Covered Topless Posts:

Anna Kelle Bikini Top Hot Changing of the Boobtastic Guards in Wales

Anna Kelle has blown up quite big in Jolly Old England of late. The current star of The Valleys, which is MTV UK's version of Jersey Shore, and dater of a long list now of English celebrity playboys, was changing the bikini top on her rather noteworthy funbags when she almost flashed her major league jugs to the leering public. Not all that many leerers at Welsh beaches, but you know we'd not miss this opportunity to peek another hot Britty brunette removing her top.

I guess you can say about European reality shows what I say about our American counterparts, it's all crap but with the jewels of some new faces, and more importantly, hot bodacious bodies, brought into our visual world. I wouldn't call Anna Kelle the Kim Kardashian of Wales, because I bet somebody has already done that. While the storylines are tired, the amazingly curvy bodies and racktastic never grow old. Enjoy.

Dakota Fanning Bare Asstastic and Elizabeth Olsen Covered Topless, It’s Time for Very Good Girls

Thanks to a bunch of you who wrote in, including 'Bill' and 'CJay' for the inevitable good news bad news situation with the film, Very Good Girls. Good news, hotties Dakota Fanning flashing her bare butt and a bunch of bra and panties scenes; bad news, she's not showing off her front side at all in the film as was teased by the film's publicists and distributors. So, what's new really in Hollywood. Let's call it the Jennifer Aniston effect.

Still, I will never look a gift horse of cutie hottie Elizabeth Olsen and the pale wonder that is Dakota Fanning showing off some skin in any movie. It's a thing. It's not the best thing, but it's still a thing. I really do try to turn lemons into lemonade. If I could do so while seeing Dakota Fanning's bare boobtastic, that would be much better tasting lemonade. Enjoy.

Emily Ratajkowski Nude Almost Topless Almost Crazy Hot Definitely In GQ Magazine

Emily Ratajkowski floats my boat in so many wonderfully tingly ways. I won't say we discovered Emily, that's like Columbus saying he discovered America when it was always here. But I do like to think we played our part in spreading the world on the former iCarly actress turned hot body goodness model. This is my life's work after all, sorry, mom.

Emily Ratajkowski is barely covered but most of her absolutely perfect body shines through in her new pictorial spread in GQ magazine. She really can't take a poor shot, not with all of her hot body talent, but the good magazine folks have managed to capture Emily in yet another truly memorable and epic peek. She really is so damn hot I want to chew on a towel or take a Polish language class online or something. That's commitment, Emily. I hope you see that. Enjoy.

Check out the full spread on Emily Ratajkowski in GQ online.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Covered Nekkid for Bubbly Pimping Time

All this time you were wondering what future job BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee could obtain with her very public skills of wardrobe malfunctions and nearly R-rated moments at the local pool. Well, welcome to champagne pimping 101, featuring the nekkid but unfortunately slightly bottled covered yoked body of the lady trainer and super teasy PTA mom.

Jennifer Nicole has been delighting us with her various degrees of lack of wardrobe for a couple years or more now. It's about time she got placed in the pages of magazines and advertisements doing just the same. You don't get to choose your own parents, but I would have liked to have chosen the parents for some of my childhood friends and made on of their moms Jennifer Nicole Lee. That sure would've improved the growing up experience. At least expedited it. Enjoy.

Izabel Goulart Wicked Hot in Black and White for Lui (I’m Actually Sweating Just Looking)

Damn. Double damn. Izabel Goulart may have just topped all of her Brazilian counterparts this week with a steamy hot and showy spread in Lui magazine that is truly one for the ages. Mostly ages 18 and up, because you know, boys don't think about sex until 18.

Izabel's crazy smoking hot body is actually dripping with a moisture known only as 'me want badly' trickling down her ridiculously tight and toned female form. And that butt. Oh, how I want to kneel down and make it my everything. That might seem disturbing to the uninitiated ass-man, but to those of us who worship the hot lady bottomside like it was dropped from heaven, you know what I'm talking about. Just absolute perfection. We could all use a little more Goulart in our lives. Enjoy.

Jehane ‘Gigi’ Paris Covered Topless in Hot Los Angeles Photoshoot

The knowledge that newfound lust Jehane 'Gigi' Paris might've been just a few blocks down the street from me shooting her perfect bare French arse on a balcony kind of kills me. People in L.A. talk about wishing they'd seen Guns & Roses back in their days on Sunset, it's my dream to see all the hot model skin being shot in iconic hotel room boudoir and balcony pictorials. Really anything Gigi Paris works for me these days. Man, what an alluring female form Gigi has brought with her from Paris.

This Neave Bozorgi photoshoot is just the tip of the iceberg of the sextastic this fine French model has in store for us. While like many fashion models she began her career way too young to even appear here, Gigi is just getting started in her body of work showing off her hot body. I can hardly wait. C'mon, Gigi, don't make me wait! Enjoy.

Luci Ford Covered Topless in Her Kitchen

Luci Ford is just a regular gal that like to do her dishes with no shirt on. Doesn't every girl think, "My sink is full of dirty plates so I'm going to put on a pair of cut-off shorts and scrub the dishes with my knockers hanging out"? I'm going to choose to live in a world where that is exactly what happens. Luci's ladies are fairly tremendous. They are so big that they can barely be eclipsed by her whole body from behind. That's some serious boobtasticness, y'all. Her booty is also pretty amazing in those cutt-offs. This is the time of year when girls pull those bad boys out of their summer drawers and sport them around the city. That's why summer is my favorite time of year. That and sun dresses. Oh my, yes.

So, what I'm saying is that I encourage the ladies to follow Luci's example and do their housework topless.