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Ana Braga Does Not Like Tan Lines

Ana Braga may be blonde, but she's also Brazilian, so you know she's not keen on wearing bikini tops when the sun is beating down at the beach. So what if it's Miami, take that upper portion of the swimsuit off, leave the rather modest tiny thong bottom on just to keep the kids from asking their parents too many questions about where babies come from.

Ana definitely has the body to carry off the topless beach qualifying credentials. I'm generally opposed to nudist beaches because I've been to a few and the visuals can be, well, uneven is a nice way to put it. But for any woman that resembles Ana Braga, I say, take off your tops ladies, burn those bras, this is 2014, let's get into some serious feminism. Enjoy.

Courtney Stodden Barely Covered Topless Racy Brunette Photos for the Brits to Munch On

You know Courtney Stodden make quite an impression on the people of Jolly Old England when she was visiting there for her turn on Celebrity Big Brother. How could she not win over the people of Britain with her great, um, personalities, which she managed to flash glimpses of during the show's run. Now, the lads magazines in the U.K. have invited Courtney back to get almost almost topless as a brunette in a racy lingerie photoshoot.

I'm not exactly sure how Courtney's massive globes aren't fully exposed, but I suppose they did some selective combing of the hair and choosing of the photos to retain her ingenue innocence. It is her last token of down home country girl remaining, one we expect to see very shortly. For now, Courtney making quite the funbag impression in  a land where bodacious brunettes are highly revered. Enjoy.