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Laura Keller Topless Pictures Kick Perfect Arse in Eh Gata Magazine

Laura Keller Topless Photoshoot in Eh Gata Magazine from Brazil
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When in Sudamericana, stay in Sudamericana, that’s been my philosophy for several minutes here at least, let the Latina hotness continue with topless visions of celebrity model Laura Keller in Eh Gata magazine from Brazil, where the native model and dancer gets all kinds of ridiculously hot and topless in various tropical locales.

I was staring ceaselessly at Laura’s gravitational defying boobtastic when I started feeling guilty for not ogling her gorgeous round dumper. Mea culpa, Laura. Your entire sextastic package all bare like that, well, it has me quite confused. Enjoy.

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Ilha Pinna Hopf Topless Hotness in Brazilian Eh Gata Magazine for Ta-Ta-Tuesdays

Ilha Pinna Hopf Bedroom Topless Photoshoot in Eh Gata Magazine
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I don’t know about you, but I’ve been staring at video gamer nerds for the past 24 hours straight. And as much as I appreciate the visual sites of cord pants and Marvel character belt buckles, I could really use some unadulterated (and/or highly adulterated) sextastic goodness.

Enter Ilha Pinna Hopf, super fine model hottie featured in Eh Gata magazine, and soon to be featured permanently in the deepest darkest, yet happiest parts of the grey matter floating blissfully in your skull. One look at Ilha and I guarantee utter streams of primitive pleasure through the lobes and turns of your male genetics. Money back guarantee in fact.

It’s Ta-Ta-Tuesdays, which is like Mardi Gras, but we replace the Fat with, well, better fat. Enjoy.

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