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Belen Rodriguez Caught Undressing During a Photoshoot in Spain

No stranger to amazingly awesome gossip in the Italian tabloids, Argentine born model and hottie actress Belen Rodriguez provided a nice almost perfect gotcha-boobs moment while changing clothes during a photoshoot in Spain yesterday. Belen is frequently on the cover of major men’s and fashion magazines, including that amazing leather lingerie pictorial in last month’s DT magazine. But, today, we revel in bare back, and cleavage, and, but for a quick moments turn of fortune, some nice shots of Belen Rodriguez full sideboob, which almost could’ve been entirely epic. Enjoy.

EARLY LOOK: Mar Saura Brings the Sexy Black in DT Spain

Mar Saura, the former Miss Barcelona and all-around Spanish hottie and TV show veteran does not seem to be slowing down in the muy hottie department (if you’re not watching her via ancient but still working mega TV satellite in the Spanish show, Ángel o demonio as Alexia, you are really missing something). At 35, she’s pretty much mas sexual than ever, and flashing her fine celebrity wares in kinky black swimsuit and lingerie poolside in the upcoming edition of DT Spain. It’s some Latina goodness of the first order. Enjoy.

Belen Rodriguez Makes Her Own Case for World’s Sexiest in DT Magazine Pictorial

Sure, you’re probably familiar with all of the big named sexy celebrities on FHM’s hottest list released today, but what of the incredible Sudamericana celebrity hotties, not the least of which is Belen Rodriguez, an Argentinean born super nova of pure sextastic transplanted to Italy where she struts her ridiculously sexy body around TV Italia for all the Mediterranean to ogle. Her latest photoshoot for DT magazine is borderline artsy, but also just shows why I don’t like ‘top lists’ even when they name obvious hotties like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as winner; the universe of sexy women is vast, diverse, and best absorbed en masse. Take it all in, sense it, smell it, feel the sextastic. And, of course, enjoy.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Topless DT Spain Photoshoot (VIDEO)


My six-fingered assistant, Gretchen, tells me that I should study more art, you know, to round out my education. I’m starting with this artsy movie short of the Rosie Huntington-Whitely topless photoshoot for DT Magazine we covered earlier this year. The movie is essentially a compilation of stylish topless pictures of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the Victoria’s Secret angel turned Transformers 3 Megan Fox replacement girl, but it’s in black and white, and we all know black and white equals Art. The next time Gretchen tells me I need to expand my horizons, I’m finding full nude videos. Enjoy.

(Note: video clips hosted on Dailymotion may require free user login to view certain ‘grown up’ content.)

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Heidi Klum Topless and See Through in DT


If these Heidi Klum topless pictures from the February issue of DT magazine look a little familiar to you, that’s because they’re from the same set of photos as those Heidi Klum nude pictures from the book Heidilicious by Rankin. However, there are some new pictures here that we’ve never seen before. Including the cover shot which features Heidi Klum in a see-through wet shirt. Yes, that’s some Heidi Klum nipple, right there. The word you’re looking for is “awesome!”

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Topless in DT


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is just the kind of model I like. She’s super hot, and she has no problem taking her clothes off. As you can see from these Rosie Huntington-Whiteley topless pictures from DT magazine. Actually, that goes the same for women in general. It’s just that most hotties you see walking down the street won’t just take their clothes off. Believe me, I’ve asked.

Alessandra Ambrosio Bikini Pictures from DT Magazine

Supermodels and bikinis: Two great tastes that taste great together, and I bet these Alessandra Ambrosio bikini pictures would taste great too. Not that you can actually taste these Alessandra Ambrosio bikini picture, but you know what I mean. I bet they’d taste even better if that one Alessandra Ambrosio topless pictures had her standing in the other direction.