Date Night Disasters

Rosa Acosta Insists Upon Proper Oral Hygiene In Her Date Night Disaster (VIDEO)

What Rosa's Date Didn't Do Cost Him the Big Score

Let’s face it, men are pigs. And I don’t mean that in a way that a self-entitled bratty sex positive feminist says it at a rally of girls burning their bras, I mean it like a dude who owns it with the knowledge that men and women are created differently, and that we can either deride the opposite gender for their God-given instincts, or we can relish in the distinctions and all the possibilities that presents. Viva la difference, as my Frenchy friends would say.

Having declared our own pride in swine-hood, we still must say, there are a few dirtier habits that no member of the species ought to take up, a line in the hygienic sand that more important than even your own personal health, is sure to cost you the grand opportunity of getting lucky with one super fine lady like Latina model Rosa Acosta.

Find out what Rosa’s date did, or didn’t do, that cost him a vist to the land of milk and honey, in Rosa’s Date Night Disaster.

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Jordan Carver Learns that Married Men Enjoy First Dates Too in Her Date Night Disaster (VIDEO)

Don't Mess With The Bouncy German!

Not to give away too much in advance, but our bouncy flouncy hottie German friend Jordan Carver’s Date Night Disaster reminds me once more of the difference between men and women.

A couple or three years back, me and some guys were out for a night on the town and got invited back to some ladies’ place for an after-party and one thing led to another and my buddy Turk the Greek hooked up with one of the girls and we didn’t see them until the next morning when Turk had the grin of grins on his successful face and this girl came out of the same bedroom crying. The girl tells Turk she needs to confess a horrible secret, that she’s really married and pretended to be single the night before and fooled him and she felt horrible about deceiving him. To which Turk replied ‘No worries’ and Turk went straight out for a Grand Slam breakfast at Denny’s. Dudes just don’t care.

But, women, as you will see in our latest installment of Date Night Disasters, are far less forgiving of dude’s who lie about their backgrounds. Enjoy.

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Leilani Dowding Says Size Really Does Matter in Her Date Night Disaster (VIDEO)

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Oh, the tragic memories of measure-happy girls whipping out their yardsticks then realizing a simple ruler will more than suffice. Now, wondering if the latest failed romantic venture was being honest when she told me it wouldn’t work out because I lived with my parents, I smelled like cactus, and my car was produced during the Bush Administration (the first Bush).

Well according to our good friend Leilani Dowding, it is the motion of the ocean, and not your boat size, you know, unless your vessel is considered too small to ever set safely to sea. I suppose I’d be offended by this size-of-the-stick talk if I didn’t run a website which regularly touts the particularly blessed measurements of certain member of the female species. Karma, she is a bitch.

Anyhow, check it out for yourself as the wicked hot and just plain wicked Leilani Dowding details her Wee Willy Winky story in our latest installment of Date Night Disasters….

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Date Night Disasters: Arianny Celeste Talks About Her Quick Moving Date (VIDEO)

What Did He Try to Do to Arianny on the First Date?

Here’s a common misconception — hot girls have no trouble finding decent dates. Oh, my friend, ask any of the super sextastic residents of Hottieville and they will lay out for you one failed Love Boat embarkation after another. In fact, some of their stories are downright frightening.

So, take heed mere mortals, as we present a series of some of our favorite goddesses describing their Date Night Disasters.

First up, UFC ring girl and Latina sultry sweetness, Arianny Celeste.

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