All the Way to the Bank: Dexter Ends With Series-High 2.8 Million Viewers

So long, suckers!

If you were able to look past yesterday’s chatter about Breaking Bad, you may have noticed that Dexter’s final episode was also a hot topic of conversation. Of course, that conversation usually consisted of a butthurt blogger like myself bitching about how the finale was the ‘worst episode ever.’


Newcomers Topless in True Blood and Strike Back Join Yvonne Strahovski in the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Lyne Renee Topless in Strike Back
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Always nice to see a little new blood, courtesy this week of shows such as True Blood, highlighting the small screen big tops that make worthwhile our home cable bills each month. Specifically, that would be Karolina Wydra in True Blood in one mightily moan-filled making of the sexy scene. Joining Wydra this week is Lyn Renee in the Britty actiion series Strike Back viewing on Cinemax in the U.S. And, last, but certainly not least, the ever-sextastic Yvonne Strahovski, quite nekkid, but flashing nary a nipple in a tightly choreographed knocking boots scene in Dexter.

I’m not exactly sure how the pair rolled around so much without clothes on without Yvonne flashing her sweet body, but, suffice it to say, it made me just a little bit sad. Still, Yvonne filming nekkid as a general rule, I strongly support. Enjoy.

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Dexter, The White Queen, and Magic City All Lend Topless Views to the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Dora Madison Burge Topless in Dexter
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A tinge of sadness in this week’s Boob Tube Roundup as it was announced this past week that Magic City will not be renewing for another season on Starz, meaning this second season will be its last and that, at least for the time being, may no longer see the glorious bare bodies of thespianics like Elena Satine, who (spoiler alert) take a knife to her back this week as her full glorious globes shine frontward. We shall miss Elena, among many of the other cast members and some producer out there best find a new topless role for this crazy hot vixen.

Joining Elena in this week’s BTR is Dora Madison Burge in a rather memorably breastaurant extended topless scene in Dexter, as well Rebecca Ferguson getting royally jiggy with it in the premiere episode of The White Queen, another passionate historical drama from the minds of European series creators. They do so love their kings and queens of past centuries. We do so love sweet looking ladies with their period piece garments ripped off their bodies, so it all works out quite well. Enjoy.

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Jessica Marais Righteous Booty and Aimee Garcia Covered Topless in ‘Dexter’ Season Premiere Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Jessica Marais in Magic City
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Wow it was a quiet week on the small screen sextastic front. Some confluence of events that led to a surprisingly scant amount of skin on the boob tube these past many days. C’mon, TV, up your game or you’re going to go the way of theatrical motion pictures. The kids need their flesh.

Nevertheless, there were a couple noteworthy non-nekkid type appearance on the CRT since last we spoke. Dexter returned for its eighth season and included Aimee Garcia in a sex scene, flashing her booty, though sadly covering up her boobtastic as I suppose many women do when making the sexy, if they lived in a world with television cameras in their bedroom. Also raising our eyebrows was the super hot Jessica Marais on Magic City, a couple near skin misses with Jessica this week, but her bend down booty alone was worth a visual holler. Check it out. Enjoy.

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Summer St. Claire Topless Red Lingerie Striptease for an Outrageously Hot Mammarial Monday Wonderment

Summer St. Claire Red Lingerie Topless Striptease
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We were scorching here this weekend in L.A., and by scorching, I mean, the air-conditioning at the local cineplex where I parked my ass all weekend to get free refills on popcorn and temperature was 72-degrees. Still, I could almost hear the screams of children laughing and playing in the sprinklers outside the walls of my perfectly climate controlled cinematic environment, keying me into the full arrival of summer. And why not celebrate summer with the finest one I know, Summer St. Claire, a girl whose purple mountain majesties routinely cause my plains to bear fruit. Or something like that.

On Mammarial Mondays we celebrate the freshest and finest in those amazing round funbags that drive us men to work hard, or, at least drink and bitch about work. And Summer St. Claire and her ridiculously hot body stripping out of red lingerie and flashing some of the finest jugs on the planet? Wow, I do feel the need for a Yoo-Hoo chug coming on. Enjoy.

(For all your summery hotness needs check out the Summer St. Claire official webpage.)

Yvonne Strahovski Extends Her Sex Scene Into New Episode of ‘Dexter’ (VIDEO)

While the quantity of material in the Boob Tube Roundup diminishes in the Fall, awaiting the Winter kickoff to a whole set of cable series featuring some of our favorites, we can hardly overlook the autumnal blessing of Yvonne Strahovski and her quite nekkid special guest run on Showtimes’s Dexter.

Granted (big granted), we never get a clear shot of the outrageously hot blonde thespianic from the frontal position, and, yes, damn you silly cameraman following even sillier director instructions, but this is perhaps still our favorite Yvonne moments on the tube to date, throw in a knife and a sex scene, and you’ve made our day, not to mention our BTR. Enjoy.
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Hung, Dexter, and Boardwalk Empire All Deliver Some Sunday Night Topless Television (VIDEO)


Well, it’s not quite like the sextacular Sunday night of a week ago, but premium cable did deliver somewhat on its FCC-unmonitored status last night with some very new topless making of the sexy scenes from Kaitlin Doubleday in Hung, a very brief if not darkened funbag turn from Jamie Silberhartz in Dexter, and a full-boobtastic baring from Heather Lind in Boardwalk Empire. Certainly plenty of reason to continue calling Sunday night, Must Ogle Television. Enjoy.

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