Emily Blunt

Pregnant Emily Blunt Is Hot Enough To Knock Up All Over Again

Yes, I know. At some point I need to get control over my preggo fetish, along with a couple thousand other little odd drivers of my personal passion. But not today. Today I’m going to check out a bulging Emily Blunt, one underrated formerly hard-bodied hottie thespianic now curving out with new life.

Emily has continued her workout routines all throughout her pregnancy, and she’s not been covering herself in flowing shapeless gowns either. It’s form fitting outfits for Emily who already has me thinking about how I might be the baby daddy of the next little critter conception. I’m not interested in raising a child, but the promise of the procreative act with a girl like Emily does provide me insight as to how the human species has thrived for so long now. Enjoy.

Emily Blunt Preggo Bikini Pictures from Hawaii and Grown in the Sun

Oh, underrated hottie Emily Blunt, don’t think I’m going to stop drooling over you because you’re half way to MILFland. I know some of you cower from the site of the pregnant ladies swelling up in their bikinis, while I run toward them like a moth to the flame. So swollen with life, not to mention nourishment in the chestal area.

I don’t think I shall ever not find pregnant women glowing, or in great need of a personal massage, likely with tropical smelling oils that ultimately form a greasy, slippery mess. Emily, I stand at the ready to make such a mess with you. When your husband tires of your complaints, I’ll be there for you, heating oils now to 100-degrees. Enjoy.

Emily Blunt Booty in Jeans Ever So Fine

Britty thespianic Emily Blunt really deserves more attention. She’s ever hot in her film roles, but doesn’t seem to get much lovin’ when off the silver screen. Personally, we love to see Emily coming in and out of gyms, working out, and other sweaty ways she gets her booty in shape to display it in a tight pair of jeans, ever so perfectly on her little toned rump. Now, it’s quite rude to stare at a lady’s arse from behind, but, we’re generally rude when it comes to must-see’s, and there are certain gentlemanly waivers, like in the case of a girl in tight jeans.

I could, and am, going to peek at Emily’s backside for a little while now. If she’d like to come and slap me, just be forewarned, Emily, I will love that too. Enjoy.

Gillian Anderson Cleavage and Emily Blunt Hotness Highlight Treats at Women of the Year Awards

Sadly, another year passes without me winning a Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year Award. I gave up on the male categories for accolades years ago when I realized that I was so super manly, that I had completely circumnavigated the circle of gender and might find myself up for some chick honorariums. Maybe next year.

As for this year, the awards in London were still well-worth attending, if just for the sight of two delightful views in the form of Gillian Anderson flashing a good bit of cleave on the red carpet (we will never stop dreaming of Gillian Anderson) and the underrated Emily Blunt, who was pretty damn amazing in Looper and even more amazing when dolled up for the big lights on big nights. I’m not exactly sure how Harper’s Bazaar votes on such awards, but I’m guessing it must have something to do with surveying men about secret faptastic favorites, because Gillian and Emily make many a man’s list in that regard. Enjoy.

Emily Blunt Super Tight For Looper Night in Toronto

We are geeked to the nth degree to see the upcoming time-traveling film Looper  from filmmaker Rian Johnson, but we love chicks more than even fanboy films, so we could not take our leering peepers off of Emily Blunt at the Looper premiere in Toronto in just one skin tight dress, pushing even her slender frame into some level of curvetastic. We already lust Emily Blunt in her usual casual dress down, but get her into a body hugging dress that we can easily imagine peeling off her body like an orange and we can already taste the juicy flesh reward.

Emily Blunt, vastly underrated bit of Hollywood hotness. Enjoy.

Emily Blunt Camel-Toe-A-Licous Leaving Gym in Tight Workout Gear

Emily Blunt doesn’t get nearly the attention she deserves for her hot looks and her highly maintained hard body.

And her vagina doesn’t get nearly the attention it deserves either. Emily Blunt has become one of the Hollywood mistresses of the stretch pants in the past couple of years, the skin tight crotch grabbers that inevitably lead a camel to water, and definitely make it drink. While I’m sure John Krasinski is giving the pet beave plenty of newlywed type attention, it certainly deserves some more public recognition for peeking it’s nose out in public. Enjoy.

Emily Blunt Spandex Stairs Workout Makes Our Hearts Pound and Our Palms Sweaty

Emily Blunt was running the stairs yesterday in a grueling workout on the campus of UCLA, where she seemed to shatter my own record of 3 stairs and 3 beers by about a thousand fold in the stairs department. The hot brunette thespianic was all sweet and sweaty in her tight workout gear working her even tighter body in what is absolutely a grueling workout. Don’t say Emily Blunt isn’t working hard for that body.

Her trainer also was barking out orders for her to run the track, bend, stretch, and basically do everything we were mumbling softly to ourselves from behind our camera lenses. Like magic. Enjoy.