Nina Agdal Bikinis on a Yacht With Topless Cohorts Shooting ‘Entourage’ Movie

Nina Agdal Bikinis with a Co-Star and Gets Topless Filming Entourage on a Yacht
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I’m not exactly sure how cinematically sound this Entourage movie is going to be, but suffice it to say, it’s going to be chock full of tons of hotties, bikini, topless, otherwise.

Nina Agdal has been filming on set the past few days in a bikini, which is probably a really good sign. It could have been a great sign but she did not appear to be one of the topless bikini girls on the yacht in the scene with the boys filmed over the weekend in Miami. We shall ultimately see who does and does not bare breasts in this obviously R-rated future feature film. One can hold out hope for Nina and others of her ilk. I’m sure whoever is chosen to bare wares will be no slackers. I give this project a very early thumbs up. Enjoy.

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The Entourage Movie and the Movies Within Entourage

Incase you haven’t heard yet, Warner Bros announced that they have given the green light to the Entourage movie, which means that Vinny and the boys are back, whether you like it or not. Doug Ellin, the show creator, will write and direct the film, with expectations that the main cast will sign on shortly.

The eighth and final season ended with a cliffhanger and possibly a prelude into the film, as the credits rolled with Ari contemplating retirement and an offer to become the chairman and CEO of Time Warner. Will he take the job? Is Vince really getting married? Will we finally see Sloan naked? Will Turtle start wearing hats again? If these are the questions you’re asking, you need to find a hobby. You also have to wait to find out because no details have been revealed about the film.

So until that time comes, let’s take a look back on The Movies Within Entourage: