Covered Topless

Ela Rose Covered Topless And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Ela Rose Does A 138 Water Photo Shoot

Ela Rose wears a finger bra and it is amazing. (Hollywood Tuna)

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wears see-through clothes for Harper’s Bazaar. (Drunken Stepfather)

Why, yes I would like to see Toni Garrn topless in GQ. (Huffington Post)

Coco‘s boobs never cease to satisfy. (TMZ)

Mayra Suarez in a bikini is muy caliente, ese. (Popoholic)

Kate Hudson is single again, boys. (The Superficial)

A bunch of hot Victoria’s Secret models lip sync to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off”. (COED)

Naked Kourtney Kardashian Preggo And I Looking Forward to This Week


What can I say. I feel wonderful things in the air. From the opening of bikini season official in Miami to the self-shared candids of sextastic celebrities to photos and videos we don’t even know yet exist, okay, maybe I do. This week seems certain to be one of the fun ones. I rubbed the belly of nekkid Kourtney Kardashian and that magic eight ball came up roses. She too agrees, everybody is taking their clothes mostly off, all the way off, or just never had them on in the first place. We live in interesting times. Strap on your seatbelt, lay down the plastic sheets and tell the boss you can’t make the 2:00 because meetings are a super huge waste of time.

We’re about to get started. It’s Monday morning. Prepare to enjoy.

Photo credit: DuJour Magazine

Laetitia Casta Almost Nekkid and Wicked Sextastic for Lui Magazine

Laetitia Casta, where have you been all my life? Just kidding, I’ve been peeking, leering, and spying on you since forever. And you just keep getting hotter and hotter.

Now at age 36, this French actress and model since her teenaged years just seems to be getting even that much more alluring and passion inducing. As evidence I present this Mario Sorrenti shot pictorial for Lui magazine. If you look up barely covered hottie in the French dictionary, you might just find these photos of Laetitia’s bare bottom and heavenly female form. She is a winner. though I feel like the champ for getting to peek on her near nekkid. The first rule of Egotastic!, never apologize for being human. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Lui Magazine

Miley Cyrus Nipple Pasties Only in Miami

I’m sure Miley Cyrus must’ve been headed to some kind of costume event as this isn’t how she normally… well, actually, this is kind of how she normally appears in public, though the straight up pasties only look is something rather new.

Miley and her new boyfriend one of the Schwarzenegger kids hit some event in Miami where Miley felt that absolutely no top or bra, just some silver cones over her teat-ends would suffice as far as semi-formal wear. I applaud Miley once again for pushing the boundaries of public exhibitionism. She may not be your particular favorite to see mostly topless about town, but she certainly has raised the bar for all the other sextastic celebrities in her industry. For the twenty or so other pop divas you now see performing, strutting, or just plain bopping about town half-nekkid, you can thank Miley a good bit. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PCN

Eddie Pettersson Topless Swedish Seaside Delights


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Swedish model Eddie Pettersson describes her lifestyle as vegan, sugar-free, and gluten-free. It pains me to say that during our inevitable future mad, short lived but furious sexual adventures, Eddie and I will need to dine separately on breaks. Uncle Bill needs his steak and shakes for sustenance between rounds of his multi-minute sweaty give and takes, focused heavily on the takes.

For a peek at why my lust for Eddie runs rather deep, take a gander at her especially fine nordic modeling offerings in the current edition of C-Heads magazine where Eddie sells funbags by the seashore. She’s simply a natural beauty. I know so many of us pine for that on here. Well, pine away my fans of Mother Nature’s organic product line. Ms. Pettersson, you are mostly definitely a keeper. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: C-Heads

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Natalie Morris Topless Classic Hotness for Treats


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I’m really kind of a people person. You might not know it from my ‘Keep Out’ signs or the way I growl like a pit bull facing the neutering knife when confronted with people seeking to interact. But when it comes to extremely attractive women, I’m more than open to socializing. And I find no better way to meet this delightful demographic than through wonderfully shot topless photos in publications promoting the beauty of woman such a Treats magazine.

So, hello, Natalie Morris. Natalie might be familiar to those of you who closely follow the modeling scene, especially here in Los Angeles. Okay, so it’s one of my hobbies. So much more fun than Lego building. No offense, Master Nerds. Natalie makes her Egotastic! introduction by showing off her classic beauty in combination with her neo-classic funbags, both of which are a spectacular entrance to the cathedral of the celebrity sextastic. Welcome, Natalie. Linger awhile. We have soft cheeses. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Treats Magazine

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Michelle K Sells Albums With Her Boobies And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Michelle K will give you a signed nude pic with every album! (Idolator)

Kendall Jenner and her nips walk the runway. (TMZ)

Beyonce‘s new video has her traipsing around in lingerie. (Drunken Stepfather)

I don’t know who Pilar Lastra is but she is muy caliente in underwears. (Hollywood Tuna)

Iris Kavkas in lingerie gives me a Kafkaesque feeling in my pants. (Popoholic)

I don’t care what Bette Midler says, Ariana Grande is a hottie. (The Superficial)

Meet Playboy’s Stephanie Corneliussen. Spoiler Alert: She’s got big ol funbags. (COED)