Emma Stone

Emma Stone Flashes Midriff For Demure But Alluring Interview

Emma Stone isn’t exactly your exhibitionist gold medalist. She’s a more demure ginger hottie who prefers to share bits and pieces of her super fine self, less obvious, more demure, and I’ll leave it for you to decide how that plays out in terms of carnal allure.

Featured in the new edition of Interview magazine, Emma bares a little boudoir tummy and some hints of skin, or at least how she might be at home before she make mention of some heavy book you’re reading, the recent arthouse flick that made your think, and how much you’d really appreciate if she got completely nekkid and started making kitty cat sounds. Why not let your imagination run wild. This is Egotastic! You’re supposed to dream here. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Interview Magazine

Emma Stone See-Through and a Busty Hot Sylvie Meis at The Independent Spirit Awards

The Independent Spirit Awards always take place the day before the Oscars to serve as a gentle reminder that Hollywood actually makes some good films as well, even though they tend to make a lot less money. Nevertheless, they still bring out the bevy of decked out hotties pimping their films or just trying to tie themselves to the indie filmmaking world, despite the completely meaningless distinction of that title these days.

Emma Stone in a see-through type dress makes everything okay. As does Sylvie Meis flashing serious chesty goodness. You throw in Emmy Awesome and Scarlett Johansson and Oliva Munn and it’s an outright party for the ogling eyeballs. Okay, still a bit pretentious, but I find that part of the appeal. I’m not afraid of a woman who fakes it. In fact, I highly encourage that. It’s helps me to feel proud of myself. Also, to make sure I’m good to go when the ball game starts. Bless all of your ridiculously hot women for dolling up and strutting the carpet. You made my weekend. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Emma Stone In “Cabaret” Lingerie Hotness And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Check out these sexy pics of Emma Stone in lingerie for “Cabaret”. (Drunken Stepfather)

Say what you want about Lance Armstrong, his girlfriend Anna Hansen is hot. (TMZ)

Selena Gomez is cleavtastic in a blue dress going to the Jimmy Kimmel show. (Hollywood Tuna)

Georgia Fowler in a bikini is just what you need today. (Popoholic)

Britney Spears looks 2002 amazing in a crop top shirt. (The Superficial)

Courtney Stodden, her boobs, and her dogs went out on the town. (Dlisted)

Kerry Washington shows off now makeup and big cleav for Allure Magazine. (Huffington Post)

Emma Stone Deep Chesty Showoff for Birdman Premiere

Emma Stone went into the closet of show-off dresses for the Venice Film Festival premiere of Birdman and came out with a dress that showed off about as much cleavage as the petite chested thespianic could provide. I more than admire the effort, the outfit, and the chest goodness of the movie making hottie.

Emma Stone doesn’t go for the high profile public appearances or demanding the cameras be on her every move or even exhibiting much skin in public for that matter. Fancy film festivals are a great chance to see her baring her wares on the few occasions she does and reminding us why we fell in lust with her for the first time. Such a beautiful young thing. Now then, I do believe it’s time for a topless role. If I may be so bold as to provide career advice. Enjoy.

Emma Stone Granny Panty Lines Can’t Hide Her Purple Goodness on Set of Spider-Man 2

Well, I did spend much of my formative years wondering why my own grandma couldn’t seem to get those lines out of the keester side of her rugged older lady slacks, and I suppose I’m wondering how on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, wardrobe saw fit to dress the minxy Emma Stone in a underwear line revealing outfit that while teasy in its short skirtedness, kind of loses appeal with the granny panties reveal.

Still, Egotastic! is nothing if not resilient in the inevitable procession to naughty fantasies, including some of Emma as Gwen Stacy on the set of the Marvel comic. Short skirts and hose still turn their trick on the soft mushy minds of single-purposed males. Throw in the purple so you never lose your object d’ lust in a crowd, and you have the makings of a very sticky, entangling situation. Enjoy.

Emma Stone Drops a Little Look-At-Me-Emma in W Magazine

Laugh all you want, as the middle school kids who bully me outside my pied-à-terre each middle of the month as I reach for my stack of freshly delivered women’s magazines, but I will have the last laugh as many of these periodicals are rife with the low hanging fruit pluckings of some of the hottest women in Tinsel Town (not to mention fragrance samplers!).

Take for instance W magazine, in which certain months the W stands for ‘wow’, as in, wow, Emma Stone sure looks like a girl who I’d let be my girlfriend in the current edition of the magazine, So maybe I’m fantasizing too much about me and Emma making out heartily on the Jumbotron between innings at the ball game (not to mention what we end up doing in the stairwell behind Section 31 when nobody is watching), but Emma just strikes me as the hot girl next door who you’d really like to help with her homework, if her homework were human anatomy and the exploration thereof. Enjoy.

Emma Stone Sex Tape Could Be The Biggest Film of 2013?

Our friends at RadarOnline are reporting the existence of an Emma Stone sex tape, from a time before she was a well-known Hollywood hottie, and just a rambunctious younger woman with an adventurous and filming type young boyfriend.

While there are several, complicated steps between the existence of a sex tape and the actual public viewing of such an erotic cinematic venture, you can’t get to Z without starting with A, or Easy A you might say, so this news has us more than excited for what may come in 2013.