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Margot Robbie Takes You Down Under and Into Her Hot Place

Editor's Note: some or all of the media previously associated with this story have been removed.

Margot Robbie is the latest and ogle-worthy greatest thespianic to appear in the delightfully staged boudoir stage of the Esquire magazine 'Me in My Place' pictorial feature, and, yes, we'd lust to fluff Margot's pillows, if you know what I'm saying. The sexy former Neighbours soap star from Down Under, and current Pan Am cast member flashes the fundamentals of every leer-able luscious celebrity, the body, the butt, the smile, and the bedroom fashions.

All the building blocks are there; like an erector set, very much so. Enjoy.

Joanna Krupa Wicked Hot, Half-Dressed, and Bendable In Her Place

(Editor's Note: parts or all of the media originally contained in this post have been removed.)


Dayum. As if we didn't have enough growing pains as a direct result of the faptastic delight that is known as Joanna Krupa, the Windy City polski hottie who just seems to outdo herself with each and every appearance.

Today is no different.

The good and decent hot-woman adoring folks at Esquire have once again pulled off a pictorial mini-masterpiece by combining the excellence in eye-candy known as Joanna Krupa, with their sensational feature, 'Me in My Place', wherein sexy celebrities get snapped in what is supposed to be their living quarters, though clearly not, but that's all kind of irrelevant because they get all undressed and bend and lay across the boudoir furnishings like we always imagine they must in the privacy of their own homes. Because, let's be real, if you looked like Joanna Krupa, you too would spend a lot of time in your panties bending and stretching in front of the mirror.

Personally, I'd never leave the bathtub, but that's another matter entirely. Enjoy.

Ari Graynor Takes You Into Her Place (We May Never Come Out)

(Editor's Note: all or parts of the media originally contained in this post have been removed. )

I must admit, we've yet to see The Sitter, like most people it seems, but we were kind of looking forward to see delicious little blonde Ari Graynor playing the vixen role in the film.

As a nice consolation prize, a very nice one indeed, we instead get to ogle the TV and film actress in her place, via our very favorite Esquire recurring feature, 'Me In My Place', delighting us with dainty and not so dainty boudour views of Ari in very little bits of bedroom clothing.

Now, if they just showed us that Ari had a large flat screen TV mounted to her wall, we'd be prepared to call this the perfect boudoir. Enjoy.

Elle Basey Topless Pictures For the Most Faptastic Footwear Shots Ever


Do you love ridiculously hot young British glamour girls modeling footwear by way of boobtastic displays? Of course you do.

Imagine our delight when we snuck a peek at the amazingly hot bodied Elle Basey sneaker pimping all kinds of topless in Esquire U.K.  Personally, my first thought was, this doesn't look at all like Mildred, the kindly lady who addresses my pedestrian needs at Payless Shoes. (Then again, can Elle Basey work me a discount for two pairs of Crocs for $24? Doubt it.) Whatever the backstory is on these photos, we highly endorse pimping by way of topless hotness; nothing ever sells worse because a sextastic celebrity is flashing skin to promote it. I guarantee. Enjoy.

Ashley Greene Utterly Simply Sexy on the Pages of Esquire Mexico

Well, word is out from the tween girls and their cried-when-Oprah-went-off-the-air moms that Twilight Breaking Dawn was just the bestest ever movie ever. But, inside sources with a male brain, those of you who are privately confessing to Egotastic! that you were made to go see this film, are reporting experiences ranging from the 'intensely dull' to 'utterly painful' right up the excruciating ladder to 'rather have my sack dropped in the fish fry pot than sit through this again.' Well, the latter comment certainly sounds like the makings of some rotten tomatoes, but we must remind ourselves of the goodness, sweetness, and hotness that has arisen from this series of shlockable unwatchables, not the least of which is the introduction of the uber-hot Ashley Greene, who were it not for this sugar-coated serial for dreamy girls, we might never have nearly the opportunity to ogle mightily.

In the current edition of Esquire Mexico, the Twilight actress and inducer of the deep lust goes old-school straight up sexy with a variety of poses and looks that only the really hot can get away with. And make no mistakes, Ashley Greene is smoking hot. Quietly epic. Enjoy.

Melanie Sykes Gets Hot, Bothered, and (Covered) Topless in Esquire

We can't let our friends from across the pond down by not exhibiting celebrity TV presenter and all-around veteran hottie, Melanie Sykes, in her almost kind of nekkid wanktastic photoshoot for the December edition of Esquire magazine. The 41-year old multi-tasking boob tube hostess of a million and one shows flashes every bit of her hot MILF frame and sextastic appeal in this quite memorable mini-pictorial where we men once again sadly realize that if we were of the fairer sex, we could fondle boobs morning, noon, and night without being slapped, arrested, or even having to buy dinner first. It really does seem like the brass ring. Enjoy.

Lake Bell Takes You Into Her Special Place And It Is Amazing

Editor's Note: some or all of the media previously associated with this story have been removed.

Banging bodies. Oh yeah, we got your banging bodies.

The savagely sweet body of Lake Bell, on display once more in recent episodes of How To Make It in America, is now making it on the pages of Esquire in our feature fave, 'Me in My Place', where the tall, lean, sextastic actress gets to pimp out her boudoir assets for gentleman oglers everywhere. I know there is some mixed feelings about Lake Bell hotness out there among our Ego community, but there is nothing but unanimous applause every time this woman strips down to her skivvies and starts bending and flexing. Simply outstanding. Enjoy.