planet together with Beth after seeing her brief, but unforgettable posing in a pictorial for this month's FHM magazine South Africa. Wow.

I guess you could chalk it up to the fact that super sextastic women posing on all fours with their rumps up in the air and their sweet faptastic funbags dangling beneath their fine form is always a winner. But with some of the finer looking ladies, we go from winning to yearning and well beyond into catatonic states of fantasizing. A happy place where I am now, with Beth, asking her to please never change positions. Enjoy.

Helen Flanagan Flashes Her Sweet Deep Cleavage for FHM

Former Coronation Street soapy star, the fiendishly boobtastic Helen Flanagan has made her away off the telly and onto the pages of February's FHM magazine where she shows why she's led more men to electrical shock by way of direct monitor fapitation contact than just about any other Brit in the past couple of years.

How can you not have lust in your heart, and other various and related organs, when you're face to face with one of the superior racks this side of fantasyland? Helen Flanagan brings the puppies out to play almost each and every time we see her. Bless you for that, Ms. Flanagan. Enjoy.

(For a full accounting of Helen Flanagan in FHM, check out the Helen Flanagan covergirl page.)

Keeley Hazell Saying Goodbye to Modeling (Yet Again) in FHM Bikini Pictures

I don't know exactly what to believe anymore with Keeley Hazell. This is some kind of emotional trampoline though, with her seeming come back to modeling, now FHM running a series about Keeley committed only to acting and being done with modeling. How much up and down can one man take (especially thinking about Keeley going up and down, it's too much!)

We are men. We  are not toys. When we prick our fingers, do we not bleed? When we finger our pricks, do we not... well, you get the idea. We need constant. And we constantly want to see Keeley Hazell without clothes on, so this latest and greatest announcement best not be the final say.

Take a look at these 'goodbye bikini' pictures from Keeley in FHM and see if you don't start sobbing a bit yourself. Enjoy.

For the complete look at the return of Keeley Hazell to glorious glamor modeling, check out FHM.com

Paula Prendes May Be the Hottest TV Star You’ve Never Heard Of

Unless you're from the Iberian peninsula, there's a decent chance you've not seen or heard of Paula Prendes before, and that's a shame. But every country has got them -- super wicked hot TV show hostesses who knock the local boys socks off, and, in Spain, that is Paula Prendes.

Featured in this month's FHM Spain, the bouncy flouncy and all-around boobtastic hottie looks all kinds of lust inducing in some lingerie that barely contains her bodacious body. Yes, you've never heard of Paula Prendes before, but I guarantee you, now you'll never forget her. Such is the power of the sextastic. Enjoy.

See Paula Prendes in Cleavy Action on TV »

Brittney Palmer Covered Topless in FHM for the 99.9% of You Who Love Super Hot Ring Girls

Yesterday, we saw the amazing behind the scenes of this smoking hot Brittney Palmer shoot for FHM magazine, now check out the results of all that hard-bodied work.

We're not in the position to start ranking our favorite UFC Rings Girls, it'd be like deciding which child you love the most (which I know you parents are actually doing, and just keeping a secret, although I heard my dad's secret one drunken evening, and I was ranked near the bottom of the brood), but we will say that Brittney Palmer is a girl we can not stop dreaming of walking in heels around our bed with a sign that reads, 'Round 3' as we beg for a ten minute refractory break from our sweaty love making. Enjoy.

(If you missed the Brittney Palmer FHM video, check it out now, seriously, right the fuck now.)

Brittney Palmer Crazy Sexy Behind the Scenes of Her FHM Photoshoot

Wow, UFC Ring Girl Brittney Palmer comes up big and strong and sexy and crazy hot in this look behind the scenes of her current FHM magazine photoshoot.

We're already long-time fascinated and head-over-heels in lust with Brittney Palmer, in good measure because of her Playboy pictorial earlier this year where she finally took it all off (click here to join PlayboyPlus to see the full birthday suit photos of Brittney among other nekkid niceties) but now we're about to go overboard, way overboard, with infatuation after viewing Brittney in candid form at the production of her photoshoot. Some girls are just crazy  hot. Brittney Palmer is some of those girls.

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