Cosmo magazine

Naya Rivera Sultry Sexy Bikini Girl in Cosmo Latina

I didn’t even know there was a Cosmo Latina, but now I’m on subscription, because the only thing better than learning 101 Ways to Please Your Man is to learn that in Spanish (for the record, of those 101 points, I think three of them actually make sense — men really are from Mars.)

And Naya Rivera is from a little slice of heaven in Cosmo Latina this month, wherein one of the four or five reasons to ever watch Glee! lights up the pages of the magazine with some sultry goodness. Not much in terms of the full spectacle of Rivera unveiling we often see in our dreams, and certainly nothing close to the Heather Morris nekkid reveal, but hotness ever shines through. Enjoy.

Mila Kunis Outtakes From Her Cosmo Photoshoot Makes Us Tingle All Over

Okay, granted, our Mila Kunis lust is a bit tempered this week with reports that she may be the latest Hollywood girl on the Ashton Kutcher bang list, okay, a lot tempered, but there’s really no stopping Mila Kunis hotness and no lessening in our desire to share said hotness, including these smoking sextastic outtakes from her Cosmopolitan pictorial last year.

We’re hoping that our A-number-one Hebrew School Hottie hasn’t fallen for Ashton and his Kabbalah bracelet charms, but no matter her ill-informed romantic choices, we shall never wane in our lust for all things Mila. Enjoy.

Say Hello to Abi Fox in Cosmo, Say Goodbye Heart

Well, it wouldn’t be a complete Thursday around these part without even more introductions to more ridiculously captivating big bursting on the scene models covering the major magazines, yes, even when dressed, including the quite amazing Abi Fox, who I can 99% assure you you will fall in deep lust with even scouring the pages of the woman-designed Cosmo U.K. magazine.

If you watch way too much television, you may remember Abi Fox from the TLC show A Model Life, when the then sixteen year old British chick made her way to New York in search of fame and runway exhibition. Well, now Abi is 21 and getting all grow’d up and in a very nice way, Still rather tame, but just so epically hot, we just had to share. Enjoy.

Christina Hendricks Drops Ginger Cleavetastic onto the Pages of Cosmo

We miss Christina Hendricks whenever we don’t see the smoking hot bodacious ginger for more than a couple weeks in a row, and it’s been a spell since we’ve been put under the sextastic spell of this Mad Man mad-hot woman.

Featured in the upcoming edition of Cosmo, the magazine that teaches me the 99 things Men Love (when in reality we know it’s really just maybe two to three, and only one important one), Christina lays a fierce amount of her world-famous cleavage in her photos, such that us ginger-bottle feeders can virtually suckle our life-nourishing visual delights.

She is a giver. Enjoy.

Kelly Brook Gets Strictly Leather for Cosmo UK

Lust all things Kelly Brook.

That’s kind of a mantra around here, that’s not only spoken, it’s deeply felt. The bombshell actress who put the sexy ‘C’ in curvaceous has taken to the pages of Cosmo UK to introduce a stricter, sterner, more cinched at the waist kind of ready to punish the bad boys look, which has me wanting to be bad, very bad, and take my punishment in the manner that Father Johanna used to deliver it in the rectory during lunch hours, only, you know, less riding crop in the name of our savior, and more Kelly Brook. Enjoy.

Katy Cocktease Does What She Does Best In Cosmo Down Under

I’ll say this for Katy Cocktease, I say it unabashedly, she’s one sextastic craptastic pop diva. The frustration lies in the manner in which she works those amazing Katy-melons to utter financial perfection, without ever flashing the full goods. Featured in this month’s Down Under version of Cosmopolitan, the brunette bombshell once again highlights her funbags in a couple little tops certain to make you scream aloud, ‘Dammit, Katy Cocktease, show us your boobs!’ At least, that’s a phrase heard yelled round these parts in frustration twice or thrice a day. Enjoy.

Olivia Wilde Plain Ole Hot in Spanish Cosmo

No doubt about it, this woman takes some stunning photos.

Olivia Wilde, who sadly was diagnosed this summer by Egotastic! with a glaring case of the cankles, further hurt by the disastrous box office of Cowboys & Aliens (we blame our scathing one-word review), still, there’s no hiding the underlying hotness for this former O.C. reality star and Tron-tastic supporting actress d’jour in Hollywood. Featured in this month’s Cosmo Spain, the sextastic Wilde showed that she deserves to have her face ranked among the hottest in her class, and, that no many really should ever be ogling a woman below her knees in the first place (what were we thinking?). Enjoy.