Elle magazine Posts:

Candice Swanepoel Hot and Sweaty Behind the Scenes of Her Elle Photoshoot

There are few women we lust in this world more than the South African model-princess Candice Swanepoel, who in lingerie or swimsuits or fashions, or better yet, out of all of them, just continues to develop new ways to make herself hotter and hotter.

Case in point, Candice's photoshoot for Elle Brazil, a magazine not normally known for guy friendly photos, but you get an ogle behind the scenes of the photoshoot and suddenly you have Candice looking all kinds of wicked hot and making you wish you were her lowly towel boy, responsible for dabbing any of the moist spots should they appear from her work in tropic environs. Honestly, I wouldn't even use a towel to perform such dabbing, I'd use my... well, you can guess. And, enjoy.

Bar Refaeli Covered Topless and Bare-Arse Beach Photoshoot Might Just Crack Your Coconuts

Sometimes I look at Bar Refaeli and think she can't possibly be real, then I look at Bar Refaeli almost entirely nekkid and I know she's not real. How can so much hotness be actually contained in one human body? More like a magical nymph perhaps, only existing in the minds of hopeful oglers everywhere.

In the July edition of Elle France, Bar goes where everyman has gone before imagining her, that is, minus her clothes, sadly deftly maneuvering her paws to cover up her last remaining spots we'd really love to see, but still wicked wicked hot.

Bar is so hot, if I saw her kicking a basket full of kittens, I'd ask if I could massage her sore foot when she was done. Enjoy.

Katie Holmes Hot Shot in August Elle a Sign of Very Good Things to Come

Free at last, free at last.

Katie Holmes has already been spotted around New York City the past few days in fitted jeans of all things, mom jeans back into the closet with the Eye of Xenu safely blocked for the moment by her attorneys. We may not know math or science of even our native language of English very good here (or is that very well?), but we do know sextastic celebrities and we know celebrity divorces. And we right now are predicting a Katie Holmes nekkd-in-movie scene with the next 12 months.

Bank on it. Or, you know, whatever you want to do on it. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez Sexes Up Elle Magazine

Wow and double wow. The normally quite tame Elle magazine gets a monster sextastic injection courtesy of hottie diva Selena Gomez who while not super risque, puts on an unusually adult like photoshoot performance for the global fashion mag.

Nine months more until we'll get a much better look at Selena in Spring Breakers; that time will pass much more easily with more photoshoots like this gloriously grown up number (and less photos of her with her teen lesbian boyfriend -- how can such utter goodness and such utter lunacy exist in the same world?)  Enjoy.

Bar Refaeli Covered Topless Bikini Kinds of En Fuego for Spanish Elle

Bar Refaeli wrapped in a burqa and covered in an asbestos laden fire retardent suit all rolled up into an oversized Snuggie would still be ridiculously hot, but you start stripping away the clothes and coverings, as in this months edition of Elle Spain, you start talking about newly discovered and barely survivable levels of hotness.

The Israeli super-bodied model is featured in the Spanish magazine this upcoming month and just looks all kinds of beachy keen and super fine and barely covered in a skimpy bikini, or just her own hands, in a job I'd surely like to volunteer for. Enjoy.

Rihanna Artsy Hot in Upcoming Elle Magazine

Say what you will about Rihanna, you can not take away that ridiculously hot body on the sultry Bajan diva. Tan and long and lean and lovely, and she's not afraid to show it. Quite a combination.

In the upcoming edition of Elle magazine, which nearly cost me a head contusion as one of the stylists at Cheese Curls, the beauty salon where I poach many of my favorite women's magazines, Rihanna gets all kinds of artsy fashiony but super fine, and reminds me why, though I've never purchased a single track of her music, I would pay a good bit of treasure for five minutes in a bathtub scrubbing her back. She floats my ducky. Enjoy.

Camille Rowe Topless Hot and All Kinds of Fashion Forward in Elle Magazine


Okay, disclaimer, I have no effin' clue what 'fashion forward' means, but I've heard Heidi Klum use it in several interviews, and my buddy Lester Jacoby used it once recently in a sentence, before myself and three other friends were forced to punch him silly in the face for his infraction.

But what we have great and deep knowledge and affection for is hottie French model, Camille Rowe, a frequent exhibitor of her own sextastic self on Egotastic! as Camille just happens to take great pictures. And she makes them even greater by taking her top off. Take for instance this otherwise middling fashiony photo pictorial from the current edition of Elle Belgium, suddenly made better with bare boobtastic. Funbags make everything better. They're like chocolate or beer. Everything gets better when they're around. Enjoy.