Kim Kardashian Sextastic Swimming Wetness in Esquire Mexico

We saw a couple of the behind the scenes shots earlier this week, now, behold the pretty damn magnificence of the actual pictorial of Kim Kardashian swimsuit photos in Esquire Mexico.

Before you ask, Kim has no real affinity for Mexico, other than the truckload of pesos she gets paid for photoshoots, but giving credit where it is due, Kim does look pretty damn hot once more in this pictorial. We want to snub her, but we can’t stop ogling her. When her mouth is closed and most of her clothes are off, Kim is just a very alluring creature. Enjoy.


Rihanna Sexes Up the Cover of Esquire Magazine

Two things have been established about Rihanna: first, she loves to flash her body wherever, whenever, however; second, I’m pretty much infatuated with the fact that she loves to flash her body. To share her outer soul, the one we care about most. It’s the greatest gift.

The Bajan diva appears in this month’s Esquire magazine once more forced by strange and perverse societal customs to cover her chest, but, nevertheless, still quite hot, and you know she wishes she could show more. If there’s any celebrity who’s displayed more square inches of skin in the past year, I’m not sure who it is. Enjoy.

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Kim Kardashian Revamps Her Public Image the Only Way She Can — a Sextastic Photoshoot for Esquire (VIDEO)

Okay, we must give credit where it’s due, and when the supercilious, money-grubbing, unrighteously indignant Kim Kardashian is able to focus all of her pimping energies in the direction of simply being kind of quiet and looking hot, she can do that pretty damn well. I mean, there is a reason she makes herself a fortune and it’s not because she’s hard to look at.

In this month’s Esquire magazine Latin America issue, Kim Kardashian shakes her various moneymakers for the cameras and just this sneak peek behind the photoshoot is enough to let you know that whatever IQ points the girl was denied in life clearly went into other assets with an even higher financial return. Enjoy.

Irina Shayk Brings a Shake-Ful of Hot-Bodied Sextastic to Esquire

Holy Mother of Hotness.

Irina Shayk has been one of the most reliable deliverers of celebrity sexy in the past couple of years since arriving on the major league supermodel circuit courtesy of some sports star dating and one numbingly sweet body. In this month’s Esquire magazine, Irina shimmies down to her skivvies and exhibits some unforgettable views of her jaw-dropping, sultry looks. It’s like peeking at a glimpse of hottie heaven, where all girls run around giggling in nothing but small sheets barely covering their tantalizing parts. At least, that’s how I like to think of it. Enjoy.


Margot Robbie Takes You Down Under and Into Her Hot Place

Editor’s Note: some or all of the media previously associated with this story have been removed.

Margot Robbie is the latest and ogle-worthy greatest thespianic to appear in the delightfully staged boudoir stage of the Esquire magazine ‘Me in My Place’ pictorial feature, and, yes, we’d lust to fluff Margot’s pillows, if you know what I’m saying. The sexy former Neighbours soap star from Down Under, and current Pan Am cast member flashes the fundamentals of every leer-able luscious celebrity, the body, the butt, the smile, and the bedroom fashions.

All the building blocks are there; like an erector set, very much so. Enjoy.

Joanna Krupa Wicked Hot, Half-Dressed, and Bendable In Her Place

(Editor’s Note: parts or all of the media originally contained in this post have been removed.)


Dayum. As if we didn’t have enough growing pains as a direct result of the faptastic delight that is known as Joanna Krupa, the Windy City polski hottie who just seems to outdo herself with each and every appearance.

Today is no different.

The good and decent hot-woman adoring folks at Esquire have once again pulled off a pictorial mini-masterpiece by combining the excellence in eye-candy known as Joanna Krupa, with their sensational feature, ‘Me in My Place’, wherein sexy celebrities get snapped in what is supposed to be their living quarters, though clearly not, but that’s all kind of irrelevant because they get all undressed and bend and lay across the boudoir furnishings like we always imagine they must in the privacy of their own homes. Because, let’s be real, if you looked like Joanna Krupa, you too would spend a lot of time in your panties bending and stretching in front of the mirror.

Personally, I’d never leave the bathtub, but that’s another matter entirely. Enjoy.

Ari Graynor Takes You Into Her Place (We May Never Come Out)

(Editor’s Note: all or parts of the media originally contained in this post have been removed. )

I must admit, we’ve yet to see The Sitter, like most people it seems, but we were kind of looking forward to see delicious little blonde Ari Graynor playing the vixen role in the film.

As a nice consolation prize, a very nice one indeed, we instead get to ogle the TV and film actress in her place, via our very favorite Esquire recurring feature, ‘Me In My Place’, delighting us with dainty and not so dainty boudour views of Ari in very little bits of bedroom clothing.

Now, if they just showed us that Ari had a large flat screen TV mounted to her wall, we’d be prepared to call this the perfect boudoir. Enjoy.