Covered Topless Posts:

Ashley Sky Covered Topless And So Hot I Might Cry

I'm not a man who cries easily. Three times a day tops. Four the day I watched Saving Mr. Banks (damn you, Disney). But Ashley Sky and her Brazilian body domination forces my lachrymal glands, among others, to well up with anticipation of release. She's just so damn hot. And Brazil, how do you keep making these ultra fine female forms to spread around the world?

Featured in the latest edition of FHM magazine, Ashley barely covers her bodacious body, one of the most wicked hot on the planet, for a tease of extraordinary proportions. I think if you leer at Ashley for a while in this pictorial you'll begin to understand why I'm searching for Kleenex at this very moment. For my eyes, naturally. The sextastic takes its toll, one drop at a time. Enjoy.

Bryana Holly Is Nearly Flashing Her Full Beach Girls in Treats

Bryana Holly is  model who  I loved who I had to give up for a while because she was dating Brody Jenner and my feelings got all confused and plus she stopped doing hot modeling for a while, in favor of Instagramming romantic pictures. Thankfully, she dumped Brody and is now in Treats magazine showing off much of her own treats, though sadly using contortions and hand-bra to see what has earned her many a worthy leer in the past.

Bryana is one of those girls who you forget about, then remember, then think about while Journey is playing on the radio and you/re locked in your bedroom late at night, then maybe forget about again, but then appears almost nekkid in a magazine so time to get the Journey on again. It's not that confusing once you go through the full cycle a few times. Enjoy.

Leilani Dowding Wrapped in Not Much More Than a Ribbon for Christmas

Welcome to Christmas week. While I intend to be nearly and or continuously inebriated on my home brew of Egg Nog and any liquor I can find, this doesn't mean we won't be sharing several special moments of holiday themed goodness this week.

Why not start out with our dear and sweet hottie friend Leilani Dowding who seems to have forgotten one piece of her sextastic Santa's helper's costume for the Yuletide. And thankfully so. Unfortunately, her dexterous limbs found their way over her sweet funbags, but I suppose this is a family holiday after all, so somebody had to keep it PG. Still plenty hot enough to earn a solid ho-ho-ho from yours truly. I can feel my wreath glowing. Enjoy.

Ana Braga Boudoir Sextastica For the South American Bunny

Our favorite blonde Brazilian bombshell Ana Braga made it to the cover of Playboy Venezuela, so we celebrated by staring at her mighty fine body and wondering how many box tops we'd need to collect to win a date with her to the Dairy Queen.

Ana stars in a series of bedroom photos wearing outfits that look like I was allowed to go shopping for 'something tasteful', along with some beach shots where somebody used sand to cover her up her finer parts. Boo quartz crystal. Somehow we suspect there are some outtakes out there sans sand that we will need to visually address shortly. Enjoy.

P.S. And some more delicious wonderments of Ana just because I consider you to be my brother, or sister, or female second cousin who I once made out with at a Christmas party and I feel guilty, but it was also kind of hot...

Helen Flanagan Uses Her Barely Covered Boobtastic to Ring in the Christmas Spirit!

Now it really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Thanks to the wonderfully fine funbags of British soap star Helen Flanagan and our friends at Nuts magazine, things are finally starting to look full and ripe and seasonally heartwarming. Just the sheer number of props Helen uses to barely cover her faptastic udders is testament to the decorative themes of the holidays. Also the fact that you need to be careful what and who you touch at your office Christmas party. I say this as the victim of having maybe sort of felt up the boss' daughter in the copy room one Christmas. Hey, jobs come and go, muscle memory of precious sweater pups lasts a lifetime.

Helen Flanagan, during this season of giving, we salute you for giving us an almost glimpse of just about the finest rack on the planet. I'm guessing Santa stops for a few minutes longer at your house on Christmas Eve, especially if you're in one of your naughty nighties. Dash away! Enjoy.

Leilani Dowding Both Naughty and Quite Nice and Covered Topless for Christmas

God, I love Christmas. Forget all the mulled cider and the smell of freshly hewn pine, and even the giddy laughter of children. All overrated. It's the hot women in their sextastic Santa costumes that truly make the season rich and memorable and worth becoming a Walmart trampling statistic over.

Leilani Dowding is a woman who knows the true meaning of Christmas spirit, lending her smile and but a hand-bra covering her candy cane treats in a new pictorial just to raise the Yuletide spirits. Kids, forget what you learned in all those hokey movies about Christmas, the real meaning of the season is smoking hot girls in barely there elven wardrobe. Tell your parents I said so. Enjoy.

Michelle Vieth Covered Topless Lingerie Muy Bueno Goodness South of the Border

We linked out to these photos of telenovela veteran hottie Michelle Vieth, but so many of you demanded we share her proper like, you know, because she's the pride of so many men who wish she were their girlfriend at this particular moment. Include me in that crowd oh so very much.

Michelle is a U.S. born super hottie who followed her Mexican roots south of the border to pursue her thespianic longings, providing for the longings of many men who've seen her in film or television through the past many years. Now, thanks to H Para Hombres magazine, you can see Michelle and her ridiculously hot sultry body in very little clothing.  It's enough to make you want to amend your wish list for Santa Clause this year. Una Michelle Vieth sin ropas, por favor, Papa Noel! Enjoy.