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Rihanna Raunchy in Leather for Puerto Rican Concert

I suppose one man’s raunch is another man’s ‘holy cow, Rihanna’s touching herself in leather again!’. So maybe both men are seeing the same thing. Rihanna was in Puerto Rico last night putting on one of her grown up shows for mostly girls, flashing her body in leather bra and chaps and a whole lot of grabbing and suggestive poses. And, no, not suggestive of reading a book or having a late night cup of warm milk. I mean, the mating thing.

Katy Cocktease has recently come out and said she’d wish many of her peers would keep more of their clothes on during performances. Of course she did. Katy, keep your cockteasery thoughts to yourself. Rihanna has flashed herself good and proper many times. She’s a grown woman who might be making money off her body, but she’s not two-faced about it in any way. Let Rihanna be Rihanna. In leather, preferably. Enjoy.

Iggy Azalea Sexing Up Her Concert Routine in London

The battleground for pop diva public exhibitionism is pretty fierce these days. Every girl and their mother (often literally) are gyrating and twerking and pole dancing and stripping on stage. Which is a good thing if you’ve heard most of the music. You need an attention diverter and hot celebrity skin usually suffices.

Enter Iggy Azalea, the Aussie pop rapper girl who is trying to climb the notice-me ladder of pop diva success one or three rungs at a time. Iggy decided to make a London concert her latest venue for a little strutting and showing off time. It worked I’m pretty sure. She’s a fast learner, so I’d expect even more shows from Iggy in the very near future. And I don’t mean concerts. Enjoy.

I Officially Approve of the New Selena Gomez Concert Wardrobe

I know our belusted Latina diva Selena Gomez was awaiting my official response to her new wide-legged shorts get up in her current European concert tour, and while I can’t officially say what I do or do not see up her shorts, I give my thumbs up. Yes, that is my thumb.

In a day and age when her musical peers are flashing skin in a more obvious fashion, Selena has figured out a sly middle ground where she looks like an innocent musical starlet, but I’m pretty sure we are seeing some things you wouldn’t want your daughter showing off in public. Well, unless your a stage mom like Miley’s or Lindsay’s. Enjoy.

Taylor Swift Brings Her Red Hot Show to Los Angeles

I’ll say this for Taylor Swift, for a show designed primarily for little girls, she does give the grown men a little something something to consider. While she’s not the most curvaceous gal in the world, and she’s definitely not providing much raunch factor, she is doing her best to hold her own against the stage show likes of Beyonce and Miley Cyrus and Gwen Stefani and other pop divas bouncing and gyrating an bending about their stage routines in form fitting outfits. Not exactly R-rated, but not like you’re not going to notice her in leather shorts prancing about either.

I get the feeling Taylor Swift would be something of a high maintenance girlfriend, but for maybe just one night of romance, one night of unbridled passion, one night of Taylor Swift perhaps accidentally banging her noggin’ into door post and forgetting about who she is, well, that could be something worthy writing a song about. Enjoy.

Beyonce Fiercely Hot Squatting in V Festival in Jolly Old England

Here’s what I’ve come to notice about Beyonce in concert. She’s fierce. She likes to strut fierce. And she changes her wardrobe about ten times a show into progressively fiercer costumery. It all seems so very dramatic. While I would prefer Beyonce merely changing into her birthday suit upon my PETA-approved faux bear skin rug, I can’t deny that seeing her curvaceous motherly form now switching in and out of clingy body suits is something to behold. Her music aside, she puts on quite an exhibition of the visual variety.

Taking center stage at the V Festival in England, Beyonce showed that baby or no baby with a $20K crib, she’s not slowing down one bit in terms of being one of the top music acts in the world. And one of the top ogle worthy concert performers. Now, if I can just get her next to my fireplace on that furry mat, we could get extra fierce. Enjoy.

Ariana Grande Sparkles My Mind in Red in Concert (God, I Want to Explore Her Grandes)

Granted, to see Ariana Grande this weekend in concert, you had to endure a Justin Bieber concert in Atlanta, as Ariana was one of his opening acts. Is it worth it? Well, it is if you have a photographer willing to do that on your behalf. I’d never want to get in the game of would you suffer through a Justin Bieber concert to get ‘blank’. It’s far too scary a proposition.

But far less scary and far more hot in sparkly red was Ariana Grande, I know a favorite belusted hottie for many of you who just find her combination looks, body, smile, and special ‘it’ factor to be making your other ‘it’ very very happy. In summary, didn’t have to hear or see a single bit of Justin Bieber, get to see Ariana Grande, win-win. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lopez Flashing a Little Slip, Blake Lively Short Skirt, and Rita Ora Cleavage Highlight the Sound of Change Concert

Billed as an event to support women and girls worldwide, a cause we believe in by our very sole purpose in life, to adore the ladies, the Sound of Change concert in London brought out a bevy of female superstars determined to do their part. And, of course, we did check out the parts, provided finely by Jennifer Lopez who either had a wardrobe malfunction of meant to show off what looks like a good part of her nips, Blake Lively who has nothing to do with music but she wore a very short skirt and we dig her so deeply, and Rita Ora, the big ‘it’ girl in pop music who is not shy about showing off skin. A

All in all I have to call the event a major success for women, and, as a relatively nice byproduct, the gentleman oglers who love them. Enjoy.