David Letterman Show

Taylor Swift Long Legs Will Travel to the Letterman Show

Taylor Swift is in full promotion mode for her new 1989 album which adults are reviewing as anywhere between painfully awful to just plain old awful, none of which will probably matter to the teenaged girls who are going to hand Taylor another $50 million in record sales and concert tickets. Money flows from the easily pleased to women with hot long legs. That’s sort of an axiom I just invented in honor of Taylor once more showing off her super toned long lean diva body and those spectacular gams of hers for the Letterman Show.

Best legs in the business when you take into account length, tautness, and her willingness to show them off anywhere and everywhere. She may not have the butt and boobs of your modern pop celebrities, but those legs are all country girl hot. You go girl, and keep on going until you get to my place for a gam massage. Prepare for that to take up to seventeen hours. I work each muscle individually until one of us collapses in exhaustion, most likely me. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez Flashes Hot Little Legs Outside Letterman

Our belusted little Latina diva Selena Gomez got all decked out last night for Letterman, flashing some serious leg and bare midriff outside the Ed Sullivan theater in New York. Selena typically opts for the casual wear, so we got a bit amped up to see her in her grown up wardrobe, looking a little bit like the innocent girl who got into her moms closet to get decked out for the big date.

She looked like a million bucks. Probably about the prerequisite minimum in your bank account to be her new boyfriend. I’m working on a collection plate as we speak. Yeah, I know, you’re working on one of your own as well. May the first man to a million be the winner. Selena, get ready for my call, baby, I’m only $999,917 short. Enjoy.

Hayden Panettiere Tight Body Dress Outside Letterman

All the girls are getting decked out for Dave these days. Lucky bastard. Including the latest, the blonde minxy princess Hayden Panettiere barely and snugly fit into her tight dress outside the show and showing off for the fans and the press. And, it was all definitely working.

Front side and backside magic from the hot little blonde that has that special ‘it’ factor that makes men yank their heads in her general direction. I personally am receiving chiropractic adjustments to counter the impact of all my neck craning when Hayden walks by. Just a yummy little treat, if I may use a savory analogy. Keep ‘em coming, Hayden, though, less material next time please. Enjoy.

Olivia Munn Drops the Cleavage Sexy Outside of Letterman

Olivia Munn still knows how to bring the cameras right to eye level, well, slightly below eye level, and raise something of a ruckus. The Newsroom actress and former fanboy faptastic showed up outside the David Letterman show looking all kinds of grown up sextastic in a low cut cleavage revealing dress of some designer I don’t know or care about. But I do care profoundly for how much better Olivia is looking these days, a return to her strong brunette hot buddy-girl form.

Yes, we’d appreciate the chance to see her in a pair of short shorts and a cut-off shirt, or, less, that’s how we roll with our sexy female friends. Still, any chance to lay peeps upon the wonderful Munn-cleave is a blessed visual experience indeed. Enjoy.

Olivia Wilde Can’t Help But Ooze Sextastic

Just a simple sidewalk scene outside a talk show appearance and Olivia Wilde is driving men wild. Well, I’m speaking for all men who happen to find Olivia a rather attractive woman who went far off the charts when she started hinting at how much she loves long rounds of sex with her lucky bastard boyfriend. Fiance now I guess. Still a lucky bastard.

Sometimes I listen to that old song about marrying an ugly girl if you want to be happy for the rest of your life, and I think to myself, there’s little to no joy in being practical. Olivia, when you’re ready to move on to a man who this morning did just over ten pushups, call me. I’m ready to let you make me unhappy for a good long while. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez Goes Sextastic Knee-High Boots for Letterman

Just when I’m about to renounce my lust for all things Selena Gomez due to reports that she flew off to Scandinavia to go make-out with Justin Bieber (egad!), she goes and shows up in sweet fetish knee-high boots outside of The David Letterman Show and I’m reminded why I first swooned.

Not that it’s all about the boots, I am a dude, I’m just saying, that’s a nice touch for an already passion inducing little Latina hottie pop star. I’d call her film thespianic too, but after Spring Breakers, I think we’ll just stick with hottie. Why can’t I let you go, Selena? Why? Enjoy.

Lindsay Lohan Leathers Up for Letterman

I’m still not exactly sure how Lindsay Lohan got sentenced to court ordered rehab, immediately after serving a sixty day pre-rehab stint of partying hard around the world, but, I guess that was the judge’s decision. Either way, Lindsay is down to her final four weeks and out pimping Scary Movie 5, one of the last films that would have her, including a stint on Letterman, where Dave got her a bit uncomfortable with his rehab related questions he wasn’t supposed to ask.

Click to see Lindsay Lohan questioned by Letterman about rehab.

Nevertheless, Lindsay did look somewhat put together in her leather skirt outside the show, considering she just returned from a quite busy week in Brazil. Just getting back across the equator was something of a milestone. Oh, that someday you possibly return to prior form, Lindsay. We will light a candle. Enjoy.