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Katie Holmes Hot Shot in August Elle a Sign of Very Good Things to Come

Free at last, free at last.

Katie Holmes has already been spotted around New York City the past few days in fitted jeans of all things, mom jeans back into the closet with the Eye of Xenu safely blocked for the moment by her attorneys. We may not know math or science of even our native language of English very good here (or is that very well?), but we do know sextastic celebrities and we know celebrity divorces. And we right now are predicting a Katie Holmes nekkd-in-movie scene with the next 12 months.

Bank on it. Or, you know, whatever you want to do on it. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez Sexes Up Elle Magazine

Wow and double wow. The normally quite tame Elle magazine gets a monster sextastic injection courtesy of hottie diva Selena Gomez who while not super risque, puts on an unusually adult like photoshoot performance for the global fashion mag.

Nine months more until we'll get a much better look at Selena in Spring Breakers; that time will pass much more easily with more photoshoots like this gloriously grown up number (and less photos of her with her teen lesbian boyfriend -- how can such utter goodness and such utter lunacy exist in the same world?)  Enjoy.

Bar Refaeli Covered Topless Bikini Kinds of En Fuego for Spanish Elle

Bar Refaeli wrapped in a burqa and covered in an asbestos laden fire retardent suit all rolled up into an oversized Snuggie would still be ridiculously hot, but you start stripping away the clothes and coverings, as in this months edition of Elle Spain, you start talking about newly discovered and barely survivable levels of hotness.

The Israeli super-bodied model is featured in the Spanish magazine this upcoming month and just looks all kinds of beachy keen and super fine and barely covered in a skimpy bikini, or just her own hands, in a job I'd surely like to volunteer for. Enjoy.

Rihanna Artsy Hot in Upcoming Elle Magazine

Say what you will about Rihanna, you can not take away that ridiculously hot body on the sultry Bajan diva. Tan and long and lean and lovely, and she's not afraid to show it. Quite a combination.

In the upcoming edition of Elle magazine, which nearly cost me a head contusion as one of the stylists at Cheese Curls, the beauty salon where I poach many of my favorite women's magazines, Rihanna gets all kinds of artsy fashiony but super fine, and reminds me why, though I've never purchased a single track of her music, I would pay a good bit of treasure for five minutes in a bathtub scrubbing her back. She floats my ducky. Enjoy.

Camille Rowe Topless Hot and All Kinds of Fashion Forward in Elle Magazine


Okay, disclaimer, I have no effin' clue what 'fashion forward' means, but I've heard Heidi Klum use it in several interviews, and my buddy Lester Jacoby used it once recently in a sentence, before myself and three other friends were forced to punch him silly in the face for his infraction.

But what we have great and deep knowledge and affection for is hottie French model, Camille Rowe, a frequent exhibitor of her own sextastic self on Egotastic! as Camille just happens to take great pictures. And she makes them even greater by taking her top off. Take for instance this otherwise middling fashiony photo pictorial from the current edition of Elle Belgium, suddenly made better with bare boobtastic. Funbags make everything better. They're like chocolate or beer. Everything gets better when they're around. Enjoy.

Jessica Simpson Preggo Covered Topless in Elle

File this under the category of you didn't ask for this, but you're going to get it anyhow, as supesized Jessica Simpson makes her covered-nekkid debut in Elle magazine. While the extensive air brushing of dark room folks at the magazine have helped hide the fact that Jessica is clearly about to deliver somewhere between 9 and 12 fully grown members of the species through her reproductive canals, we here at Egotastic! who have been tracking Jessica's growth chart of late know full well that she now singlehandedly blows past the maximum load limit of all but the most industrial of building elevators.

That all being said, let's not overlook the majesty of child birth, the miracle of pregnancy, and the mammoth mammaries Jessica is barely covering in these showy, but sweet photos taken with her boyfriend or fiancee, but I don't think husband really, former short-lived NFL tight end, Eric Johnson. Enjoy.

Blake Lively Hot Even With Clothes On in Elle (VIDEO)

Blake Lively is another one of those super hot hotties from Hottieville who get a little miffed after their nekkid photos hit the digisphere then kind of go into sextastic-hiding for a little while. After Blake's topless cell phone pics made the rounds last summer, the sexy and a half Gossip Girl actress went so far as to hide her hotness by briefly beard-dating Leonardo DiCaprio. Now that's hiding.

But Blake Lively seems to be on the cusp of returning to status of 'Yeah, I'm hot and I'm going to use my looks and my body to get ahead' as all sexy celebrities should, by mandate, for their own benefit as well as ours, as evidenced by her appearance in the current edition of Elle magazine, where the sweet looking thespian shows that she's more than just an okay dramatist, she's one fine piece of womanhood. We appreciate your return, Blake. Enjoy.

Check Out Blake Behind the Scenes Video of Her Photoshoot »