Covered Topless Posts:

Bar Refaeli Covered Topless and Just Wicked Wicked Hot in Elle Spain

I don't remember when I first fell deep into lust with Bar Refaeli. I do not foresee a day when those very romantic and pure of heart feelings will ever subside. Bar, I'm here for the duration, don't leave me hanging. And speaking of hanging, the ever so slightly demure Israeli supermodel held her own perfect pair of funbags for this otherwise mostly nekkid spread in Elle Spain.

While I full intend to pull of the perfect BBQ this coming holiday weekend, I have to be totally honest and say it will always be less than perfect until the day Bar is going naughty things to me underneath my 'Lick My Cook' apron. That is the summer holiday dream I've had since the last millennium. Bar, you make me so happy with your scantily clad looks, but there's so many more levels of pleasure for us to explore. Call me, I'm making ribs. Enjoy.

Karent Sierra Moves from Real Housewife to Real Topless Sunbather in Miami

Unless you watch that hideous Real Housewives of Miami TV show for people with way too much time on their hands, you may not be familiar with former cast member and real life dentist, Karent Sierra. I've been trying to figure out if being a DDS is some kind of fetish I can jump aboard, but after my last crowning visit to the dentist, I'm not sure I can ever lust latex gloves and metal probes ever again.

Nevertheless, I'm still willing to leer at the bikini top off photos of Karent trying to avoid tan lines while soaking up the sun in her bikini on the beach. She seems to be happy, or making me happy, which is equally if not more important.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Is Covered Topless for the Oncoming Summer Heat

It's summer time. Well, almost. Which means you can't almost be wearing a bra. Not if you're the stunning hot Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and your portraying one of my many mature themed dreams in the latest edition of V Magazine, just in time for the dog days.

Rosie has herself in various stages of barely covering her own ta-ta's with a slight bit of wardrobe or hands. That's just enough of a tease to get my internal temperatures sweltering with a well-positioned popsicle the only realistic option for relief. Rosie, what you do to us when you're clothes start coming off. It's fashionably hot. Enjoy.

Lady Gaga Topless But for Pasties At Her ArtPop Thingee In New York

Art finally has a voice. Or something like that. And apparently it's a near topless Lady Gaga. She is wearing pasties to cover up her end of udder bits as she struts about in various fabulous sets with her fabulous music for fabulous young people who are probably not so good at sports. But they now have ArtPop or whatever this concert is being called. And they have Lady Gaga half-nekkid for ninety minutes, or barely covered topless for about ten, with handlers racing to keep her from getting completely arrested by New York's finest.

Lady Gaga abides despite a million and one reasons why you thought she might disappear from the pop music landscape. I'm sure there are some complex social reasons why she continues to be popular. I'll list her knockers and bare-ass constantly on displays as at least one of the more relevant reasons. It's certainly why she keeps showing up here. Enjoy.

(You can see Lady Gaga's actor boyfriend squeezing her ass in public if you so desire on WWTDD.)

Nina Agdal Sextastic and Covered Topless Behind the Scenes of Avon Shoot

Oh, my Danish Delight Nina Agdal, you have outdone yourself this time in candids, behind the scenes of your shoot for Avon, looking all kinds of candidly delicious and bootyful. When I spy with my little eye Nina in just a bikini, I get all weak in the knees and other joint areas. But seeing her grabbing her own fine melons under the shower with that look of ferocious intensity, well, I need a chair and a cocktail and perhaps some rubber floor mats of unspecified dimensions.

Nina Agdal is just plain old-fashioned euro-hot. I wouldn't say I discovered her, since like Columbus discovering America, she was already there, thank you very much. But I am going to show you this video of Nina behind the scenes of her Leonisa lingerie shoot because I want you to remember to never forget to lust her. Enjoy.

Miley Cyrus Mostly Nekkid, Oiled Down, and Taped Up for Concert Intro Video

Who am I to tell people how they can or can not make an entrance? When I arrive at the Egotastic! offices each morning, I do demand some of the lesser known songs from The Cardigans in original Swedish format play on the PA system. It gets me ready to start my day, usually followed swiftly with a doughnut and a nap. Miley Cyrus prefer something just a bit racier.

A wacky visual effects film featuring Miley in oiled down near nekkidness running about and making kitty faces for the camera. I get the near nekkid part. The rest of the symbolism truly eludes me as art usually does. Though that hasn't stopped me from telling girls on I love to go to the museum. Enjoy.

Izabel Goulart Covered Topless Will Make Your Day

Ah, Izabel Goulart. You bring so much joy to the world with your amazing bikini body. But these pics of you barely covering your funbags is downright a humanitarian endeavor. In this Miami photo shoot, the Brazilian beauty starts off in a revealing black bikini. That would have been awesome enough on its own. It shows off her cut stomach with just a hint of side boob. But the real treat is her covering one ta-ta with her arm and the other with some strategically placed hair. But her lovely brunette tresses can only conceal so much of her chest puppies. She's also eating a peach. I'm not sure what it is but I do love watching a woman eat a piece of fruit. It doesn't have to be anything phallic like a banana either. Maybe it's the Catholic school associations with the sexy Garden of Eden and original sin and all that. Either way, yes.

I'm not sure what publication this photo shoot is for but I'm buying two copies. You know, in case one gets damaged.