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Melissa Cunningham Uber Udder Hotness in FHM

If you’re not familiar with Britty model Melissa Cunningham as of yet, prepare to become familiar. Very familiar. Her pictorial in the recent FHM magazine is blowing minds (and other things) across the Western Hemisphere. Without technically showing an inch of R-rated skin, Melissa and her barely covered topless photos are striking some poses that will linger in your memory chips for some time to come. Simply just wicked wicked hot.

Now, far be it from me to ever suggest a move toward less than nekkid photos, but if you’ve got some limits, here’s the way to push the boundaries in a truly sextastic manner. Good on you, Melissa.

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Kaley Cuoco Sextastic Boudoir Hotness in FHM

How’d you feel about a little Kaley Cuoco half-dressed in your bedroom from time to time. Like, daily. Hourly. On every hour. I’m still trying to put my feelings on the matter into words. Often hard to do that with such surreal dreams. And not helped by seeing Kaley Cuoco looking all kinds of sextastic in this month’s FHM magazine.

I wouldn’t say Kaley Cuoco is an underrated hottie, but I would say like many TV stars, it’s easy from time to time to forget just how badly you wanted to scrub her down in the shower when first you feasted eyes upon her. Maybe we are taking her for granted. Well, no longer. At least not for the next five minutes or so. Enjoy.

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Jessica Bueno Is Muy Bueno y Caliente in FHM Spain

If your name is Bueno, there are going to be certain expectations of you and model and former Miss Seville, Jessica Bueno, stands, err, sits and delivers in this months FHM Spain.

Now, you know I have a certain fondness for the Spanish ladies. Sadly, I have yet to feel the joy of reciprocation, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to keep trying. A thousand ‘no’s’ to get a ‘si’ is my motto. And with Jessica Bueno looking so muy sextastica, I might just never stop asking. Enjoy.

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Nabillia Benattia Swimsuit Sextastic for FHM

Oh, happy days when our favorite French reality star and boobtastic supreme Nabilla Benattia takes to a skimpy bathing suit, or not much suit at all, for an outstanding FHM France photoshoot. This Swiss girl turned Frenchy TV star has nothing if not one of the most spectacular bodies on the other side of the pond.

While we are not fans in any way shape or form of craptastic reality television, we are mighty big fans of the shape and form of Nabilla Benattia who simply continues to impress. Enjoy.

Kelly Brook Curvy Fine and Wonderful for FHM

Even just hearing the name Kelly Brook gives me tingles up and down my central nervous system, like a child’s awakening on Christmas morning the moment before they race into a room full of toys. I suppose it’s because I do so adore the toys on Kelly Brook. Such round and bouncy fun time distractions.

Featured in the current edition of FHM Turkey, Kelly shows exactly how hot a curvaceous woman can appear in form fitting clothing, at least when the form is damn near perfect to begin with. Kelly Brook makes me want to have more fingers. And use them to light even more candles in prayer of ever getting fifteen minutes alone with her to use those extra digits for a much more incendiary purpose. Enjoy.

Lacey Banghard Barely Dressed and Banana Sucking in FHM

Shocked. Shocked am I to see the belusted Lacey Banghard in clothing.

Well, it’s not much clothing, and she’s hot as hell in this delicious FHM magazine spread, but it’s still an unusual sight. Having said that, I’m willing to concede that some tease factor with the itty bits of clothes and hand-bras and that banana sucking can be every bit as passion inducing as Lacey’s straight up topless pictures.

Shit, I think I might be evolving into a more mature man. Nah, it’s probably just gas. Enjoy.

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Charlie Webster Lingerie Hotness Might Give Female Sports Reporters An Awesome Name

I know that the gender debating folks always must discuss whether or not when a hot woman in a profession appears in a racy pictorial it demeans her professional accomplishments. I think it’s great that those folks have the time and energy and passion to argue back and forth. Being a really busy simpleton is more the life I’d recommend. You’re too busy to get into such profound arguments, and even if you had the time, you wouldn’t really understand them. No, your role in this world is just to look at the racy pictorials of girls like SkySports reporter Charlie Webster, who is causing quite a stir in the Old Country as she takes off most of her clothes for this sextastic display in her home country’s FHM magazine.

Now, there will be those who must say that Charlie will have a hard time ever being accepted again as a serious sports journalist after appearing in an sextastic lingerie spread. I don’t know about that. I feel like I take her even more seriously. I once had sex with a dental hygienist and when she reminded me too brush after every meal, I don’t recall yelling back at her, ‘Oh, come on, you just slapped me in the face and called me a naughty daddy, and now I’m supposed to listen to your oral hygiene advice?’ That’d be a strange thing to yell aloud really. And, more to the point, the kind of men who don’t take women seriously don’t take them seriously whether dressed or not. I speak for the men who can earnestly say to hot female sports broadcasts, ‘Take your clothes off and I will respect you even more.’ Enjoy.

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