Emma Watson

Emma Watson Wet Haired and White Hot in Elle

I’m trying to think of somebody who transforms as wonderfully as Emma Watson for magazine pictorials. Certainly, she’s a confidently hot young actress offline, but when she hits the pages of fashion magazines with the whole shebang, something one level higher just exudes from every pixel. She’s just so damn hot. Like a real bit of magic.

Featured in the coming month’s Elle U.K. magazine, Emma shows exactly why everybody and anybody wants to have her sextastic presence modeling in their periodicals. She is an eye stopped of the highest level. Obviously, I’d love to see her in even less, but I’m afraid to offend the gods by asking for too much. So I’ll just imagine that part myself. I’m quite experienced in such matters. Enjoy.

Emma Watson Wicked White Hot at Noah Premiere in London

Well, I think I just figured out who’s going in my boat when it comes time to pick a woman to repopulate the planet with post-flood. Emma Watson. Just so hot.

Emma looked ridiculously amazing as a woman can while fully dressed on the red carpet of the Noah premiere last night in London. Her white slit dress showing off her legs and figure and making Hermione look all decked out and grown up and ready to climb aboard my ark for our important be fruitful and multiple mission. Even the animals will be made nervous by of our primal procreative screams. I care not. Nor am I ever going to release the dove to check for dried land. I’ll just keep sailing with Emma. Damn she looks so fine. Enjoy.

Emma Watson Is So Grown Up I Want to Cry

Oh, Hermione, how the years fly by watching you, appropriately and from a distance, go from awkward teen ingenue, to less appropriately, Emma Watson, the grown model actress 20-something in various ladies magazines I routinely pilfer from the hair salon.

Emma’s latest and greatest beauty portraiture can be seen in the new edition of Elle magazine, which is the U.S. version so no nekkid fun bits, but still all Emma hotness. She really is a vision of hotness. Someday, soon, she will shun these material objects known as clothes and do a proper sitting, and, on that day, my head will freaking explode. Still, I’d do that deal. C’mon, Emma. Enjoy.

Emma Watson Hot and Bothered in Wonderland Magazine

Emma Watson really knows how to turn on the sextastic spigot at the right time. Or the paid time I suppose. When she’s on duty, the little British minx goes from casual college girl to ogle-worthy starlet with the flip of a switch. I suppose that switch actually takes a while to flip with hair and makeup and lighting and whatnot, but it’s definitely on in her new pictorial for Wonderland magazine.

While we’ve long hoped for less glamour and more nekkidness from Hermione, I’m not sure that will ever really come to pass. But, there is a reason candles were invented, for hoping with a little extra flare. To see Emma Watson showing off her full effects would be amazing. For now, we just imagine, and yearn. Oh, how we yearn. Enjoy.

Emma Watson Deliver Simply Sextastic Gravity

We haven’t seen the faptastic Emma Watson in some time now, so quite the uplifting surprise to see Hermione looking rather stellar in white on the red carpet for the New York premiere of Gravity. Lots of Emma Watson oglers were outraged a couple years ago now when Emma chopped off her long locks and made a play for being too important to be a classic big screen sex symbol, but she’s managed somehow to make it all work.

As we’ve said many times, you can’t cage the sextastic, it’s not something that can be bottled or contained, it finds its way out, as it did last night with Emma in New York. She can look so damn amazing, even if she doesn’t want to. I suppose there’s something poetic in that. Enjoy.

Emma Watson Dolls Up Something Booty Sweet for ‘Bling Ring’ at Cannes

Emma Watson really has become a show stealer at big events. Forget the cute Hermione, this is all grown up Emma Watson, a young woman booty flashing, red carpet winning, and promoting the shizz out of her all grown up movie, Bling Ring, at the Cannes Film Festival. And, yes, that is Emma Watson booty.

As you know, I’m boycotting the Cannes Film Festival until the City of Cannes retracts their obscenely uncalled for charges against my obscene public behavior. Or, until I get an invite to the Festival, whichever comes first. But one thing I shall never protest is the lust of all things Emma Watson, who continues to grow into a fully blossomed, sextastic leading lady. Enjoy.

Emma Watson All Grown Up and Ready to She-Dazzle in W

Emma Watson sure did grow up fast. I feel like I’ve been watching her closely ever since, well, ever since it wasn’t really socially correct to admit to such a following. But at some point over the past year or so she started doing all this grown up modeling and posing and styling and while it’s clearly way too much clothing involved, it’s really pretty damn hot.

Her latest foray into the grown up world of modeling features a highly done up Emma Watson in W magazine. Evoking all sorts of images of glamorous ladies of the past, not to mention a future fifteen minutes of fun I’d love to experience with Emma. Granted, ten of those minutes would be spent trying to undo her fancy frock, but five minutes is more than enough time to repeat the phrase ‘Oh, Emma, I’ve wanted you too for so long.’ Enjoy.