Diana Falzone

Diana Falzone, Brooke Baldwin, and Lara Logan Highlight My List of TV News Must-See Hotties

You have your list. I have my list. The lovely ladies of television news, ranging from the front line reporters in the field to the sextastic entertainment news reporters to the women covering sports and politics. I searched my deepest prurient feelings to think about some of the names, faces, and most definitely bodies that get my channel clicking finger to rest awhile when I see them on my boob tube. I may not care much for what they’re covering, but I always watch, drool bucket handy.

I know it’s a double edged sword for attractive women working in television. But I lay the  blame for any unnecessarily jagged hurdles at Mother Nature’s doorstep for making us who we are. As for me, I close the door so Mother Nature can’t see what happens to me when I flip the channels to find my hot ladies of television news. Check out my picks. I’m sure we have much to discuss on Egotastic Facebook. Enjoy.

Vote Diana Falzone for Maxim Hot 100, Or I Shall Sulk Up a Storm

Shameless plug time. Not related to my personal shame plugs I keep in a lacquered oak box in my closet. The Maxim Hot 100 voting list is out for online clicking. While I’m not exactly sure how online voting relates to their final selection, or the controversial choice of Miley Cyrus last year as their Hottest Woman, I’m going to ask you to cast a ballot for long time friend of Egotastic!, Fox News reporter, Maxim fitness guru, and all around hottie supporter of the U.S. military troops, Diana Falzone.

In addition to being a supremely attractive woman with actual real brains, Diana has made it her mission to help spread the healthy and good word of Egotastic! throughout the known universe, providing us acceptance in an often intolerant world. Not exactly tearing down the walls in Berlin, but I like to think it’s an important mission nonetheless.

While you’re sifting through the large list of entrants, and even considering that Maxim will probably pick somebody corporate makes a P.R. deal with, I ask that you cast a feel-good vote for Diana.

Forget Hope and Change, go with smart hotness. Thanks.

Diana Falzone Sextastic Photoshoot Takes You Into Her Happy Place

Here’s why you want to be a photographer: we’ve known hottie TV correspondent and Internet advice columnist Diana Falzone for some time now, and not even an invite into the threshold of her home, but if you’re noted Me in My Place photographer Michael Edwards, somehow you get an immediate invite into her boudoir, Diana shimmies into little bits of sexy clothing, and off you go into a mind-bending intimate photoshoot. Sometimes, life just isn’t fair.

But, for the general ogling public, life is more than fair as we get the most delicious Diana Falzone pictorial to ever hit the visual airwaves, a glance at the sultry brunette in her very own place, bending and stretching and showing why you would listen to her relationship advice, if not but to smile dumbly and stare into her dark eyes (yes, I said eyes, raise your glances you dastardly males!)

Be sure to check out the entire set of Diana Falzone boudoir photos on Me in My Place, where you can also procure yourself one damn fine MIMP mobile-app for all your smoking hot girls in skimpy underthings needs.

(And you will henceforth undoubtedly want to follow Diana Falzone on Twitter.)