Jordan Carver Covered Topless Behind the Scenes of Her Busty DOA5 Photoshoot for Egotastic! (VIDEO)

Check Out Behind the Scenes!

It’s hard to express in words how much fun we had being around Jordan Carver mostly nekkid for an entire day last month shooting her as ‘Tina Armstrong’ for our DOA5 photoshoot. It was like hanging around a buddy for the day, if your buddy had a killer smile and some wicked awesome boobs he liked to show off.

In addition to the photoshoot, Jordan and her bodacious body and Germanic good looks also hosted her first ever English language TV show in the form of our Hottest of the Hot program, and taped some DOA5 green screen promos for us. All of which is not nearly as important as the healthy Bavarian visuals, natch.

Check out behind the scenes of our day with Jordan Carver and feel the excitement. Enjoy.