DT magazine

Amber Heard So Sultry Hot in Black and White

Through all her personal hills and valleys, I guess more hill than valley since she’s given up her once awesome lesbionics, Amber Heard remains simply one of the hottest women on the planet, capable of providing so many visual wonderments in a variety of poses. In the new DT magazine, Amber goes blonde once again to prove she can really appear in any guise and still provide the thrills that only the upper tier of sextastic ladies can. It’s a little bit Marilyn, a whole lot of Amber Heard.

I will admit that I shed a little tear when Amber decided to stop scissor kissing other female model girlfriends. That there was something beautiful and special. But her life, her choice, and as sad as seeing her move back into hanging with some boring actor, as with all crazy good looking women, I must pretend to respect her decisions. Amber, if you ever go back, call me, I’ll bring my camera. Enjoy.

Gemma Arterton Blowing Up With Gentle Hotness for DT Spain

This is most definitely the extended coming out party for sextastic thespianic Gemma Arterton, showing up and blowing up around the world in live appearances, magazine pictorials, talk shows, and the rest of the world wide public machine cranking out her good looks in support of the film release of Hansel & Gretel.

This reminds me a bit of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley leading up to Transformers III, albiet, Gemma Arterton can actually act, but just as with Rosie, the world is now coming to see the stellar hotness of another young Brit ready to cuddle up somewhere deep in your libido.

Featured in the current edition of DT magazine in Spain, Gemma’s photoshoot is simple, cleavy, and to the point. The kind of lineup only a really hot looking woman can get away with it. And Gemma does more than that.

Welcome to the Hotel Egotastic!, Gemma. You can check in any time you like, but you gotta leave your clothes behind. Enjoy.

Ashley Greene Reprises Pure Hotness in DT Magazine

We’ve seen these photos before I do think, somewhere in the pictorial circuit from some other magazine, but when it comes to Ashley Greene and the wicked thoughts she inspires within our 97% libido by weight brains, well, it’s worth another look.

In these ridiculously hot photos of Ashley Greene running in this month’s DT Magazine in Spain, we see the young sweet delicious actress looking exactly as I imagine she will appear as we saunter together, hand in bound hands, into our Comfort Inn suite for a weekend of nekkid Hungry Hungry Hippo play.

It will be more than a ball-snatching game, it will be a tournament of raw appetite. Enjoy.

Kate Upton Hotness Now Owns the Effin’ World

The uncontrollably hot blonde bombshell, Kate Upton, is just dominating the Hottieville landscape with picture after picture, video after video, or pure, total, utter hotness. Her mini pictorial in this month’s DT magazine continues her rein.

So wound up is my libido from all this Kate wonderment, that I’ve completely lost track of my favorite body parts on the late teen hottie (and, yes, for one more month she is still just a teen); arms or legs or butt or boobtastic or everywhere else, it’s all like a hodgepodge of sextastic parts that when combined, form a whole greater than the sum of those parts (and if we ever saw the hole, there’d be some of our own parts that would be in need of trauma care.) Just plain old-fashioned wicked hot. Enjoy.

Brooklyn Decker All-Types of Barely Dressed Hot in DT Magazine

Granted, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some of these photos circulating before from other mags, but DT Spain this month is running a tribute type pictorial this month of the uber-sextastic Brooklyn Decker, who I might add we’ve not seen much of in 2012, and given that even too much Brooklyn Decker would be too little Brooklyn Decker, this photo set comes at just the right time.

While Brooklyn has been away, other up and comers have attempted to steal her title as hottest swimsuit and lingerie model, but a quick glance at these photos will remind you why that title remains with the reigning queen, at least for now. Enjoy.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Outtakes Galore from Classic Topless Yu Tsai Photoshoot



One of our favorite Rosie Huntington-Whitely photoshoots ever, the classic Yu Tsai shoot for DT magazine last winter (so nippletastic, it got us kicked off prudish YouTube), just an amazing view of the sextastic former Victoria’s Secret angel turned blockbuster thespianic-in-danger. Many thanks to ‘Nora M.’, one of our fairer sexed superfans for providing us with a series of outtake photos (dayum, we love outtakes) from the Tsai-shoot, which further, deeper, and did we mention deeper, fills out lust banks with topless sexy Rosie deposits. You get to see the Huntingtons and the Whiteleys on display in this one.

Quite an amazing visual experience that we just had to pay forward. Enjoy.

Naomi Watts Brings the Black and White Sexy for DT Spain

We’ve always and forever had a lust crush on Naomi Watts, who though she’s disappeared somewhat into the ether of mamahood, never fails to bring an extraordinary amount of heat to each and every one of her rare public appearances, or magazine shoots, like this pictorial of classy hotness in DT Spain, where The Ring hottie proves what every single girlfriend I had in high school liked to refrain, ‘you don’t have to take your clothes off to have a good time’. I didn’t appreciate it so much back then, but with Naomi Watts sexiness, we can delight in what she has to offer. Grown up hotness. Enjoy.