David Letterman Show Posts:

Selena Gomez Flashes Hot Little Legs Outside Letterman

Our belusted little Latina diva Selena Gomez got all decked out last night for Letterman, flashing some serious leg and bare midriff outside the Ed Sullivan theater in New York. Selena typically opts for the casual wear, so we got a bit amped up to see her in her grown up wardrobe, looking a little bit like the innocent girl who got into her moms closet to get decked out for the big date.

She looked like a million bucks. Probably about the prerequisite minimum in your bank account to be her new boyfriend. I'm working on a collection plate as we speak. Yeah, I know, you're working on one of your own as well. May the first man to a million be the winner. Selena, get ready for my call, baby, I'm only $999,917 short. Enjoy.

Olivia Munn Drops the Cleavage Sexy Outside of Letterman

Olivia Munn still knows how to bring the cameras right to eye level, well, slightly below eye level, and raise something of a ruckus. The Newsroom actress and former fanboy faptastic showed up outside the David Letterman show looking all kinds of grown up sextastic in a low cut cleavage revealing dress of some designer I don't know or care about. But I do care profoundly for how much better Olivia is looking these days, a return to her strong brunette hot buddy-girl form.

Yes, we'd appreciate the chance to see her in a pair of short shorts and a cut-off shirt, or, less, that's how we roll with our sexy female friends. Still, any chance to lay peeps upon the wonderful Munn-cleave is a blessed visual experience indeed. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez Goes Sextastic Knee-High Boots for Letterman

Just when I'm about to renounce my lust for all things Selena Gomez due to reports that she flew off to Scandinavia to go make-out with Justin Bieber (egad!), she goes and shows up in sweet fetish knee-high boots outside of The David Letterman Show and I'm reminded why I first swooned.

Not that it's all about the boots, I am a dude, I'm just saying, that's a nice touch for an already passion inducing little Latina hottie pop star. I'd call her film thespianic too, but after Spring Breakers, I think we'll just stick with hottie. Why can't I let you go, Selena? Why? Enjoy.

Lindsay Lohan Leathers Up for Letterman

I'm still not exactly sure how Lindsay Lohan got sentenced to court ordered rehab, immediately after serving a sixty day pre-rehab stint of partying hard around the world, but, I guess that was the judge's decision. Either way, Lindsay is down to her final four weeks and out pimping Scary Movie 5, one of the last films that would have her, including a stint on Letterman, where Dave got her a bit uncomfortable with his rehab related questions he wasn't supposed to ask.

Click to see Lindsay Lohan questioned by Letterman about rehab.

Nevertheless, Lindsay did look somewhat put together in her leather skirt outside the show, considering she just returned from a quite busy week in Brazil. Just getting back across the equator was something of a milestone. Oh, that someday you possibly return to prior form, Lindsay. We will light a candle. Enjoy.

Jessica Chastain Zero Dark Hottie Outside of Letterman

You know we have a penchant for puerile perusing of red headed, so now doubt we're a little biased when we say Zero Dark Thirty actress Jessica Chastain looked pretty damn hot outside The David Letterman Show last night. Something about that red on deep blue that caught our eye, and as we kept gazing, we kept thinking more and more how much we're beginning to dig this thespianic who I think was in over 8,000 major motion pictures this past year, and only seem to be getting more work.

We are always on the lookout for new gingers to enter Camp Fireplug. Jessica Chastain is definitely peeking through the tent, err, I think we are peeking through the tent looking at Jessica Chastain. That's one of those tough metaphor things. Enjoy.

I Will Never Give Up on Katie Holmes (or Her Cleavy Hotness Outside The Letterman Show)

I know Katie Holmes kind of nose-dove her own girl next door sextastic into the ground when she took on the Tom Cruise wife number four or five duties and got Trapped in the Closet with Tom and baby and whatnot, but she'll always be Joey from Dawson's Creek to me, and she'll always be right up there in the upper echelon of naughty bedroom window climbing fantasies. And, on occasion still, like last night outside The David Letterman Show, in her hot pink dress, she'll climb right back up into the naughty parts of the mind, encouraging the whole cycle all over again.

Hey, she survived a Tom Cruise marriage, not so easy to do and still come out on top. And on top of Katie is where... well, you know. Enjoy.

Lea Michele Cleavetastic Pictures Reveal a Woman Who Knows How to Sell What She’s Got

Good on you, Lea Michele.

Mother Nature didn't necessarily bless the Glee actress with a bodacious pair of funbags, but that doesn't mean through proper cinching, lifting, tugging, and pulling, Lea can't put on a plenty good show of the boobtastic for the cameras outside of The David Letterman Show. While a majority of viewers of her Fox show might find female mammaries to be of little to no interest, or perhaps even disturbing, we here at Egotastic! applaud any and all public displays of chest balloons, and for Lea Michele last night, that was a thunderous applause.

Come out fo the darkness, ye women of not so hefty boobage, and bring your goodness into the light! Enjoy.